The Ultimate Fried English Breakfast In The Air Fryer

The Ultimate Fried English Breakfast In The Air FryerWelcome to my ultimate English Fried Breakfast in the Air Fryer

Today is New Year’s Eve and this means that come tomorrow there is going to be a lot of hungover people around the world. This means that come tomorrow morning (or lunch time if you’re up particularly late) that you’ll be reaching for the perfect Fried English Breakfast to make you feel better.

That is because as our body gives in to alcohol we need a lot of good fats to make us feel better and if we don’t have good fats about then we will always lean towards the fry up.

But we all bought Air Fryers because we wanted to be healthier, so it should only be natural that we can make an English breakfast that isn’t that bad for us. Well its not like eating porridge for breakfast but at least it is a good replacement for what we all used to have!

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This is the version that as a family we have when we fancy a boost on a Sunday morning or on a day after a late night. It gives our body what it wants and then we often end up so full that we will rarely have any lunch.

Enjoy and if this fails there is always some headache tablets to make you feel better!!!!

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The Ultimate Fried English Breakfast In The Air Fryer
Serves: 4
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  1. In the Air Fryer place your sausages and bacon in it and cook for 10 minutes on 160c.
  2. In one ramekin place the baked beans and in another your egg (ready for it to be fried).
  3. Cook for a further 10 minutes on 200c until everything is cooked.
  4. Dish up and serve.
It is your Fried English Breakfast so don’t feel like you have to have it identical to mine. Add black pudding, hash browns, fried mushrooms or even swap your toast for fried bread.

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