1. I was looking for instuctions on how to cook a leg of lamb in the air fryer, not an air fryer oven, as I do not own one.
    Do you have instuctions on how to do this?

    1. Hi Dave,

      The reason we cooked it in the air fryer oven is that there is a bigger cook area and our leg of lamb was large. If you have a smaller leg of lamb then it can be done in an air fryer basket. Follow our recipe and then instead cook for 45 minutes and then check on it to see how much longer it needs.

      kind regards


      1. I’m the same as Dave, have an AF, the one with the basket you put in and out not the oven. Roast lamb for dinner tonight.

        Thank you

  2. I have a rotisserie vortex air fryer. Want to do air fried rotisserie style any suggestions? My lamb leg is almost 3.5

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