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Thank you for stopping by and it is a pleasure to welcome you to RecipeThis.com. Recipe This is a family run food blog with a focus on family recipes with kitchen gadgets. Or as we like to say at Recipe This “with a little help from our gadget friends”.

RecipeThis.com is run by husband and wife team Dom and Sam. Dom was a chef when he met Sam and Sam is self-taught food addict.

Just like most families we are busy, and we work long hours and value our family time. That is when our kitchen gadgets work like magic.

We can cook low fat fries in our Air Fryer, eat veggie loaded soups in our Soup Maker, defrost meat fast in the Instant Pot, dump a curry into the Slow Cooker and not forgetting homemade ice cream in our Ice Cream Maker. 

We don’t want family meals to be over complicated just enjoyable and easy to prep for us and our family.

Why Listen To Recipe This?

At Recipe This we have been using kitchen gadgets for many years, Dom is also culinary trained, making sure you get the best kitchen gadget cooking advice from professionals. There are very few food blogs that have a trained chef available to you, giving you proper cooking advice and tips as well as great recipes.

We also cook exclusively at home (as well as for Recipe This readers) with kitchen gadgets. The air fryer is not something we get out once a week for a recipe, or a gadget we have bought just because it’s a trend, but something we personally use several times a day and for several years.

  • Bread Machine users since 2003
  • Slow Cooker users since 2004
  • Air Fryer users since 2011
  • Soup Maker users since 2014
  • Ice Cream Maker Users since 2015
  • Instant Pot users since 2016
  • Air Fryer Oven users sine 2019
  • Ninja Foodi users since 2020

Plus, we are often adding more and more kitchen gadgets that are requested by readers, to help you succeed with simple cooking at home.

Recipe This kitchen gadget recipes have been featured by BuzzFeed, Parade Magazine, Country Living, MSN, Delish, The Kitchn, Tefal, Shape and many others. Not only do we appreciate being featured, but we also appreciate every reader that comes to Recipe This, every comment, every share, and every subscriber and every new friend.

we are also super proud of our original recipes and ideas here at Recipe This. Including air fryer baked oatmeal, air fryer fries, air fryer frozen chicken wings, air fryer pork roast, air fryer burgers, air fryer cheesecake, 101 instant pot recipes for beginners, instant pot frozen vegetables, and many, many, more. These kitchen gadget recipes didn’t exist without appearing on Recipe This first!

What Can You Expect From Recipe This?

At Recipe This we pride ourselves in helping you get to know your kitchen gadgets and cook effortlessly at home with them. You are welcome from whichever part of the world you are located. We have readers from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Asia, South Africa, Europe, and many other great locations with a common interest in kitchen gadgets cookery.

Because we have a worldwide audience, we also make sure that all recipes feature both metric and imperial, Celsius and Fahrenheit.

All diets are welcome too, with many recipes suitable for vegans, vegetarians, gluten intolerances, keto, paleo, slimming world, and weight watchers. Or those that don’t care for a specific diet.

We also have a nut free policy on Recipe This and if you have a nut allergy, it’s the perfect place to be.

If you are new to Recipe This we recommend that you start with:

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  • Check out our latest recipes. Did you know we have more than 1000 kitchen gadget recipes? All of which have been personally tested by us and are perfect for everyday cooking with your kitchen gadgets. You can access them all here.

The Recipe This Team


Sam is the face and voice behind Recipe This. She plans, creates, photos, and writes the recipes you see on Recipe This. She is also the face of the You Tube videos and the voice behind the podcast.

She is also the office manager, manages the RT team, is the market researcher, the recipe planner, plans new kitchen gadgets to feature and so much more.

She has always been addicted to food and loves nearly all foods. She gets excited about tomatoes on the vine, Binges on avocados, loves the smell of fresh parsnips, her favourite vegetable is broccoli, and she couldn’t think of anything better to do on an evening than watch movies, check out new recipe ideas and eat way too much dark chocolate and Ben & Jerry’s.

She hates mushrooms and is allergic to nuts.

