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Simply the best Ninja Foodi Recipes for beginners. Featuring Ninja recipes using the slow cooker, air fryer, dehydrate, and pressure cooker. Perfect for getting to know your Ninja Foodi and learning some new and delicious recipes.

Whether you have the earlier Ninja Foodi, the 9 in 1, 11 in 1, 15 in 1 or another model this is your new go-to Ninja Foodi recipes list.

The Best Beginner Ninja Foodi Recipes
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Ninja Foodi Recipes

I remember like yesterday, when we purchased our Ninja Foodi and got super excited about the kitchen gadget that could both air fry and pressure cook.

Suddenly, we were thinking about all those recipes that we would use the instant pot and the air fryer for, and how we could do both all in one cooking pot.

We got our Ninja Foodi out of the box and converted many of our favourite air fryer and instant pot recipes to it, as well as creating some brand new recipe gems.

That of course, was a while back and the Ninja Foodi is no longer the newest kitchen gadget in our kitchen, even though it falls in our top 3 of most used gadgets.

After many reader requests we have put together a list of the best ninja foodi recipes that you can cook at home with your Ninja Foodi.

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What Can I Cook In A Ninja Foodi?

You can cook in a Ninja Foodi ANYTHING that you would normally cook in an air fryer, slow cooker, or electric pressure cooker.

I have tested many of my instant pot recipes, and they worked exactly the same using the pressure cooker function of the Ninja.

I also tried out many of my air fryer recipes in the Ninja Foodi too and they all worked like clockwork too.

I then even surprised myself with how good the slow cooker function is on the Ninja Foodi.

Because of this, note that any of our instant pot recipes, air fryer recipes and slow cooker recipes on this site, can also be done in the Ninja Foodi.

Though the list below of recipes for the Ninja Foodi are done exclusively with the Ninja Foodi.

The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook For Beginners

Interestingly, our debut air fryer cookbook, called The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook is like for like for the air fryer.

Whilst so many air fryers are hard to convert for the cooking time and temperature, because they vary greatly, we have found that the air fryer basket and dual models are the same as the Ninja Foodi’s air fryer function. We also find that the air fryer function of the Ninja is the easiest to learn. So if you do want to get started with the Ninja Foodi, we recommend you do so first with our cookbook and I am sure you wont regret it!

Order The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook Now!

Ninja Foodi: The Multicooker Of Many Names

OMG I have owned a Ninja Foodi for several years now, have no issues using it, but why does it have to be the gadget of so many different names.

Why cant we just call it a Ninja Foodi or the typo version of a Ninja Foodie?

Instead it is known by its amount of functions such as:

  • Ninja Foodi 8 in 1 recipes
  • Ninja Foodi 9 in 1 recipes
  • Ninja Foodi 10 in 1 recipes
  • Ninja Foodi 14 in 1 recipes
  • Ninja Foodi max recipes

Or it is even associated by its model number. When people tell me what they have, I often have to check online to see which one they are referring to, only to realise they have the same one as me!

The simple way to understand the Ninja you have, is that if it has 9 functions or more, then its going to have a dehydrator, if not it will always be a sauté, slow cooker, pressure cooker, and air fryer, in which case all our recipes will work for you.

Which Ninja Foodi Is Best? And if we were to recommend one it would be this Ninja Foodi 9 in 1 as it does so much. Rather than the more expensive ones, which probably have functions that you will never use.

How To Use The Ninja Foodi?

If you are 100% new to the Ninja Foodi note that we also have a guide showing you how to get started with the Ninja Foodi and some of the first recipes we ever cooked with it.

Then after you have read that, I recommend you browse through and choose some recipes below and then decide which ones are best for you and which you will enjoy the most.

Then you can get to know your Ninja Foodi one step at a time.


Ninja Foodi: The Five Common Features

There are five common features with the Ninja Foodi that are amazing and if we just had these five, we would be happy and probably why we have never upgraded to a Ninja that does a zillion things.

They are Ninja slow cooking, sauteing, pressure cooking, air frying and dehydrating.

This is particularly useful for slow cooker users because you can go from the ninja foodi slow cooker to sauté, or vice versa and perfect for browning meat before cooking, or for melting cheese or you can use the air fryer for crispy breadcrumbs or a pie crust at the end of cooking.

Then you have air frying with its own air fryer basket that does a fantastic job, you have a great pressure cooker and last but not least – the dehydrator is twice as fast as my other dehydrator.

Below you can find our Ninja Foodi Recipes ordered by Ninja Foodi function for you to follow along at home.

Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker Recipes


Let’s start with Ninja Foodi pressure cooker recipes. After all, I find myself using the Ninja Foodi more as a pressure cooker than an air fryer.

