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Hello and a big kitchen gadget welcome to Recipe This. I remember the date like it was yesterday. 15th November 2015.

It was 10 days before Sofia’s 1st birthday and we were launching our new food blog. That food blog was Recipe This and it has become a business that we look forward to getting out of bed to work on.

recipe this aboutWell I am a food addict and I am happy to share that. I just LOOOOOOVE my food. And thankfully Dominic feels the same way too.

When I met Dominic, he was a chef and my kitchen skill set was either a cheese sauce with vegetables or a cheese sauce with pasta. I suppose you could say I was a bit like a bloke where the only meal they can cook to impress their girlfriend is a Spaghetti Bolognese.

I could do a few other things, but I could probably still count them all on one hand and as a young woman this was terrible.

My mum even commented (before I met Dominic) that she had given up on teaching me and that I better marry a chef. Though, I always felt that she nagged me too much, so I never wanted to learn with her.

But I started watching cookery programmes on television, followed recipe magazines, Dominic taught me some excellent recipes and I became a self-taught food enthusiast.

But at the same time, I would still be eating processed food the majority of the week and over time I had a huge weight gain. Now after losing it my focus is very much on a healthy lifestyle both for us as parents and for our children.

But processed foods have always been there. I remember growing up in the 80’s and 90’s and that was all that kids ate. Parents would feed the kids when they came home from school and then feed themselves later. It would always involve a can of something or another. I remember cans of meatballs, macaroni cheese and even spaghetti hoops in tomato sauce.

We used to ring up for a takeaway most nights (when we lived in England) and half an hour later it would arrive. I would often have a burger, chips and garlic bread. And what struck me many years later, was that in that same wait time we could have made it ourselves and would then know exactly what was in it!

That’s when we said we would never do “takeaway” again. We now love using natural fresh ingredients to make tasty family dishes.

Why Kitchen Gadget Recipes?

We also appreciate that compared to the old days of our great grandparents that busy lives have changed things. That is why I love my kitchen gadgets. They play the perfect role in home cooking without the hassle.

I would be lost without my kitchen gadgets. I am trying to remember all of them that we have, but I know I will forget one, so let me start by sharing my favourites:

You can also access our popular kitchen gadget recipes below:

These above are the kitchen gadgets that give us the most passion. Though I am sure there will be more to follow in the future as new technology impresses us.

Thank you for visiting our kitchen gadget blog.

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