Instant Pot Creamed Corn

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Do you love creamed corn? Do you want to make your own homemade cream style corn? Then let me show you step by step how to make instant pot creamed corn using frozen corn and cream cheese.

You will love the taste, you will love the cheesy sauce and you will fight with your family for who gets the last spoonful.

This is an updated post. We originally shared with you all about making creamed corn in the instant pot back in 2019.

instant pot creamed corn recipe
Instant Pot Creamed Corn Recipe

Frozen Creamed Corn

This has to be my all time favourite summer side dish and one that we have several times each summer.

I will normally pair frozen creamed corn with slow cooker chicken wings, ninja foodi pulled pork and air fryer potato wedges. Then I can run several of my favourite kitchen gadgets at once for the ultimate Saturday night summer feast.

I first saw creamed corn on an American TV show and fell in love with the concept, even though I swapped out a few of the ingredients until I had my dream creamed corn recipe.

But it wasn’t until I published our instant pot cream corn recipe in 2019 that I realised that you could get creamed corn in a can. This had passed me by because it wasn’t available where I lived!!!

However, if you are one of many that wants to make your own creamed corn, using frozen sweetcorn, then this instant pot recipe is for you.

It includes a few simple ingredients and OMG tastes so good.

So good, that I would put it in my son Kyle’s favourite instant pot recipes that I have ever made.

Usually when I make it I get the same complaint – love your creamed corn but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make MORE next time.

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Can You Cook Creamed Style Corn In The Instant Pot?

Yes, you can cook your creamed style corn in the instant pot, or any other electric pressure cooker. I am also sure that you could tweak it and make this frozen corn in the air fryer or slow cooker too.

What Is Instant Pot Cream Corn?

Instant pot creamed corn is creamed corn, just cooked in the instant pot pressure cooker.

If you have not had creamed corn before, then it’s a delicious side dish that would work with any time of the year thanks to using frozen corn.

Creamed corn is corn that is cooked in a creamy sauce and often has had stock added.

Whilst a veggie bake or a cauliflower cheese is super popular in the UK, I find that creamed corn is the US equivalent.

This cream corn is like no other. That is because We made it with our homemade instant pot veggie stock, cook the sweetcorn with butter, then transform the veggie stock into a creamy cheese sauce.

How To Make Creamed Corn Without Heavy Cream?

I have never made creamed corn with heavy cream before, which you might also know as thickened cream or double cream.

It just really doesn’t need it.

Instead, I much prefer a creamy corn recipe with cream cheese. I will use Philadelphia cream cheese and then add it until it thickens.

Then add in some grated cheese too and you then have a really creamy sauce that works well with your just cooked corn.

How To Thicken Cream Corn?

The answer is SIMPLE, add more Philadelphia cream cheese. Which of course makes it taste even better. I mean who doesn’t love more cheese!!!

What I suggest though, is that you start by removing the stock, then add Philadelphia with a little stock and then gradually add stock in, as this helps stop there being a thickening problem.

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Creamed Corn Instant Pot Ingredients

Creamed Corn Instant Pot Ingredients

Corn – You will need plenty of frozen corn that you can load into your steamer basket in the instant pot. I recommend as much as will fit.

Cream – For the cream of your creamed corn, I recommend Philadelphia cream cheese. If you want a lighter version, you can also use a light soft cheese.

Stock – I recommend adding some veggie stock rather than going with water, otherwise your creamed corn will be rather flavourless. Here is our instant pot veggie stock recipe.

Cheese – Plus, if you like cheese, I recommend adding in some extra cheese such as grated cheddar.

Butter – The frozen corn cooks with butter for that wow taste. Salted works best then you don’t need to add extra salt and pepper to the recipe.

Then for the kitchen gadgets that we have used in this cream style corn recipe it has just been our Instant Pot. We have this one and it’s my favourite and great for a lot of foods that can make from frozen ingredients.

Plus, we recommend you head over to our instant pot recipes category as we have many electric pressure cooker recipes and have been using instant pots for 5 years.