Ninja Foodi Hard Boiled Eggs – This was the 2nd thing we made in our Ninja Foodi and something we have been making for years in the instant pot. You can load eggs into the Ninja Foodi and when it beeps you know you have perfect boiled eggs. No need for a water bath, just rinse under a cool tap so cold enough to touch and then peel.

Ninja Foodi Spaghetti Bolognese – Introducing you to spaghetti Bolognese all cooked together in the Ninja. I love the simplicity of this and how quick and easy it is. I could never go back to pans again.

Ninja Foodi Beef Stew – Another favourite pressure cooker recipe of mine and fantastic that you can dump it in the Ninja Foodi and come back later to perfect stew.

Ninja Foodi Brown Rice – I see the pictures and think about this brown rice, and I am licking my lips, like a dog is for some bacon. Its just amazing and so easy to pressure cook and then fluff up later.

Ninja Foodi Mashed Potatoes – A classic and even easier thanks to the Ninja Foodi. The problem with regular mashed potatoes is the potatoes are boiled and not steamed so you lose the nutritional value and the flavour.

Ninja Foodi Frozen Chicken Breast – Not got anything out of the freezer for dinner? Then you must make frozen chicken breasts using the pressure cooker function. Its amazing, its never dry and you can then smoother it in your favourite sauce.

Ninja Foodi Carrot & Swede Mash – or for the ultimate side dish for your next Sunday dinner why not try some carrot and swede mash. I will often do this on a Sunday whilst our Sunday roast cooks in one of our other kitchen gadgets.

Ninja Foodi Cheesecake – If you do have a sweet tooth then you must try our pressure cooker oreo cheesecake. It is so good and pressure cooking cheesecake is such an easy method.

Ninja Foodi Pulled Pork – I love pulled pork in the Ninja Foodi, especially if loaded up with barbecue sauce. You can also use the Ninja Foodi to keep it warm ready for serving time.

ninja foodi pulled pork at

Those are our favourite Ninja Foodi pressure cooker recipes, but like I mentioned above, my favourite way to use the Ninja Foodi is to combine both functions. I don’t see the point of having one if you don’t do both. If you don’t want to do both, maybe an instant pot on its own or an air fryer purchase on its own is better for you.

Ninja Foodi Baked Potatoes – This is the best ninja foodi recipe ever. That is because you are using the Ninja to steam the baked potatoes and then the air fryer lid to crisp them up. You will not find better baked potatoes than this!

Ninja Foodi Chicken Pot Pie – This is a genius use of both gadgets. You can use the pressure cooker function to make the best pot pie filling and then use the air fryer lid for your crust. Or make little biscuits with the air fryer.

Ninja Foodi Game Pie – If you prefer game meat then a game pie made from casserole leftovers is also delicious. Or just think of your own favourite pie and how you can use this example to transform it into a delicious ninja foodi one pot meal.

Ninja Foodi Brussel Sprouts – You will love combining the two functions in this sprouts, recipe. You first steam using the pressure cook function and then you use the air fryer lid to make them wonderfully crispy. Think baked in the oven but with less butter and less cook time.

Ninja Foodi Chicken & Rice – This is fantastic because it uses the air fryer function to crisp the skin and then the chicken and rice cook together using the pressure cooker button.

Ninja Foodi Turkey Breast – This is brilliant, and you can cook either frozen or thawed turkey using the pressure cooker. Plus, you can go from the pressure cooker button to air frying for that perfect crispy skin.

Ninja Foodi Lamb Pasta Bake – This is a really good example of how you can pressure cook a pasta bake and then finish it with the air fryer setting for the melted cheese, without waiting and hoping for the slow cooker to melt the cheese.

Ninja Foodi Veggie Bake – This is my favourite ever side dish. Vegetables in a cheese sauce. In the Ninja you can steam the veggies in the pressure cooker then use the cooking pot for the cheese sauce and finish with an air fry.

Ninja Foodi Roast Potatoes – This is genius of the Ninja Foodi and one of my favourite Ninja Foodi recipes of all time. It’s like the old fashioned way of par boiling the potatoes and then crisping them up. The only difference is, that the pressure cooker is your par boil and the air fryer function is your crisper. But of course, its much easier and all done in one pot.

Two other great ideas that use a similar crisping method are Ninja asparagus wrapped in bacon and Ninja corn on the cob wrapped in bacon.

Ninja Foodi Meatloaf – Is another firm favourite. The meatloaf is pressure cooked first, then air fried to make the cheese melt. You can also use the air fryer lid for a yummy tomato ketchup crust.

ninja foodi meatloaf at

Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Recipes

If you are looking for recipes that are just cooked with the Ninja Foodi air fryer lid, then start with these:

Ninja Foodi Salmon –For starting out with the air fryer function, I would recommend making some air fryer salmon. Its quick, its easy and you can smoother it in any of your favourite marinades.

Ninja Foodi Pork Chops – If you are new to the air fryer function, then I recommend you try some ninja foodi pork chops as they are perfect for beginners. Cover your pork chops in breading or a herb crust and air fry.

