1. 5 stars
    Never thought i could do a whole roast beef joint in an air fryer, but we tried this and it was cooked perfectly. WE love our beef red in the middle.

  2. 4 stars
    Tried this recipe and it cooked like in the pictures, we like ours a bit more cooked so cooked for 10 more minutes and it was delicious thank you

  3. Great will try this in my power airfryer which I purchased this wee . I made cheese scones in it yesterday my friend said they were delicious

  4. I have a 4 pound inside round roast and need some help. Everyone does a 2 pound for a total of 45 min I don’t want to wreak it and feel that if I double the time then that an 1 hour and 30 min and that seems like such a long time in the air fryer.
    I am new to the air fryer and do love. Thanks Bev

    1. Hi Beverly,

      A 4 lb or 1.8 kg roast is quite large to cook in the air fryer. If you have an air fryer oven then that is best as most come with a rotisserie element and this helps with the cook time and brings it down. If it is just a standard basket air fryer you would be using then usually about 1h 30 minutes would be fine but we would cook it for less as we like our beef with some red inside. The time should not wreak it as long as you turn it every 20 minutes as the larger the roast the harder it is for the air to circulate around the air fryer and cook evenly.

      If you have any more questions please feel free to get back in touch 🙂

    1. Hello Brenda,

      After looking through a few Google questions the answer seems to be that E3 means your air fryer has over heated. But i am not sure which air fryer you have so i cannot be sure that this is what it means. If you can get back in touch with your make of air fryer and explain what you was cooking in it and i may be able to help further 🙂

  5. Can I cook a roast beef, roast pork and ham without a rotisserie as I didn’t get one with my air fryer Thank you

  6. Can I cook a bolar blade beef roast in my air fryer?
    I have a 23litres and it has a rotisserie in it too.

    1. Hi Anne,

      Yes i do not see why the bolar blade beef roast you have cannot fit onto the rotisserie in your air fryer. To give you a sense of time our beef roast was 1kg/2.2lbs and took 45 minutes to cook, we like ours medium rare with some blood in it 🙂

      If you have anymore questions please feel free to get back in touch 🙂

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