Melting Chocolate In Thermomix

thermomix melted chocolate recipe

You will love melting chocolate in the Thermomix and transforming it into creamy chocolate buttercream or ganache.   Perfect for Thermomix chocolate cakes, muffins, or like we have done for chocolate covered strawberries and bananas. Melting Chocolate As a kid I used to love watching my mum make chocolate covered strawberries. She would quickly melt … Read more

Air Fryer Frozen Falafel Bowl

air fryer frozen falafels recipe

Let’s make air fryer frozen falafel more fun with this vegetarian falafel bowl. Loaded with falafel, courgette, peppers, tomatoes, chickpeas, and a Greek yoghurt sauce this is perfect for a yummy light dinner. Or swap the Greek sauce for a non-dairy version and make this falafel bowl vegan. This air fryer frozen falafel recipe is … Read more

Thermomix Chicken And Corn Soup

thermomix chicken corn soup recipe

Delicious and creamy Thermomix chicken and corn soup. Easy to prep and loaded with boneless chicken thighs, frozen corn, and chicken stock. Paired with fresh sliced wholemeal bread it makes a fantastic midweek soup dinner. Whether you call it chicken and corn soup, chicken and sweetcorn soup, chicken sweet corn soup or keep it simple … Read more