Best Air Fryer Easter Recipes

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Air Fryer Easter Recipes. Sharing with you a delicious collection of the best air fryer Easter recipes. Featuring everything from air fryer Easter ham to air fryer lamb recipes to Easter baking to the best air fryer side dishes to get excited about this Easter.

Air Fryer Easter Recipes

Air Fryer Easter Recipes

If there is a kitchen gadget out there that you could use exclusively for Easter, then it is the Air Fryer.

The air fryer just shouts out EASY EASTER RECIPES. You can use the air fryer for roast dinners, Easter themed food like lamb, or making your favourite Easter baking treats.

Not to mention our love for delicious Easter side dishes such as roast potatoes or delicious air fryer vegetables.

In the Milner house at Easter time we normally have a roast turkey that is cooked in the oven.

It is way too big for any of our kitchen gadgets and then we will use the air fryer to do side dishes.

Though I do get most excited at Easter home with Easter baking with the kids.

It’s the fun thing that I love doing every year and is my alternative to making them an Easter Basket or buying an Easter Egg.

If you are looking for new and delicious air fryer Easter recipes, then this is for YOU!

Are Air Fryers Good For Easter?

Absolutely! Just imagine all the food you would normally deep fry and how many calories it has, to air frying them instead. Or the food that just tastes much better in the air fryer compared to the oven.

I love making roast potatoes the most in the air fryer, but it also good for delicious vegetables as well. Just last night my husband Dominic made me honey glazed carrots in the air fryer and they were the business.

The air fryers, that we use at Easter and have in our kitchen are:

We also have an air fryer baking pan and an air fryer grilling pan. These are essential for air fryer cooking and we use them every day.

These two air fryer accessories are fantastic for Easter in the because you can use them for your side dishes and your desserts.

The baking pan for example we use to melt butter in and then use the same dish for making our air fryer brownies.

Best Air Fryer Easter Dinner Recipes

Top 10 Best Ever Air Fryer Easter Recipes

I have lots of different delicious air fryer Easter recipes and I thought I would start with my top 10 go to dinner list. Perfect for if you are in a hurry and just want some simple air fryer roast ideas.

  • Air Fryer Roast Beef – Growing up at Easter we always had roast beef at Easter. There would about 10-12 family members and I always remember my poor aunt that couldn’t afford beef would go in for second helpings and then ask for extra for the dog.
  • Air Fryer Roast Duck – A delicious alternative to roast beef, how about roast duck? Perfect for the smaller family, as let’s face it, there is never a lot of meat on the duck!
  • Air Fryer Roast Pork – Another favourite of mine for a roast dinner is roast pork. You can roast a Boston Butt aka pork shoulder in the air fryer, or a loin and it comes out perfect every time.
  • Air Fryer Leg Of Lamb – If budget isn’t an issue, splash out at Easter and make a delicious leg of lamb roast dinner in your air fryer oven. OMG I am not a big lamb eater, but I loved this!
  • Air Fryer Ham – For many families ham is top of the list at Easter and here is exactly how to cook a delicious roast ham in the air fryer.
  • Air Fryer Lamb Chops – Get into the seasonal lamb with some delicious garlic rosemary lamb chops. Easy to load up into your air fryer grill pan and then add in your favourite sides.
  • Air Fryer Lamb Ribs – For something different at Easter wow your guests with air fryer lamb ribs. Totally different to what you see on the average Easter dinner table and so yummy.
  • Air Fryer Roast Chicken Dinner – This is perfect for a small frugal family. Cook the roast chicken in the air fryer at the same time as the roast potatoes, the stuffing and the vegetables.
  • Air Fryer Beef Wellington – The old school dinner party favourite is delicious when cooked in the air fryer. So delicious in fact that Gordon Ramsay has even shown people how to make air fryer beef wellington.

Air Fryer Easter Seasonal Favourites

Here are a few delicious Easter ideas that remind me of Easter, and I couldn’t imagine Easter without them.

  • Bread Maker Hot Cross Buns – Now this is the BEST. You make your hot cross buns dough in the bread maker and then cook your hot cross buns in the air fryer. You can also use the air fryer for reheating shop bought hot cross buns.
  • Air Fryer Carrot Cake – Delicious carrot cake made in the air fryer oven. Then loaded with a cream cheese orange frosting. The problem is I want to eat the whole cake!  
  • Air Fryer Baking At Easter – Sharing with you great ideas for an alternative Easter without Easter baskets and Easter Eggs, aka getting your kids in the kitchen baking and making their own. Includes my 2 favourite Easter baking recipes I do with the kids every year.
  • Air Fryer Carrots – Nothing says Easter quite like roasted carrots and this is how to air fry them. They turn out delicious every single time and I always want to go back for seconds.
  • Air Fryer Turkey Burgers – These are what I call my throw it all in leftover turkey burgers. Made with turkey and leftover roast dinner food, you could swap the turkey for whatever Easter roast dinner you are having. Then meal prep them for the freezer or have them as an Easter Monday Brunch.

Air Fryer Easter Sides

I have so many delicious air fryer Easter side dishes that I felt we needed a separate section just dedicated to everything sides. Below are a few of my personal favourites.

  • Air Fryer Yorkshire Pudding – Well you can’t take Yorkshire out of the girl and this is one of my all time favourite roast dinner sides. Though traditionally eaten with roast beef, it is also wonderful with other meat cuts.
  • Air Fryer Frozen Roast Potatoes – Grab a bag of your favourite frozen roasties and load them into the air fryer basket. They take the hassle out of making your own and are so tasty.
  • Air Fryer Garlic Potatoes With Bacon – Or make the Mediterranean version of roast potatoes with garlic and bacon. My favourite for dinner parties and great for when cooking for two.
  • Air Fryer Roasted Parsnips – I prefer roasted parsnips over roast potatoes, and this is how to make them in the air fryer for Easter.
  • Air Fryer Brussel Sprouts With Bacon – Before the sprouts go out of season grab yourself a bag and load them into the air fryer with bacon. A truly special side dish for Easter and perfect for if you love sprouts.

Air Fryer Easter Brunch Recipes

These are my favourite go to air fryer Easter brunch recipes to add to your Easter meal plan. I have a good mixture.

This is for guests and this is for lazy days when it is just you and you want a late morning breakfast.

Along with a few healthier ideas. Though my personal favourite is the air fryer pizza toast!

  • Air Fryer Pizza Toast – Lets wear our PJs and watch Friends on Netflix while eating these on a lazy Easter Saturday morning.
  • Air Fryer Scrambled Egg On Toast – Or for an alternative to air fryer pizza toast, try air fryer scrambled eggs on toast. Easy to prep and a great lazy brunch.
  • Air Fryer Egg Cups – These whole30, Paleo, Keto, Weight Watchers, clean eating egg cups are fantastic for a brunch or to take out with you as your pot luck contribution. I love these and often have them on school days for breakfast.

More Perfect Air Fryer Easter Recipes

40 best ever air fryer easter recipes

Here are lots more perfect air fryer Easter recipes. We have over 300 air fryer recipes on Recipe This and these are some others that are worth a mention at Easter.

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35 plus best air fryer easter recipes at

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