How To Make Instant Pot Creamed Corn?

instant pot creamed corn step by step
  • Prepare. Start by adding stock to the bottom of the instant pot inner pot. Then adding in your steamer basket.
  • Load. Then load up your instant pot steamer basket with frozen corn, frozen garlic, and butter.
  • Cook. Place the lid on the instant pot, set the valve to sealing and cook for 0 minutes.
  • Sauce. Then remove the steamer basket with the corn and the garlic and create your cheese sauce. Mix Philadelphia cream cheese into the stock on the sauté setting, followed by the grated cheese and once nice and creamy add the corn back in.
  • Serve. Stir the corn and garlic into the creamy sauce and serve.

And I am sure you can see now how simple and easy it is making creamed corn from frozen in the instant pot.

How Long To Cook Creamed Corn In Instant Pot?

This creamed corn from frozen recipe takes JUST 0 minutes in the instant pot pressure cooker.

What this means, is that you only cook the corn for the time it takes to go to pressure, along with the sauté time to make the creamy sauce.

Frozen Creamed Corn Tips & Tricks

  • Don’t cook the creamed corn with water as your liquid. It will create a rather bland sauce.
  • You can swap cream cheese for crème fraiche, fromage frais, sour cream or whipped cream.
  • Spread out the butter, that way you get an even coating of the butter as it melts on the corn.
  • You can also make ahead your creamed corn and then serve them later warm at dinner time.

More Instant Pot Frozen Recipes

instant pot creamed corn

Your creamed corn in instant pot recipe is below, note you can print it out with or without photos, adjust servings, or click between metric and imperial depending on where you are in the world.

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instant pot creamed corn
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Instant Pot Creamed Corn

Do you love creamed corn? Do you want to make your own homemade cream style corn? Then let me show you step by step how to make instant pot creamed corn using frozen corn and cream cheese.
Prep Time5 minutes
Cook Time4 minutes
Total Time9 minutes
Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: Instant Pot
Servings: 4
Calories: 897kcal



  • Load your veggie stock into the instant pot and then add the steamer basket over it.
    How To Make Instant Pot Creamed Corn?
  • Load the steamer basket with frozen corn, frozen garlic, and butter.
    How To Make Instant Pot Creamed Corn?
  • Place the lid on the instant pot, set the valve to sealing and cook for 0 minutes followed by a quick pressure release.
    How To Make Instant Pot Creamed Corn?
  • After a quick pressure release, remove the steamer basket with the corn and garlic still on it and put to one side.
    How To Make Instant Pot Creamed Corn?
  • Place the instant pot on sauté, add the cream cheese and the grated cheese and chives and stir with a wooden spoon until you have a creamy sauce. Then press cancel.
    How To Make Instant Pot Creamed Corn?
  • Add the corn and garlic back in, stir and serve.
    How To Make Instant Pot Creamed Corn?


Quantities. This batch is enough for 3-4 people for a side dish to go with dinner. You can easily triple the recipe ingredients and use the same cook time if feeding more people.
Warm. The instant pot stays warm for quite a while. You can leave your creamed corn in the instant pot for up to an hour and it will keep its heat. Or move it onto keep warm setting.
Thanks for reading our creamed corn recipe on Recipe This. We have many more instant pot recipes for you to check out next. Though if you would like to see more instant pot recipes using frozen ingredients do check out our instant pot frozen chicken drumsticks recipe.


Calories: 897kcal | Carbohydrates: 57g | Protein: 25g | Fat: 68g | Saturated Fat: 39g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 3g | Monounsaturated Fat: 17g | Trans Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 194mg | Sodium: 983mg | Potassium: 822mg | Fiber: 6g | Sugar: 6g | Vitamin A: 2600IU | Vitamin C: 15mg | Calcium: 422mg | Iron: 2mg
Nutrition InfoPlease Note: Nutrition values are our best estimate based on the software we use at Recipe This and are meant as a guide. If you rely on them for your diet, use your preferred nutrition calculator.
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