1. Hi Jeanne,

      Mixed spice, mixed herbs, chinese five spice are all common jars that you can buy from your local supermarket to flavour your food. We get our mixed herbs from Iceland (who also stock the others) but we get our chinese five spice from the chinese supermarket and our mixed spice from the indian supermarket as it is much cheaper and we can buy in bulk.

      I have just looked on amazon.co.uk and there are more than 5000 listings for mixed spice and other similar seasonings and it will also give you more information about what is in the products.

  1. Hey, haven’t tried yet… have you thought of doing a YouTube video of your recipe, it would be nice to see how it’s put together, start to finish? Looks pretty yummy, thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Kate,

      We are in the process of creating more videos for our recipes but they take along time as it is new to us and we like to take our time with new areas so that we can add value to the recipe and not just add a video of 30 seconds 🙂

      Keep a look out for it 🙂

      Happy New Year

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