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This air fryer cookbook for beginners has 140 easy to follow air fryer recipes with many chapters starting with a master recipe with step by step photos which will help you get your head around the air fryer.

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The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook

You know I couldn’t think of a title that would sum up what our debut air fryer cookbook is about more, than to say it’s the complete air fryer cookbook.

This comment is from Kat, and she is a follower of our air fryer recipes. We have to agree there is no posh dinner food – just food you would cook for dinner everyday for your family. The air fryer pork chops to the frozen chips/fries to the scones. It is just simple food you would cook everyday.

I’m all about learning about what new air fryer users want, or what people also want that have been air frying for a while. So, when I first decided that I wanted to make an air fryer cookbook (this was May 2022) I read every review I could find from Amazon cookbook sellers (in the US as none in the UK). I specifically looked at reviews of 1-3 stars to see what was lacking and what was needed to make a complete cookbook.

The comments that stood out for me, was that the air fryer cookbooks were overcomplicated, wasn’t for everyday cooking, lacked metric measurements, didn’t include basic recipes like frozen fries and where was the pies!

This is from Julie and I love the way she described our cooking nobody has described it that well in the 8 years since we started Recipe This. We love to have the balance between frozen and homemade and don’t want people to feel guilty by eating frozen food in the air fryer. In the cookbook we will be sharing with you a good balance and offering you time and temps for a lot of the homemade food with frozen alternatives.

It made me realise there was not a complete air fryer cookbook that everyone would love. One that was full of step by step photos, or ones that covered the basic techniques that are needed first before air frying and it started a process for me, of creating a cookbook proposal, finding a literary agent and of course finding a publisher that would see my vision.

What amazed me is that only one literary agent agreed that there was potential in an air fryer cookbook, but they say it only takes one and I love that she gave it a go!

This is a quote from the late Dick Baker. We have a recipe dedication to him in the cookbook and an avid reader and also who helped with research in the making of this cookbook he sadly passed away during the process of the cookbook being made. RIP Dick.

We then found a great publisher and I was even more over the moon when I realised the first food bloggers cookbook that I bought and admire is under the Quarto umbrella. You can even see it in the stacked picture below.

Order here from the US, or UK, Australia & rest of the world here!


More Than 140 Super-Easy, Everyday Recipes & Techniques

This is going to be the subtitle of the air fryer cookbook and l like this even more than I like the title.

That is because it sums up what is inside your cookbook that we are making for you.

  • 140 Recipes – During the creation of the recipe testing and planning what is going to be on each page, I counted just over 140 air fryer recipes. Though this doesn’t include all the variations if you add those you are really looking at 150 air fryer beginner recipes.
  • Super Easy – We wanted to make these air fryer recipes as easy and simple as possible. Focusing on recipes that I would call super easy. Recipes that if you are of ill health and can’t stay on your feet for long you can make. Or the busy working mum that wants dinner on the table fast during busy weeknights.
  • Everyday Recipes – An important factor was also everyday recipes. Its amazing how many of the recipes featured in the cookbook me and Dom and the kids make every day. The boiled eggs Jorge eats all the time. The frittata I make ahead for me & Dom, the whole chicken we eat at least 2 times a week, the chips Dom makes me when I don’t feel like cooking, or the chocolate cake I have made for the kids for their birthday for the last decade.
  • Techniques – When you buy an air fryer its important that you learn the techniques first. That you understand the process of making the best chips, or the best steak, or the best whole chicken, or if you are vegan the best tofu. This is done with step by step photos and in depth information, before you dive into the rest of the chapter. We have step by step techniques for all the main chapters of the cookbook.
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15 Reasons Why You Will Love Our Complete Air Fryer Cookbook

During the making of our air fryer cookbook, we wanted to offer an air fryer cookbook that everyone would love, that would be helpful to every air fryer user and give them plenty of fresh ideas.

Here are a few more reasons why you will love our air fryer book:

Cheap – I love to save money on groceries, and I am the one that is at the shops the day after Christmas to get the discounted turkeys. That is why during recipe development I have focused on ingredients that you can buy for less and have made many recipes using Aldi produce. Then for authenticity we photographed some of our air fryer recipes in the studio with Aldi ingredients.

air fryer baby potatoes from the cookbook in a george air fryer with aldi produce
This is our baby potatoes recipe from the cookbook – made in the George from Asda air fryer with produce from Aldi.

