Air Fryer Lamb Ribs

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Air Fryer Lamb Ribs. The Milners recipe for air fryer oven ribs using lamb ribs. If you want to learn how to air fry ribs so that they are perfectly cooked and binge worthy, then I recommend you follow our air fryer ribs recipe guide.

Air Fryer Lamb Ribs air fryer recipe
Air Fryer Lamb Ribs

Air Fryer Ribs

Today is the first part of a 3 part series showing you how to cook ribs in the air fryer.

Today we are kickstarting our new theme with air fryer lamb ribs, then tomorrow we are sharing with you air fryer pork ribs and then the day after tomorrow it will be the turn of an air fryer rack of lamb.

If you are anything like me and love your food, you will remember times in your life when you tried a favourite food for the first time.

  • Long before it became our air fryer grilled cheese, it was posh cheese on toast in tearooms in the beautiful British city of York at age 11.
  • Long before it became our air fryer fishcakes, it was fishcakes that my grandad made me with his rusty frying pan in the 1980’s.
  • Long before it became our air fryer fish and chips, it was Friday night fish and chips growing up in Yorkshire.   

But the best of the best was the first time I tried ribs in a restaurant. I was in a Chinese restaurant and it was that amazing starter platter you got before your meal.

Not only was it the inspiration for our slow cooker Chinese spare ribs, but it was also my first introduction to prawn toast, crispy seaweed and lots of other firsts.

Since then my life is not the same unless I have ribs in it!

But I have never ever had lamb ribs before and I thought with my HUGE leftover spring lamb stash in the freezer, that it would be the PERFECT time to experiment with air fryer ribs.

So, if like me you have seen people sharing photos of air fryer ribs and wondered what all the fuss was about, then this is for YOU!

Air Fryer Lamb Ribs

Firstly, as you know we are starting off with air fryer lamb ribs. I will start by saying if you are not big on lamb, that this is not for you and you’re probably happier with our air fryer pork ribs recipe instead.

You see lamb is a very fatty meat and the fat level can bother a lot of people (myself included).

I just hate loads of fat on my meat and will often half eat some meat on the bone and pass it to my daughter to finish.

At which point Dominic will give me a dirty look, as if he is wondering why I didn’t give it to him!

I love the flavour of lamb and adore the likes of shepherd’s pie, slow cooker doner kebabs, koftas and all the other great things made with lamb that has been minced.

But the rest of it I will have a bite or two and then pass it onto whoever else is nearby that wants it.

Air Fryer Lamb Ribs was no different. A couple of bites and the kids had the rest.

Yet the air fryer pork ribs never left my sight and I fought the kids over the last one.

So, this is kind of a caution to all anti fat lovers! Though I am sure my husband Dominic is now concerned that he won’t get to eat air fryer lamb ribs again as he loved it.

Can You Air Fry Ribs?

I am sure before we dig into our air fryer recipe for ribs, your wondering if it is really possible to air fry ribs?

Well the truth is once you air fry ribs, there is no going back to your original way.

The ribs are truly spectacular when they are cooked in the air fryer. If you look at cooked air fryer ribs, they will have that amazing grilled taste and grilled look.

You could hand the photo to a friend and they would assume that you had got the barbecue out.

In a similar way to the grill any excess fat goes to the bottom drip tray of the air fryer oven, making them healthy and they are not swimming in their fat like our slow cooker Chinese spare ribs do.

Air Fryer Oven Ribs

Because of space and the way you want to cook air fryer ribs, what you really need is an air fryer oven.

I have been sharing new air fryer oven recipes with you for a while now and these air fryer oven ribs are a big example of how the air fryer oven does such a marvellous job at cooking meat.

It is a bit like if you cooked ribs in the oven, it cooks directly on the shelf, but thanks to the air it gives you a grilled texture instead.

Air Fryer Ribs Temperature?

The best air fryer ribs temperature is 180c/360f. You need a medium temperature for your air fryer ribs so that your ribs are thoroughly cooked but not over cooked or tough.

How Long To Air Fry Ribs?

Air Fryers don’t take long at all to cook. In fact, 25 minutes is all you need for perfect air fryer ribs.

Even better there is no adjusting the time, shaking or other tasks to perform while your air fryer ribs are cooking. You can literally load them into your air fryer oven and forget about them until they are cooked.

Cooking Ribs In Air Fryer Oven

Air Fryer Lamb Ribs step by step

OMG cooking ribs in the air fryer oven is so damn easy, you will be having a light bulb moment and wondering why you didn’t cook air fryer ribs sooner.

Because as Tina Turner sings, they are SIMPLY THE BEST.

  • Firstly, you prep the marinade that you plan to use in your air fryer ribs. I love an Asian marinade on my ribs, and this is what I have chosen for my air fryer lamb ribs.
  • Secondly soak your lamb ribs in your marinade. Leave them overnight if you can and make sure it feels like your lamb ribs are drowning in the marinade.
  • Finally, load your lamb ribs onto your air fryer oven shelf and place them in the air fryer oven to cook.
  • Once cooked serve them with spare marinade or make a quick bit of extra marinade sauce just for dunking.

All you need to decide is how many of these air fryer lamb ribs you are going to eat!

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Air Fryer Lamb Ribs
Air Fryer Lamb Ribs
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Air Fryer Lamb Ribs

Air Fryer Lamb Ribs. The Milners recipe for air fryer oven ribs using lamb ribs. If you want to learn how to air fry ribs so that they are perfectly cooked and binge worthy, then I recommend you follow our air fryer ribs recipe guide.
Prep Time5 minutes
Cook Time25 minutes
Total Time30 minutes
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Air Fryer Oven
Servings: 2
Calories: 1515kcal


Air Fryer Lamb Ribs Ingredients:


  • Place your lamb ribs marinade ingredients in a bowl and mix well. If it feels too watery then add in some extra honey and barbecue sauce.
  • Place the lamb ribs in the marinade and mix well with your hands. If you have time marinade your lamb ribs overnight in the fridge.
  • Place your lamb ribs onto the air fryer oven shelf and place on the 2nd to top shelf.
  • Set the time to 25 minutes and the temperature to 180c/360f.
  • Once cooked and it beeps, slice your lamb ribs and serve with extra marinade.


You can mix and match your favourite lamb ribs marinade. Mine is a guide you could have an alternative favourite for your lamb. We have also found that a Greek marinade also works well. Then just use our air fryer ribs time and temperature as your guide.
I also love using lamb stock. It was leftover stock I had from my Instant Pot Lamb Bone Broth recipe.


Calories: 1515kcal | Carbohydrates: 40g | Protein: 54g | Fat: 126g | Saturated Fat: 55g | Cholesterol: 277mg | Sodium: 733mg | Potassium: 734mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 38g | Vitamin A: 39IU | Vitamin C: 1mg | Calcium: 61mg | Iron: 5mg
Nutrition InfoPlease Note: Nutrition values are our best estimate based on the software we use at Recipe This and are meant as a guide. If you rely on them for your diet, use your preferred nutrition calculator.
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Air Fryer Lamb Ribs recipe

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  2. 5 stars
    Thanks for this recipe it is fantastic and they tasted great, we loved the flavours and the timings in our air fryer oven were ok and they came as in the recipe.

  3. 5 stars
    I prefer lamb ribs to pork and these were delicious. First time i used my air fry oven for something other than fries and these were great. If i can cook them then anyone can.

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    I did this and found mine to be very chewy, however I put them in for another 10 mins to break down the connective tissue and boom Fantastic!


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