Airfryer Chicken Recipes – 7 Magical Ways To Cook Chicken In The Airfryer

Airfryer Recipes | 7 of the best ever Airfryer chicken recipes from

Welcome to Airfryer chicken recipes – 7 magical ways to cook chicken in the Airfryer.

I think I have fallen into an unplanned routine of sharing chicken Airfryer recipes. I end up with some leftover chicken a few times and before I knew it they were in the Airfryer making delicious healthy chicken Airfryer recipes. Then I decided to take on the takeaway and make the likes of KFC healthy and things have gone from there.

But that is the beauty of the humble chicken. They are so cheap to buy and also incredibly versatile at the same time. I could bring out a book about chicken Airfryer recipes and fill it with at least 500 family favourites, just because there is so much scope!

Now that is an idea!!!

Though when I buy a chicken I will get lots of whole chickens and pay just over 2€ each for them. They can then be separated into portions as and when I need them. This means that one day we can have chicken nuggets, another day chicken kievs, or even have spicy chicken wings done buffalo style.

No matter what we make with our chicken though in the Airfryer we always find that we have a lot of quick preparation and then we are done and dusted without having to slave away in the kitchen.

There are even some meals in the Airfryer with our chicken that fall under 15 minute meals!

Let’s Talk Airfryers

But sadly there are many people out there that don’t own an Airfryer. I am like “what????” after all it has been our main kitchen gadget for a number of years now. I even remember when I got mine that it hadn’t even made it across the pond to The States. It has of course now being made into a worldwide kitchen gadget with a lot of the Germans also loving it for their cooking.

Airfryers are of course great because they use air instead of the traditional deep frying method and allow you cook a bit of everything in them. They also give you a crispy texture thus allowing you to have the best ever jacket potatoes or the best ever crispy chicken.

This is the one we have:

Here is our Philips Black HD9220 Air Fryer Review

We actually got ours so long ago we can’t actually remember when it was. We think it was around 2012 and we paid a small fortune for it as it was new out and in Portugal they always charge a lot more for electricals. But remember we are now in 2016 and it has not had a single issue even though it now looks scruffy! As they say you clearly get what you pay for!

There are clearly lots of other Airfryers on the market now and we have also done a post over the top ones. But it’s about personal choice and where you plan on having it. For example we always avoided the Tefal one because of how wide it is and that we would never have the space for it, or the scope to do what we wanted with it.

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7 Magical Ways To Cook Chicken In The Airfryer

Airfryer Recipes | My 7 favourite air fryer chicken recipes that I just can’t stop cooking from


#1 – Airfryer Chicken Nuggets

"chicken nuggets not mcdonalds but air fryer chicken nuggets"

Why this chicken recipe is fantastic for the Airfryer: chicken nuggets have to be the most famous processed food in the world. The idea that you serve up something for your children that is the rubbish leftover in the factory from the chicken products disgusts most people. But it is also one of those foods that we all love and is very quick and simple.

But in this version of Airfryer chicken nuggets the chicken nuggets are made from scratch with chicken breast and are so simple and healthy!

#2 – Airfryer Chicken Kievs

"chicken kiev cooked in an air fryer"

Why this chicken recipe is fantastic for the Airfryer: just like the chicken nuggets in the Airfryer this is another classic kid’s favourite that is associated with processed foods. But in this version you simply make your own and its so quick and easy.

Plus forget the kids, the adults will love this too with its amazing garlic centre.

#3 – Airfryer Chicken Wings

"Here is our chinese chicken wings air fryer"

Why this chicken recipe is fantastic for the Airfryer: chicken wings are nice and small and carry a very low price tag. This means that families on tight budgets can afford them. Here in Portugal we pay about 1.20€ for a huge tray of them that will easily feed our family for the evening along side of salad and potatoes.

But the reason I love chicken wings in the Airfryer so much is because they are small so you can marinade a huge batch of them and then cook them in the Airfryer. This makes them ideal for easy family cooking.

#4 – Airfryer Popcorn Chicken

"popcorn chicken in the airfryer"

Why this chicken recipe is fantastic for the Airfryer: it is like having one of the most fattening and unhealthy recipes in the Airfryer, putting your spin on it and making it healthy. Just like the chicken wings these Airfryer popcorn chicken are perfect for parties and family times. They are also very low calorie compared to the KFC alternative.

Made with some spare chicken breast you can have them in the Airfryer in record time and your kids will think they are amazing.

Airfryer Recipes | Get 12 delicious airfryer chicken recipes here at

#5 – Airfryer Fried Chicken

"how to make airfryer kfc chicken"

Why this chicken recipe is fantastic for the Airfryer: out of all the takeaways that we all love the KFC is often known as the highest for calories and the one when we have the biggest portions. When you go to McDonalds you will often have a value meal deal with one burger and one fries. However if you head over to KFC you will probably end up sharing a huge bucket of deep fried chicken plus plenty of unhealthy extras.

In this Airfryer fried chicken recipe we are swapping the deep fried for the air fried to bring you a healthy, low calorie version that tastes amazing!

#6 – Airfryer Chicken Strips

"easy crispy kfc chicken strips"

Why this chicken recipe is fantastic for the Airfryer: this is the recipe that we use when we have some leftover chicken that needs using up. We hate food waste and you don’t need much of it to do this chicken recipe.

It also takes very little time to prepare and then your Airfryer can be doing the work while you relax.

#7 – Airfryer Zinger Chicken Burger

"our zinger kfc chicken burger"

Why this chicken recipe is fantastic for the Airfryer: well with our love for everything KFC it goes without saying that we would feature their Zinger chicken burger in our Airfryer.

This tastes amazing and it is hard to believe that it has not been deep fried at all! It is perfect for Saturday nights in instead of ringing up a takeaway and perfect for your waistline.

Airfryer Recipes | Airfryer Cooking: 12 delicious airfryer chicken recipes from

If you are looking for even more delicious chicken recipes in the Airfryer then you have come to the right place!

One of our true loves in our Philips Airfryer is cooking chicken (turkey works well too) and it’s amazing what you can make in it. We often feel like we have recreated healthy versions of all of our favourite frozen food classics and they make a much better option for our kids.

We have put together our 12 all time favourite ones as chosen by us and by our readers as being the most delicious. They includes all of the recipes featured on this page plus some great bonus ones.

So if you like what you have seen above then here is a chance to check out even more of them. You can download it to your tablet, phone or desktop and then access the recipes whenever you like.

Either click on the cookbook cover on the left or click here for immediate access.

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