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Air Fryer Chocolate Muffins. How to make delicious, moist, never heavy muffins in the air fryer. Learn the secret to perfect air fryer chocolate muffins and how to make them with very little flour for the ultimate treat.

We originally shared our air fryer muffins back in early 2016 and felt that this air fryer muffins recipe needed eating again, for an excuse to retest them. We have also added in lots of new air fryer muffin ideas that you can try out in your kitchen.

best air fryer chocolate muffins
Best Air Fryer Chocolate Muffins
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Air Fryer Chocolate Muffins

I remember when I first had a muffin. I must have been about ten years old. My Grandparents lived about 40 minutes away and I used to often go and visit them for a week.

It was a great opportunity to catch up with them and like any kid the enjoyment of your grandparents spoiling you before handing you back to your parents full of sugar and other badness.

Well I used to join them in their weekly routine and one of them was doing the weekly grocery shop at Morrison’s. It was the supermarket that we didn’t have and it always felt like a treat to go.

We would then walk around the supermarket and they would put their goodies in the trolley. It always amazed me how many different sugar treats that they bought.

And how they could spend three times what my parents did on a weekly shop when there was only two of them.

We would be at the buns section and they would put item after item in and ask me what I wanted. I would always end up with the chocolate muffin.

It was something that was mainly American that you couldn’t get anywhere else.

I would then eat it for supper later. Though before I got the chance we would end up in the supermarket café for dinner. Talk about eating until we would burst!

This chocolate muffins recipe is very easy to do and reminds me of my childhood and I hope you enjoy it.

Though I am sure if I had said to my Grandma back in 1992 that I am going to recreate chocolate muffins in the air fryer 24 years later she would have thought I had lost the plot!

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Can You Air Fry Muffins?

Yes you can! Air fryer muffins are FANTASTIC, and you will never want to return to making muffins in the oven, after you have tried the air fryer method.

Air fryer muffins are AMAZING because:

  • As the air circulates it helps produce a moister and lighter muffin
  • You can use your favourite air fryer muffin cups
  • You can mix and match with favourite muffin fillings
  • You can use the air fryer to melt the chocolate or the butter while you make your filling
  • The muffins are easy to wash up from afterwards with very little prep

Air Fryer Silicone Muffin Cups

We use the same silicone muffin cups that we use when we make air fryer egg cups.

They are fantastic and wash clean without any effort. Often, they don’t leave a single mark on the silicone mould and no heavy duty scrubbing to do afterwards.

What I did was buy a big box of silicone muffin cups that I use for a variety of air fryer recipes. They are fantastic for todays air fryer chocolate muffins but the use of them don’t have to end there.

Think about your favourite muffins, quiche, chocolate cake and how you can make them in your silicone cups.

One of the best air fryer accessories I have ever used. You can click here for the silicone moulds I recommend the most.

Air Fryer Muffin Ideas

I am the biggest fan of the air fryer chocolate muffin. But you don’t have to do chocolate. There are lots of other ideas you could try out such as:

  • Air Fryer Apple Muffins
  • Air Fryer Blueberry Muffins
  • Air Fryer Banana Muffins
  • Air Fryer Carrot Muffins
  • Air Fryer Lemon Muffins

Though note a theme here, you can use any of your favourite cake batter and load them into air fryer muffin moulds instead.

You could use our air fryer banana bread recipe and create muffins with them instead. The same could apply for our air fryer carrot cake too.

Air Fryer Chocolate Muffins (2 Ways)

There are two main ways that I make air fryer chocolate muffins. Both works very well and it’s a case of which recipe you would rather follow.

Air Fryer Chocolate Cake Muffins – What I do is make the same batter that I use for when I make air fryer chocolate cake. I will make half a batch and then load it into air fryer silicone muffins. It looks in texture more like a traditional chocolate muffin and they are ideal for parties or for using up some leftover cake batter.

