1. Hi Larry,

      Yes they are and also in some places they are called by the country of origin i.e. Italian sausages, Brazilian sausages and so forth.

  1. 5 stars
    Recipe great and my sausages did not smoke either so they also must be a good sausage and who does´nt like a good sausage?

  2. Hi folks.

    I am also from UK and just really starting on trying things. Did your egg and soldiers pressure cooker recipe superb.

    Just did sausages for 8 minutes. Should it have read 18? 8 was nowhere near enough in my Ninja or is this recipe for skinny sausages? Just wanted to check. Says 18 minutes on BBC Good food too.

    Thanks and I look forward to ploughing through your recipes.

    1. Hi John,

      The issue we have now is there are many air fryers out there and they all cook different. For this recipe we used a Philips air fryer XL which cooks foods quicker in our opinion. The sausages we used were British sausages but we lived in Portugal at the time so they would be considered thin sausages not like the big thick ones you can get from the butchers over here, but saying that 18 minutes does seem to be a long time and if we did did our sausages from our butchers for that length of time they would be burnt.

      We have been using air fryers for over 12 years so we help people with the knowledge we have gained from the very first air fryer that we bought and was available in the UK. We have not used a Ninja air fryer but have used the Ninja Foodi air fryer and found it to be just a few minutes off of our cook times that we had done for comparison.

      But when always cooking high risk foods please use a thermometer to double check that food is fully cooked, above 70c/140f for most foods that would be cooked in the air fryer 🙂

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