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Hello, we’re the Milner’s and we are the founders of and we are here to share with you our love for kitchen gadgets.

Right now, we blog about the air fryer, the instant pot, the slow cooker, the bread maker, the soup maker, the ice cream maker and the blender. As well as sharing our love for cast iron. You will also find lots of great info about how to use your kitchen gadgets.

As well as this, we are proud money savers and love to share with you what kitchen gadget recipes we have cooked on a budget. Whether that is using up leftovers in the Instant Pot or clearance chicken in the air fryer it is included in our recipes.

Our kitchen gadgets are our diet. They allow us to eat healthier, but it still doesn’t stop us from bingeing on homemade chocolate chip cookies when we want to. Though if you do follow a diet, we still have plenty of Keto, Paleo, Slimming World, Gluten Free + Whole30 recipes to choose from.

We are parents of 3 amazing kids. They range from toddler to kindergarden to college and whether you are one person or a family of 7, or a pensioner, it is easy to adapt our recipes for your needs.

Though our favourite gadgets that we blog about the most is the Air Fryer + the Instant Pot and I would say we use each of these gadgets 4 times a day if not more. Unlike many blogs that have shiny unused gadgets ours are scruffy from overuse.

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