Air Fryer Recipes For Beginners

Air Fryer Recipes for beginners. The Air Fryer Cookbook for those of you that want to own or already own an Air Fryer Kitchen Gadget and want lots of air fryer recipes.

Hi, we’re the Milners. I am Samantha and along with my husband Dominic we started in the November of 2015. We created it together at the same time as raising our babies. Our first recipe was published 10 days before our daughters first birthday. Since then we had our son Jorge and we also have a teenage son called Kyle.

We used to be really fat. Not just a little fat but a lot fat. I’m talking XXXL clothes and not been able to walk more than a couple of minutes without looking tired out.

Here we were at Disney World in the summer of 2012: At Disney World in 2012

After a health scare that very same year we decided to change our lives for the better. We didn’t join a diet club. Instead we ate smaller portion sizes and bought an air fryer.

Here we are just 15 days before we started

We learnt how to cook our favourite fast food with our air fryer, how delicious they can be and still taste just as good as the fat fryer.

We have now owned air fryers for 5+ years and find that they are the best kitchen gadget ever created.

Of course, we love our desserts in them too. We love a balanced diet which of course includes a cupcake in each hand after making healthy French Fries in the Air Fryer!

Air Fryer Recipes for beginners

Back when we got our Air Fryer it was still the new gadget around town. There were only 2 brands doing it. Tefal & Philips. We chose Philips as they were the original and did a lot more than Tefal did. Philips is still the leading Air Fryer today and of course you get what you pay for!

Also, back then you had just Europe & Asia with Air Fryers. With them being the most popular in Germany and in the UK. Now we see several of them and you’re spoilt for choice.

Air Fryer Recipes for beginners

I better stop ranting about how much I love my Air Fryer and talk more about my Air Fryer recipes. Over the years I have made hundreds and hundreds of them and in fact I have lost count.

You asked so we delivered…..

You asked me for a recipe cookbook that you could download with ALL of my popular Air Fryer recipes, all in one place, all ad free and all perfect for printing out as and when you want them.

If you would like to learn how to make the most amazing air fryer fries, cook vegetables, roast chicken, meatloaf, burgers, onion rings, desserts, pizza or even bread in our Air Fryer then this is for YOU.

300+ Best Ever Air Fryer Recipes For Beginners

300 plus air fryer recipes

Currently we have 300+ Air Fryer Recipes and they are all included in your ecookbook package. They include every SINGLE Air Fryer recipe that we have ever published. We also update it quarterly, giving you the chance to update your eCookbook as new and exciting recipes happen.

Our Air Fryer Recipes Includes ALL The Basics:

  • 300+ recipes exclusively created by Dominic & Samantha Milner here at – we don’t steal Air Fryer Recipes off the internet like so many other people do.
  • Photos with every recipe so that you know exactly what to expect
  • Available in Ebook format from a wide range of ebook distributors
  • Our FAMOUS Air Fryer French Fries if you have just bought your Air Fryer
  • Delicious burgers that will make you wonder why you ever ate out at fast food establishments.
Air Fryer Recipes for beginners

The Chapters:

  • Introduction
  • Breakfast Air Fryer Recipes
  • Lunch Air Fryer Recipes
  • Dinner Air Fryer Recipes
  • Snack Air Fryer Recipes
  • Supper Air Fryer Recipes
  • Dessert Air Fryer Recipes
Air Fryer Recipes for beginners

Special Mentions:

  • Catered towards BEGINNERS with a lot of newbie friendly Air Fryer recipes get you ready for your Air Fryer
  • PERFECT if you want to eat more HEALTHY
  • My FAMOUS Air Fryer Chicken recipes are ALL included
  • MANY Air Fryer dessert recipes
  • DELICIOUS family friendly Air Fryer potato recipes
  • My BEST Air Fryer burger recipes
  • TASTY Air Fryer comfort food that you will wish you had tried sooner
  • COOKIES that will remind you of childhood
  • AMAZING Air Fryer breakfast recipes
  • QUICK supper recipes for when you have the munchies
  • PALEO Air Fryer recipes that your family will swear are too good to be Paleo food
  • Old school chicken and potato meals that will IMPRESS your mother in law
  • And MORE…
Air Fryer Recipes for beginners

Special Diet Mentions

  • Many Air Fryer VEGETARIAN Recipes
  • Many Air Fryer VEGAN Recipes
  • Many Air Fryer PALEO Recipes
  • Many Air Fryer WHOLE30 Recipes
  • Many Air Fryer DAIRY FREE Recipes
  • Many Air Fryer GLUTEN FREE
  • Many Air Fryer OIL FREE Recipes
  • All recipes Are NUT FREE

We are a nut free household due to our son having a severe nut allergy and myself having a mild peanut allergy.

Air Fryer Recipes for beginners

When we look at them all in an Ecookbook it’s amazing how many air fryer recipes we have tried and tested, played about with, tweaked and then got perfect before sharing them with our readers.

This Ecookbook concentrates on a lot of classic recipes that have been revamped for the Air Fryer. Don’t expect to find any weird trends in our Ecookbook. Just real recipes for the average kitchen.

We have the Philips Air Fryer in our kitchen, but all of our Air Fryer recipes could be made using a variety of air fryers. Though think about it like cooking in a regular oven vs a fan assisted oven. The more powerful ones will cook it QUICKER.

You will come out of our Air Fryer Ecookbook with an amazing knowledge of the Air Fryer and will wonder what all the fuss had been about.

At this time our Air Fryer Recipes Archive Ecookbook is only available in ebook format. This is great for you because you can download the ebook to your computer, laptop, tablet or phone. Then print off a recipe as and when you need it.

But even better it saves you waiting for a book to arrive and you can literally start reading our Air Fryer Recipes Cookery Ebook in a couple of minutes from now.

It is also priced at JUST $25.00 for 300+ AMAZING Air Fryer Recipes that is just $0.08 per recipe.

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Air Fryer Recipes for beginners