She met her husband Dom when she was just 17 and he was working as a sous chef. They started dating the following January on Burn’s Night and married 3 years later, the weekend before her 21st birthday.


Dom originally trained as a chef in a culinary school apprenticeship in the early 1990’s after leaving school. He started his career with washing up duty at age 14, working his way up to Head Chef standard. He has worked in a variety of restaurants and catering establishments in the beautiful Yorkshire region of England for more than 10 years.

He is now YOUR personal kitchen gadgets chef instead.

He will help you through food hygiene and food safety issues, teach you how to chop up root vegetables and whole chickens. As well as explaining to you how to reheat food safely and how long food is good for.

Dom is also the backbones of Recipe This and ensures everything is running smoothly or as Sam calls him “head of technical”.

You will also find Dom answering your comments on recipes, managing Pinterest accounts, welcoming new members to our Facebook Groups, dealing with ebook download issues, keeping Recipe This fast for you, helping you with technical issues with your kitchen gadgets and much more. He is also behind the lens during our video shoots.

As you can see, he is the Recipe This jack of all trades.

He also loves his food. Enjoys a delicious burger cooked in the air fryer, shares Sam’s love for Ben & Jerry’s and loves to binge on Sam’s lasagne.

They have three recipe testers at RecipeThis.com and to get a recipe on the blog it has to pass by them three first.

There is Kyle. He is almost 20 years old and works part time at Recipe This whilst he is in college. He takes the video clips that Dom & Sam make and turn them into awesome You Tube videos.

He also takes the Recipe This recipe photos and transforms them for Pinterest.

Also, if you have purchased an ebook or course from Recipe This the chances are Kyle edited it and made it for you!

Kyle also loves all the different foods he can try and loves to do his own cooking too. Though he is not so good at the washing up!

Sofia & Jorge. At age 4 and 6 they have grown at the same time Recipe This has grown. They have learnt about cooking with lots of kitchen gadgets. They have fallen in love with instant pot popcorn, bread machine pizza dough, air fryer frozen corn on the cob and many, many others.

They love cooking and you will often find them in the kitchen helping Sam with the latest recipe she is experimenting with. Usually sat on the kitchen worktop, or with their own low table that they can bake from. With them always getting excited about what is next.

Though Jorge at 4, loves cooking the most, and you will find him cooking with his mum, prepping with his own kid friendly kitchen knives, getting excited about recording a video and so much more.

Both Sofia & Jorge love their vegetables, and you will often see them eating a bowl of soup, a casserole, or a stew. They also love it when air fryer baked goods are on the menu!

Random Things About Us:

  • Recipe This started on the 15th November 2015 with an idea that one family would share their love for easier cooking with kitchen gadgets.
  • The first ever recipe was air fryer potato wedges, and it continues to be one of the best Recipe This recipes.
  • The first Instant Pot (it was this one) was delivered to the Milner kitchen on Sofia’s 2nd birthday, she is 6 and a half now and loves helping her mum cook with the instant pot.
  • Recipe this previously owned a UK diet blog and that’s when they first shared air fryer recipes back in 2011.
  • Recipe this shared several Instant Pot recipes while travelling around Europe by tent. Their favourites included instant pot tomato soup and instant pot breakfast potatoes.
  • Recipe this has used five different slow cookers since the blog started in 2015. The one they have now is this Crockpot model and is their firm favourite.
  • Recipe this was the original creators of a roundup of Instant Pot recipes. It has been viewed more than 10 million times and at the request of readers there is now the 101 instant pot recipes ecookbook. It is a best seller and there are many instant pot bloggers also promoting it.
  • Recipe This are HUGE air fryer fans and have almost 500 air fryer beginner recipes for you to check out.
  • Recipe this loves to save money and have many recipes using just clearance deals.
  • Recipe This relocated from sunny Portugal to rainy England to bring you better ingredients that can then be used to make more kitchen gadget recipes for you.

Connect With Recipe This

If you like what you see on Recipe This and like kitchen gadgets as much as us, then please do connect with us.

Though please don’t be shy, as we LOVE getting to know our Recipe This readers and helping you further with kitchen gadgets.

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