1. 5 stars
    Like!! I love roast duck but its too hot in the kitchen right now and never thought of using the air fryer. Made your roast duck last night and it was delicious. 5 stars.

    1. Hi Jason,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      We have addressed this issue for visitors like yourself, At the TOP of every recipe we have a JUMP to recipe button and when pushed it takes you directly to the recipe and thus skips as you put it a backstory of our life but it also contains important information about the recipe something which a lot of our readers have requested. So rather than just put several points we have to incorporate the points into a post that actually makes sense to the reader.

      As always if you have a bad experience on our site we welcome any feedback but when the solution is literally staring at you in the face when the site first loads there is no need in our opinion to write anything and just go about reading the recipe 🙂

      Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Hi James,

      If you do not have a rotisserie function then i suggest chopping the duck in half unless you have a large basket air fryer or a air fryer oven which can take a whole duck. If it can take a whole duck then follow our instructions for cooking a whole chicken, if the duck is the same size 🙂

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