1. 5 stars
    I would never had tried this if it was not for one of your subscribers and my friends. I have just got an air fryer but my friend has had one for ages. I tried this beef wellington and i was sceptical but it turned out really good, we really enjoyed it, many thanks for the easy to follow recipes.

  2. 1 star
    I did a search on no mushroom beef Wellington and this a link that came up. Some of us are deathly allergic to mushrooms; I am. Put mushrooms in a dish and I eat it and it’s EpiPen, call 911 and go to hospital, do not pass go, do not collect $200 or go to morgue.☠️

    Are mushrooms required in a beef Wellington? If so, what would you substitute for them for people who are deathly allergic to mushrooms?

    For people like me, you might as well substitute mushrooms for cyanide as you will get the same end result if we consume it.

    1. Hi JCA,

      Sorry to hear about your Allergy. Our eldest son has an allergy to nuts so we do not use any nuts on the website, but it is not as bad as yours. The mushrooms can be left out and just use any kind of pate that will be fine 🙂

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