Air Fryer Ganache Chocolate Muffins – I call my favourite version of chocolate muffins, ganache muffins. That is because I make our air fryer ganache first, add in two extra ingredients and pour into muffin cups. They remind me of the chocolate muffins at Starbucks but much lighter. Because there is hardly any flour in this recipe, they are light and so moist. They are also very easy to prep and similar to our air fryer chocolate mug cakes.

I will let you choose which one you would rather make. The recipe below uses the ganache method, but you can use our chocolate cake recipe and then just follow the air fryer cook times and temps.

Air fryer cookbook new cover
Air fryer cookbook new cover

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How To Make Muffins In An Air Fryer?

air fryer chocolate muffins step by step

Air fryer muffins goes as follows:

  1. In a baking pan load up butter and chocolate chunks along with honey.
  2. Air fry until the chocolate is melted and stir well.
  3. In a bowl add your other ingredients + melted chocolate and stir.
  4. Load into muffin cups.
  5. Air fry and binge.

There is a little more to it than that, but those are the simple basics!

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Air Fryer Muffin Temperature

To make the best air fryer muffins you need to choose your air fryer temperature wisely.

  • Go in too hot with the air fryer and they will burn and not be moist
  • Go in too fast and you will not have that melt in your mouth centre

Instead focus on a 160c/320f temperature and you will get the best results.

air fryer chocolate muffins
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Air Fryer Chocolate Muffins

Air Fryer Chocolate Muffins. How to make delicious, moist, never heavy muffins in the air fryer. Learn the secret to perfect air fryer chocolate muffins and how to make them with very little flour for the ultimate treat.
Prep Time: 2 minutes
Cook Time: 12 minutes
Total Time: 14 minutes
Servings: 6
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Chocolate Muffins Ingredients:


  • Into an air fryer baking pan add squares of chocolate along with your butter and honey. Place in the air fryer and cook for 2 minutes at 120c/250f to melt the chocolate.
    How To Make Muffins In An Air Fryer?
  • Stir and add in single cream. It will now be lovely and creamy. Then transfer your melted chocolate to the bowl with the flour and cocoa powder and add in crushed chocolate.
    How To Make Muffins In An Air Fryer?
  • Add vanilla if you are using it. Stir well. Load into air fryer muffin cases.
    How To Make Muffins In An Air Fryer?
  • Cook for 10 minutes at 160c/320f and enjoy!
    How To Make Muffins In An Air Fryer?


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Swap. I used Dairy Milk in this recipe, but you can swap with your favourite chocolate. As long as the chocolate melts well.
Important. Always use self raising flour. If you don’t the muffins will not rise and will be flat.
Crushed. By crushed chocolate I am talking about chocolate that you have chopped up, or alternatively you can use chocolate chips.
Sub. You can sub the single cream for Greek yoghurt, coconut milk or your favourite creamy ingredient. I often sub with Greek yoghurt.
Thanks for reading our air fryer chocolate muffins recipe on Recipe This. We have many more air fryer recipes for you to check out next. Though, our personal recommendation if you have a sweet tooth would be our air fryer chocolate chip cookies or our air fryer apple pie.


Calories: 97kcal | Carbohydrates: 13g | Protein: 2g | Fat: 6g | Saturated Fat: 3g | Cholesterol: 3mg | Sodium: 9mg | Potassium: 81mg | Fiber: 2g | Sugar: 6g | Vitamin A: 21IU | Calcium: 7mg | Iron: 1mg
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  1. Hi. 10 chocolate squares, how many grams is that? I’m asking coz I would prefer to use callebaut chocolate. Thanks.

    1. Hi Tammy,

      No because we have already melted the chocolate with the honey in the air fryer for 2 minutes so it will already be pre-heated 🙂

  2. How many muffins can you get out of this recipe please? I was going to bake some tomorrow so printed the recipe. I note only 30g flour? doesn’t seem enough so I must be missing something please.