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Thank you for stopping by and it is a pleasure to welcome you to RecipeThis.com. Recipe This is a family run food blog with a focus on healthy family recipes that are majority based around kitchen gadgets. Or as we like to say at Recipe This “with a little help from our gadget friends”.

Just like most families we are busy and we work long hours and value our family time. At the same time we want to eat meals that are cooked from scratch on a daily basis and this for many families puts us into a catch 22 situation.

That is when our kitchen gadgets come into play. We can cook low calorie meals in our Airfryer, eat nutritious soups in our soup maker and not to mention one pot cooking in either our casserole dishes, slow cookers or our electric pressure cooker.

We don’t want family meals to be over complicated just enjoyable, delicious and easy. You’ll also find plenty of recipes on here that you can cook in 30 minutes or less.

More About Us

recipe this about

I’m Samantha and this is my family food blog. Well I say mine, but it really should be called “ours” as we all have a part to play in RecipeThis.com. But I am the face behind it, the person that writes the majority of the content and the one that spends every waking moment thinking about food and what I am going to create next and also dream about food too!

I have always been addicted to my food and love nearly all foods. I get excited about tomatoes on the vine, I can binge on avocados, I love broccoli and I couldn’t think of anything better to do on my evenings than watch movies and eat dark chocolate.

On the downside I hate mushrooms and couldn’t think of anything worse than eating nuts or seeds.

I met my husband Dominic when I was just 17 in the summer of 99 and we have been married since early 2003. We were the chalk and cheese that realised that we had a lot more in common than we realised and share a joint love for food. He taught me how to cook, how important food hygiene is and that you should never mix sweet and savoury in the same dish.

When I met Dominic he was a chef and a good one too. His family cooking reminded me of Jamie Oliver and we have cooked a huge amount of meals together. Even if I didn’t create another new recipe for the blog (which I love to do) I reckon our catalogue of past recipes would keep us going for five years.

He shares my love for home cooking and makes the most delicious Airfryer burgers that I have EVER tried.

Dominic is also the backbones of RecipeThis.com if it wasn’t for him none of the recipes I have written would end up on the blog they would just be sat there in a Word file taking up room on my computer. It is also down to him that our SEO is set up correctly and that everything that happens behind the scenes in a technical way is spot on. I am so proud of Dominic and everything that he has learnt for someone that is completely self taught and has never paid for a single online course.

Oh and best of all, I am the messiest cook ever and he comes along and cleans up my kitchen.

We have three recipe testers at RecipeThis.com and to get a recipe on the blog it has to pass by them three first.

There is Kyle. He is 15 years old and loves nothing more than his mum’s homemade lasagne. When we eat lasagne he always wants to know when we are next going to eat it. The same goes for anything that involves meat, pasta and a cheese sauce.

He considers himself to be a priviledged teenager as which other kids can A) come home from school to a buffet of different recipes that we have been creating B) always have two cooked meals a day when his friends live out of the freezer.


He also loves our local pizza buffet and can cook better now at 15 than I could at 21.

Kyle also suffers from a nut allergy and you’ll notice that here on our blog we never feature nut products or nut recipes for this very reason. So if you have a nut allergy then you’re safe here.

This is Sofia. At the time of typing this out she had just turned 2 years old. Her biggest addiction in life is her mum and when I am sat in the office typing up blog posts or managing the site I can hear her from the house with her trademark “mummum, mummum, mummum” and it will go for hours until us girls are reunited.

When I am on a cooking day and in the kitchen she will be there too on her stool with the hands in my kitchen sink splashing about and in general filling the place with a lot more water than it can handle. This is maybe the reason why we never have any dry tea towels to hand!

"sofias yo2go yogurt pot"

She loves cheese, bread, chocolate and would have them all from dusk until dawn if she could. She is also the main user of our soup maker and loves broccoli soup for lunch. Out of all of us she is probably the person that does the most taste testing! In fact when we did our melted French cheese recipe on the blog she ate the bulk of it, it was a case of blink and you’d miss it!

Then there is Jorge. He is the latest addition to our family and at 2 months old is our little baby. I am sure when he is older he will give Sofia and Kyle a run for their money with how much food he can put away.

He may still be enjoying the breast milk but he will always tell me (by keeping me up all night) if one of the recipes is too spicy for his small little body.

How To Start A Food Blog | Introducing Baby Jorge at RecipeThis.com.

He also loves to be the centre of attention and he will often be found in the baby carrier in the kitchen in our arms as we cook as nobody leaves baby in the corner!

What we like to do

We love nothing more than days at the beach when we can watch the waves hitting the beautiful soft sand. We live in Portugal after all and one of the pleasures of our country is the beautiful weather and the beautiful beaches. There are so many beaches that after living here for 8 years we are yet to experience the bulk of them and instead return to our favourite year after year.

A trip to the beach in the middle of summer

We also love the waterparks, the dolphins, the country walks and of course the amazing Mediterranean food.

We have enjoyed lovely meals out eating the most delicious meals and the majority of them are nutritious, well that is until I order dessert! And there is something special about eating out on the terrace with the sun shining in Autumn when everyone else we know is reaching for their hats and scarves.

Our favourite meals out include fillet steak on the stone, Piri Piri chicken and salad, fish stew, paella and we would be lost without the latest catch of the day. I could actually go on and on about the Mediterranean food as its never ending and always tastes amazing!


Please do not re-publish recipes and photos from Recipe This on your blog or website. We work hard to develop our recipes and we will file DMCA notices when our content has been stolen.

If you wish to link to a post on Recipe This, you’re welcome to use one photo from our post in conjunction with your link.

Recipe Conversion Chart

As you have probably guessed by now RecipeThis.com is located in Portugal and are also British Expats. This means that we operate on tablespoons, litres, grams and only use ounces ocassionally. We rarely use cups as we find that they don’t give the same accuracy in recipes as what grams does.

But we also recognise that in the US only that cups are used and that we have got a growing US audience, therefore we have put together a quick conversion chart for you to use in your cooking.

If you find yourself struggling understanding grams or want to convert kilos into pounds then this will help you out.

Pin it for later and then whenever you see a European recipe you can use this.


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