Uncomplicated – Who wants to come home and make a complicated recipe? Not me. I’m slow at prep (says the chef hubby) and I want something simple, that tastes delicious that reminds me of how uncomplicated air fryer cooking is. Expect a quick air fryer roast chicken, how to cook sausages, salmon, and veggies and so many others.

Popular – We used Google data to see what the most popular types of air fryer recipes are and made sure these are featured. This then gives us a cookbook featuring the most requested and most eaten air fryer recipes for you rather than party food/snacks that are the norm in air fryer cookbooks.

Frozen – There is no denying the most popular air fryer food is frozen. The convenience of loading your frozen favourites into the air fryer for dinner or even for a late-night snack. We have a frozen section at the start of the cookbook as well as a few air fryer frozen recipes throughout the cookbook.

air fryer frozen chips in the air fryer cookbook
Sometimes you just want to eat frozen chips/fries in the air fryer after a long day and you don’t have the energy to cook dinner. In our cookbook we have frozen chips, veggies, wings and even fish and chips.

Charts – You will also find some time and temp charts for quickly accessing to help you quickly know the time and temp of one of the simple recipes. Such as how long to air fry sausages for, or how about how long to air fry your favourite veggie?

Portions – We have many people that are cooking for one, and also families and couples. We made many recipes for one, as well as recipes for families and recipes that are easy to scale up or scale down.

aggniculus review

Experts – We are also experts in the world of air frying. We were the first to ever blog about the air fryer, we have been air frying for 10 years (11th anniversary next month) and Dom is a chef. Just think when you see an air fryer cookbook elsewhere, you wouldn’t take food advice off an unqualified chef in a restaurant so why in a cookbook?

Delicious – The recipes are delicious that are featured in the cookbook. Many are recipes we personally cook in the air fryer all the time. We have many recipe testers in our team, there was our kids giving the thumbs up and 2 chefs testing the recipes along with a lovely local lady cooking them for her and her family.

International – People that visit Recipe This live around the world. We have readers from the UK, Ireland, Europe, Australia, United States, Canada, South Africa, and many other places. We wanted to create an air fryer cookbook that was perfect for everyone. We have gone international with both metric and imperial and re-phased part of the cookbook so that everyone understands all the ingredients mentioned. For example, take peppers. In the UK we would just say red pepper, in the US they are called bell peppers and of course in Australia it’s the capcium.

metric and imperial complete air fryer cookbook
This is how the ingredients looks in just one of our recipes. This was a hard task but we wanted to make sure the cookbook was perfect for imperial and metric and gave you great options as well as name changes for different foods.

Brands – We also fully appreciate that not all air fryers are equal and that they have different issues and also operate on different time and temps. Just like you can have that bad oven vs a really good one. We have a section in the cookbook dedicated to explaining the differences and how to tweak our air fryer recipes for different brands. Then during the testing of your air fryer cookbook, we have tested the recipes with several air fryers including the cheap supermarket air fryers, regular air fryer baskets as well as the ninja foodi.

Calories – Many people that use the air fryer do so as part of a calorie-controlled diet. We have included calorie counts per serving on our recipes and were amazed to find that 115 of our 140 recipes are below 600 calories per serving!

Master – I am a big fan of a master recipe that you can learn first, and then practice the technique with several variations. We start each chapter with a master recipe such as how to air fry steak for the meat chapter, how to make perfect air fryer chips (French fries) for the potatoes chapter, or how to make bread for the savoury baking chapter. You will love the attention to detail in these sections of the cookbook.

Photos – I am sure you are one of many that have ordered an air fryer cookbook and it has arrived without photos. This is not just an air fryer cookbook with photos, but we also have several air fryer recipes in the cookbook with step by step photos.

air fryer whole chicken step by step
Here is our whole chicken with four step by step photos showing in detail how to cook your first whole chicken in the air fryer. This recipe is a total life changer and wait until you see our step by chips recipe too.

Course – I wouldn’t just call this a cookbook, but more cookbook meets course. With lots of step by step photos (as mentioned above), the focus is more like a course that you can follow along at home at your own pace, and master one technique in the air fryer at a time.

Variations – This was planned from the outset when we tested the air fryer beginner recipes for you. We wanted to start you off with a master recipe and then give you some variations to make it your own. Such as a master air fryer bread recipe that you could use to make pizza with, garlic rolls and mini bread loaves. It would then add more ideas to your own air fry cooking of ways you can make the recipe your own.

air fryer mince master recipe
I love this air fryer ground beef recipe from Recipe This or as us Brits call it “minced beef”. We re-tested this for the cookbook but added in variations. That means in the cookbook not only do you learn how to air fry the meat but also how to turn it into a Bolognese, taco meat and sloppy joes.