Ninja Foodi BaconIf you love bacon, you will love the trendy way to cook it in the Ninja Foodi. Instead of placing it in an air fryer basket it hangs from the trivet. This means you can cook more bacon and it has a much better even cook.

Ninja Foodi Fried ChickenI love this in the Ninja over our regular air fryer. That is because of the distance from the lid to the chicken. It gives a fantastic coating and is perfect for a quick KFC inspired dinner at home.

Ninja Foodi Whole Chicken – If you have not tried it yet, then you must cook a whole chicken in the Ninja Foodi. The chicken is juicy and moist and has a crispy skin thanks to the air fryer lid.

Ninja Foodi Steak – Do you love steak, but want to reduce your calories? You can cook steak in the Ninja Foodi and trim off the fat and then any excess fat will drip below. Its also delicious tender steak that is so juicy.

Ninja Foodi Hamburgers – Or for more classic comfort food in the Ninja Foodi you can use it to make burger and chips. Or you can do just burgers. You can also mix and match with any burgers that you have in.

Ninja Foodi Pork & Apple Burgers – If you love burgers why not try a pork and apple burger instead? Just as delicious and OMG I just want another one!

Ninja Foodi Halloumi Burgers – For a vegetarian fix I love these halloumi burgers and they taste so good that I get halloumi regularly to make these. They feature halloumi and mediterranean veggies cooked together in the ninja using the air fryer function.

Ninja Foodi Hotdogs – Or for the ultimate comfort food in the air fryer, why not try hotdogs? You can use the Ninja air fryer for both frying of the onions and for warming the hotdog buns plus for the hotdogs themselves.

Ninja Foodi Dumplings Without Suet – If you love stew and dumplings but don’t like using suet, or maybe you cant get it, then this is your plan B. These dumplings are just as nice but don’t contain any suet and are of course made in the Ninja Foodi.

Then of course, don’t forget the main reason why you bought an air fryer or got interested in an air fryer!

Though if we are heading out on a day trip, a road trip or any other times we are on the road for a while, I will make some ninja muffins to take with us. These are easy to mix and match with different berry fillings and also feature in Air Fryer Easy Everyday.

Ninja Foodi Slow Cooker Recipes

Ever since buying our first Ninja Foodi (we now have our 2nd) I have been obsessed with experimenting with the slow cooker function.

Would it be as good as a classic slow cooker and how do slow cooker recipes compare?

With Ninja Foodi slow cooker recipes I found that:

  • They needed an extra hour compared to my Crockpot
  • It was wonderful going from the slow cooker to saute when needed
  • I could also combine the slow cooker with the air fryer

Below are my favourite Ninja Foodi slow cooker recipes so far.

Ninja Foodi Dehydrator Recipes

When we originally shared with you our ninja foodi recipes, we didn’t have a Ninja with a dehydrator, but we now do which we are so pleased about.

So, think, anything you can do in a dehydrator you can do with the dehydrate button.

But before you do, you will need this stackable dehydrator accessory for the Ninja so you can layer your food you wish to dehydrate.

Then for dehydrating start with some dried herbs:


Or next on the list should be dehydrated garlic because its just so easy and perfect for if you cook a lot with garlic. Then you can also dehydrate onion.

You can then try some fruit such as dehydrated cucumber or dehydrated kiwi.

Or in the winter months when you are craving a hot chocolate why not dehydrate marshmallows to go in your hot chocolate.

Is There A UK Recipe Book For Ninja Foodi?

When cooking in a Ninja you have a lot of different functions and there is not a quality cookbook for the UK made for the Ninja Foodi yet….

But we do have the complete air fryer cookbook which covers just the air fryer function that you can buy now in the UK for JUST £10. You can also pre-order the second air fryer book Air Fryer Easy Everyday which also does similar with the air fryer function.

Also note, that all the recipes above, are ninja foodi UK friendly, as we are based in the UK and write for a worldwide readership.

What Is Good To Cook In A Ninja?

For cooking in a Ninja, you can cook anything you would cook in a pan using the sauté, anything you would pressure cook, anything you would air fry, anything you would slow cook and of course anything you would dehydrate.

This of course, opens the possibilities, to everything covered above + anything else you normally cook at home with those gadgets.

Plus, have a Ninja Foodi in your kitchen and you can get rid of a lot of kitchen gadgets that are taking up extra space in your kitchen!

Can You Cook A Whole Meal In A Ninja Foodi?

Yes, you can cook a whole meal in the Ninja Foodi and there is a lot of delicious ninja foodi meals.

From the list of recipes we have featured above in our round up of Ninja Foodi recipes I would recommend the most:

We originally shared with you ninja multicooker recipes back in 2020 and have updated it for you today with lots more simple ninja foodi easy recipes.

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