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Airfryer Recipes | 5 of the best ever Airfryer potato recipes from

Welcome to Airfryer potato recipes and 5 must try potato recipes in your Airfryer.

I don’t know about you but I absolutely love my potatoes. Whether they are roasted, fried, sautéed, baked or mashed I am always there. They are the staple of the traditional family home and with the price they cost you can see why.

We get through to bags of spuds a week and most of the time they will end up in our Airfryer. The kids love them, adults love them and when you’re hungry they are great for a quick meal or snack.

Let’s Talk Potatoes In The Airfryer

I remember when the Airfryer first became popular. It was plugged as the new way to cook your French Fries just without the high calories. You could make them for about the same calories as you would have on a jacket potato. This worked because a portion of fries required just one tablespoon of olive oil to cook them with. Compare this with a jacket potato and a teaspoon of butter and you’ll find that your fries are suddenly worth eating without worrying about piling on the pounds!

This happens because the Airfryer uses air rather than deep frying everything and it gives you a real healthy treat!

This was probably about 2012 when it took off and I would tell anyone and everyone how great my Airfryer was. I had an ebook on the Kindle before you had time to blink and I was really the only person that was talking about it everywhere and how great it was for me and my weight loss. Though, the shocker for me at the time that it hadn’t made its way to the United States!

Of course it did eventually but back then it was the new thing in Europe…..

Back then though I was obese and my diet was very unhealthy and I was putting processed foods in it. The chicken nuggets, the sausage rolls, the Cornish pasties – you name it….it went in there!

Fast forward four years and I have realised that you can make some amazing healthy dishes in the Airfryer and never worry about gaining weight. It has become an amazing alternative to the microwave and in many ways it can work as a plan B for your oven. But when I think about cooking in it, it always comes back to the humble potato and what amazing dishes you can make with the humble spud.

This is the one we have:

Here is our Philips Black HD9220 Air Fryer Review

Just to show how good quality they are, we are still on the same one that we had back in 2012 and it still works even though it is looking a bit scruffy now!

It will open your eyes to making delicious meals and snacks in something so simple and will give you the opportunity to enjoy some of your favourite foods but in a much healthier way.

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Or alternatively if you are not a Philips fan here are some fantastic alternatives.

5 Must Try Potato Recipes In The Airfryer

Airfryer Recipes | My 5 favourite air fryer potato recipes that I just can’t stop cooking from

#1 – Airfryer French Fries

Here is How To Make The Best Ever Air Fryer Fries

Why this potato recipe is fantastic for the Airfryer: this was actually the first thing we ever made in the Airfryer and it is still our personal favourite. Healthy French Fries that can be cooked really quickly and only require a very small amount of oil. When we first made these in the Airfryer they were horrible and it took us about 6 attempts to get them right. This recipe is our perfected one.

#2 – Airfryer Potato Wedges

"How to make our air fryer potato wedges"

Why this potato recipe is fantastic for the Airfryer: just like the French Fries this is all about a classic that you can make in the Airfryer for a fraction of the usual calories. You can have a Mexican evening without worrying about how many calories are in it thanks to this recipe. Simply have these potato wedges (which are really crispy and delicious) and serve it with our healthy chicken fajitas and you have heaven on a plate.

#3 – Airfryer Jacket Potatoes

"jacket potatoes cooked in an air fryer"

Why this potato recipe is fantastic for the Airfryer: like many people I grew up with the idea that if you had jacket potatoes they had to cook for at least an hour in the oven. This would waste a lot on your electric for the oven and most of us are in a rush for our food. Well with this recipe it is a dream come true because the Airfryer does it much quicker and the crispy skin on the jacket potato is out of this world!

Airfryer Recipes | Get 12 delicious airfryer potato recipes here at

#4 – Airfryer Potato Gratin

"potato gratin cooked in an air fryer"

Why this potato recipe is fantastic for the Airfryer: I love the potato gratin because it is something a little different and shows that you don’t just have to stick with traditional potatoes in your Airfryer. You can have fun with it and discover lots of different ways to cook in the Airfryer.

#5 – Airfryer Rosemary Roast Potatoes

"roast potatoes air fryer style"

Why this potato recipe is fantastic for the Airfryer: the Airfryer and making potatoes in it, is not just for the kids but us adults too. These are perfect for roast dinners, dinner parties or even barbeques. They have a lovely flavour and just like with the roasted type your guests will be arguing over who gets the last roast potato – the only difference is that they wont actually know its not oven baked.


Airfryer Recipes | Airfryer Cooking: 12 delicious airfryer potato recipes from

We have put together our 12 all time favourite ones as chosen by us and by our readers as being the most delicious. They includes all of the recipes featured on this page plus some bonus ones.

We use these potato recipes as our go to whenever we fancy something simple and quick in our airfryer. It might be for a quick snack, a side for a main meal or just a use of my potatoes if they are starting to look a bit old and need using up.

You can download it to your tablet, phone or desktop and then access the recipes whenever you like.

Either click on the cookbook cover on the left or click here for immediate access.

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