The Air Fryer Cookbook Chapters

Breakfast – I just love breakfast in the air fryer. My favourite recipe of the chapter is the stuffed pepper omelette. So good that I could eat this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner all week. Though for my British fans we have a full English breakfast and then for the healthy breakfast you will love our baked oats.

Chicken – I can’t decide what I love most in the chicken chapter. Between roasting a whole chicken in half the time of the oven, or breading chicken to make the best southern fried chicken that I have ever eaten!

Meat – We have steak, we have burgers, we have hotdogs, we have meatloaf, we have meatballs and its hard to choose a favourite. But the one I look forward to making the most is my Uncle Bob’s Meatloaf.

Fish – We love celebrating fish in the air fryer. From whole fish to fishcakes to fish and chips, we have something for everyone. Though my personal favourite is the salmon bowl which is loaded with veggies for a healthy simple lunch in the air fryer.

Vegetarian & Vegan – As an ex-vegetarian I have a real passion for vegetarian and vegan food in the air fryer. We have lots of healthy recipes to choose from, as well as a full guide to air frying tofu. Though my favourite is the vegetarian lasagne.

Kathy Review

Potatoes – You will fall in love with potatoes in the air fryer. They are delicious and you will love our technique for making homemade chips, or our potato skins and our personal favourite is our too tired to cook baby potatoes.  

Vegetables – We have a mix of both frozen and fresh vegetables in the air fryer. We have green beans, we have asparagus, we have buttered corn on the cob and so many others. Though our most cooked in the Milner house from the veggies chapter is our air fried cauliflower.

Roast Dinners – Then we will show you how to make a full roast dinner in the air fryer. Putting together what you have learnt with roasting a chicken, cooking veggies, and adding in some sides, this shows you what you can really achieve.

Savoury Bakes – Then on with baking. We are starting with a savoury section including homemade bread rolls, homemade pizza, cheesy scones, homemade chicken pie, and our personal favourite cheese muffins. OMG these cheese muffins warm from the air fryer with some butter, are the best air fryer food ever!

Sweet Treats – Then let’s finish with all our favourite sweet treats. We have cake, we have cookies, we have brownies, we have chocolate chip muffins and OMG you will love our cherry pie.

Everything You Need To Know

But before you dive into the breakfast chapter and flick through the recipe pages of the cookbook, it starts with everything you need to know.

A crash course in understanding your air fryer, how it works, what you can do in it, what you can’t do and most importantly, understanding the air fryer temperatures.

Plus, we have included the info on all the air fryer accessories we used in the cookbook and what you really need.

A Little Bit Of Frozen In Your Life!

We are also adding in a little air fryer frozen food too. We notice that one of the most requested air fryer cookbook mentions is how to cook frozen food in the air fryer.

Obviously for a quality cookbook we don’t want it to be overrun with frozen food, but we chose a few to get you started with the air fryer and then shared some frozen cook times as well as time and temp for some of our homemade recipes, if you were doing them from frozen.

Most Searched Air Fryer Recipes

do you know what the most popular air fryer recipes are

You are likely to be unaware of this, as its something that is popular in food blogging circles and that is the amount of people that search for things in Google.

Its interesting because you can see what is the most searched for air fryer recipes.

We used this software to find out what the top searched air fryer recipes are, and then make recipes for this for the cookbook. Meaning you have a cookbook with some of the most popular air fryer recipes that people are making everyday in their air fryer.

Here are the top 10 most searched air fryer recipes that are included in the complete air fryer cookbook

  • Air Fryer Chicken Breast
  • Air Fryer Chicken Wings
  • Air Fryer Salmon
  • Air Fryer Baked Potato
  • Air Fryer Chicken Thighs
  • Air Fryer Pork Chops
  • Air Fryer Brussel Sprouts
  • Air Fryer French Fries
  • Air Fryer Steak
  • Air Fryer Asparagus

Reader Favourites

We have also included some reader favourites that our readers have personally asked to be featured in our cookbook.

The most requested has been our air fryer bread rolls, which when you look at it, you just want to pull apart a piece, cover it in butter and dunk it in a big bowl of stew or soup. Though I think most talk about what I make with the leftovers which is also featured.

Air Fryer Pull Apart Bread Rolls

Another must feature request has been our harvest casserole, which was one of the recipes we sent to the publishers when they decided to make a cookbook with us. But we have transformed it into a tasty brunch recipe instead.

