Samantha and Dominic

Welcome to my Slimming World Super Speed Soup in the soup maker. A delicious filling soup full of Slimming World speed foods and not a Syn in sight. Warm yourself up and serve this with some crusty bread or have it as it is. This brings me back (I know again) to my mum and [...]

Welcome to my latest Slimming World Speed Soup recipe and today we are making our best ever Slimming World Chunky Vegetable Speed Soup. Plus to make life even easier it is made in our Morphy Richards Soup Maker. These Slimming World recipes that I am featuring this week on are all based on soups [...]

Welcome to my latest recipe and we are making a delicious Greek eat your greens Slimming World Speed Soup In the Soup Maker. Loaded with lots of nutritional green vegetables that shouts out Mediterranean home cooking and perfect for boosting your weight loss on Slimming World. I love Greek food. I mean I REALLY LOVE [...]

Welcome to my latest recipe and this is my Slimming World Curried Butternut Squash Soup in the soup maker. Loaded with lots of Slimming World speed foods such as butternut squash and carrot along with spices from your kitchen cupboard, this Slimming World recipe is perfect for kick starting your weight loss. Also welcome to [...]

Welcome to my best ever Philips Airfryer Birthday Cake Cheesecake Recipe. With a biscuit base, creamy cheesecake filling, a chocolate cheesecake topping, decorated with chocolates it is perfect for celebrating a birthday or a special occasion. This recipe and all of the Philips Airfryer Cheesecake Recipes this week are sponsored by the Elsterware Spring Form [...]

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