Air Fryer Harvest Casserole

There have also been many requests for our air fryer potato wedges. The first ever air fryer recipe we featured on Recipe This and one of our own favourites. They are so good for serving with dinner and are our Saturday night go to.

air fryer potato wedges

These three photos here were took for Recipe This and not the same as the recipe photography for the cookbook.

How To Order A Copy!

US order places
UK order places
Aus order places

We sacrificed Christmas, worked from 9am to midnight for many weeks to bring you this cookbook and it is the BEST EVER COLLECTION of air fryer recipes, tips, and techniques to help you use the air fryer.

FAQ – The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook!

  • How many recipes are inside? At the time of writing and as we finish planning what is going on each page, it is 116 air fryer beginner recipes. But with the variations added in and the frozen recipes we have included there is a grand total of 180 air fryer beginner recipes. Plus you also have several cooking time charts in the cookbook too. If you count everything we have tested for the air fryer beginners cookbook there is well over 200 recipe ideas for you to try out.
  • What types of recipes are they? Easy, everyday beginner friendly air fryer recipes. There is also something for everyone and there are many great air fryer dinner pairings to make these recipes your own.
  • Are your air fryer recipes healthy? Most of our air fryer recipes are healthy. But we have not gone out and decided to make a healthy air fryer recipe cookbook, its just that most air fryer recipes lend themselves to being healthy. Though of course, if you are on a diet, then you better stay away from the sweet treats section! We did do a calorie count and found that over 80% of the recipes are below 600 calories.
  • What about gluten free? There are many, many, gluten free recipes and many dairy free recipes too. There is also plenty for our vegetarian readers and some vegan recipes too.
  • What about full dinners? Yes, we have full meals all happening in one air fryer basket. Forget just using the air fryer to make some potatoes, we are doing full meals. Such as our baked potato bar, steak and chips, pork chops dinner for one, English breakfast and many others.
  • Are there meals for one? Yes, we have several recipes that are for just one or two people, and recipes that are easy to scale up or scale down depending on how many people you are feeding.
  • Do you include cooking time charts? Yes, we do. We have several cook times charts throughout the cookbook that will help you with some of your favourite recipes that you want to convert to the air fryer. Specifically, we have a frozen food chart, veggies chart, steak chart to name a few.
  • Are they all new recipes? They are mainly new recipes, with some reader favourites included. We also have fresh takes on air fryer recipes we have done before and turned some of our favourite simple 1 ingredient air fryer recipes into full meals. I.e. whilst we have air fryer frozen salmon on Recipe This, we have air fryer salmon bowls in the cookbook.
  • Are there recipe photos? Yes, there are plenty of gorgeous recipe photos and we also have plenty of step by step photos too. I hate recipe cookbooks when there are hardly any photos and in some cases none. You don’t have to worry about that, with most recipes featuring beautiful photos.
  • Which air fryers have been used in the recipe testing process? We used our Philips Air Fryer XL (our favourite) the Cosori 5.7lA Gourmia Air FryerA Tower Air Fryer and also some cheap supermarket air fryers.
  • Are the recipes imperial or metric? The air fryer recipes are both metric and imperial. If we did a book for each, then that would mean that in Canada they would have to share imperial with the US and this way you have the choice of both.
  • How much did you cook for this cookbook? No idea, I just know that I cooked everyday for full days for a few months. Plus, we were always running 2 air fryers at the same time. Then we also had recipe testers also testing it and then during the photo shoot for the cookbook photos, then recipes will be tested again during the process. I do know that we have gone through a lot of extra virgin olive oil and when you think most recipes call for just 1Tsp per serving, then you know a lot of food has been made!
  • What happened to all the food you cooked? We ate some. The kids ate some. The recipe testers ate some. The neighbours ate some. I gave food away on Facebook to people in need and the dog took anything that fell onto the floor and loved it when we were testing the steak recipes.
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A HUGE Thank You!

We just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for following Recipe This, printing our recipes, being part of the community and its down to YOU that we are here today celebrating the release of The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook.

We have loved creating all these different air fryer recipes for you, making current recipes even better, and thinking outside the box to create lots of new air fryer recipes.

If you do need any help with your air fryer right now, then please do get in touch and we will do our best to help you.

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Beyond the air fryer we also love the instant pot, slow cooker, soup maker, ninja foodi, pie marker and several other kitchen gadgets.

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