50 Best Ever Airfryer Dessert Recipes

Airfryer Recipes | 50 Best Ever Airfryer Dessert Recipes from RecipeThis.com

Welcome to my 50 best ever Airfryer Dessert Recipes and more specifically 50 amazing recipes to make for pudding today that are so simple that your kids can do them with you.

This best ever dessert recipe list is sponsored by Elsterware and their amazing spring form pans. They slot perfectly into the XL airfryers and the Tefal range and are perfect for baking a cake in.

Picture the scene. It is a cold winter Sunday morning here in the Algarve in Southern Portugal and that dream that it is warm everyday doesn’t apply in early January. We have been up all night with our colicky baby and now have to work all day. Add to this a demanding toddler and teen and we just want some good old comfort food.

We want to sit there and sink our teeth into soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies or get excited over a warm chocolate cake.

But we have this terrible habit when we are tired and that is to place the baking in the oven, forget about it and then leave it in there too long. Then there you are sat there with a big chocolate craving and burn chocolate chip cookies. Then you wonder if it was worth the effort to make them in the first place.

Or maybe you might think that you had a lucky escape and managed to bypass all those extra calories from a one moment of cookie heaven.

Then the magical world of the Airfryer entered your universe and suddenly you can bake in a whole new way and make Airfryer desserts instead of baked desserts. It crisps them like a grill, turns off instantly when the time is up, leaves you without loads of oven trays to clean out and all of a sudden you are in a new modern way of baking.

And yes the Airfryer can do all of this for you!!!

Airfryer Dessert Recipes

In the past we have covered the ultimate guide to baking in the Airfryer (via our Podcast and showed you just how amazing and simple it is. But we only actually highlighted 10 recipes to cook in the Airfryer and there are loads more and we wanted to share with you even more of them.

Though, really not a good idea to look if you are on a diet!

But what about Airfryer dessert recipes? What about more baking recipes? Recipes that you can do on a Sunday or after a dinner party or as the perfect ending to a barbeque that can become family favourites. Or when you just have a chocolate craving like we often do, after all we have never kept it a secret our love for all things sweet!

When we cook an Airfryer dessert recipe we want it to a) have the wow factor and b) be easy to make and c) look amazing.

So we have put together our favourite Airfryer dessert recipes for you so that you can see what can be achieved in your Airfryer. Whether you have a Tefal Actifry, a Gowise, or a Philips Airfryer like us, these are easily creatable.

We have also split them into sections so that you can easily recreate what you are in the mood for.

The Best Ever Airfryer Cheesecake Recipes

Airfryer Recipes | best ever Airfryer CheeseCake Dessert Recipes from RecipeThis.com

Lets get this party started with some delicious cheesecake recipes made in the Airfryer. Yes I am serious you really can make an awesome cheesecake in the Airfryer. But unlike the oven it cooks from the top and because it uses Air it really helps improve on the texture and taste.

Then leave them to set in the fridge like you would normally do and you will realise just how different an Airfryer Cheesecake can taste like.

Airfryer Recipes | Best Ever Philips Airfryer New York Cheesecake recipe from RecipeThis.com

Lets start with the traditional favourite and that is a New York Cheesecake. Full of flavour and with a vanilla taste it is a perfect basic cheesecake for you to make your own for whatever you are in the mood for.

Key Lime Cheesecake – Perfect for dinner parties and so simple that you could come home from work, quickly prepare it and then serve it the day after.

Blueberry Cheesecake – Add some fresh blueberries to your cheesecake and you can have a delicious summer cheesecake. Plus it doesn’t need as long in the fridge to set.

Caramel Cheesecake -This is perfect for if you want a good dose of caramel and you want a cheesecake that will please everyone, as lets face it we all love caramel.

Birthday Cake Cheesecake – Now this one is amazing because you can decorate it as you wish and then take it to a birthday party, a christening, a baby shower or for a picnic on the beach.

Airfryer Mini Cherry Cheesecakes – These are little and cute and perfect for the Airfryer and they scream out SIMPLE TO MAKE.

The Best Ever Airfryer Cookie Recipes

Airfryer Recipes | best ever Airfryer Cookie Dessert Recipes from RecipeThis.com

I love a cookie. I mean I really love a cookie and they are perfect for cooking in the Airfryer. If you place them on a baking mat on top of the regular Airfryer basket they cook perfectly. Plus because you use the baking mat, you can just give it a quick wipe clean and use it over and over again. And it sure does beat cleaning and scrubbing at a baking tray.

Airfryer Recipes | The Best Ever Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies In The Airfryer recipe from RecipeThis.com

In these soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies (that we published on the blog last week) we show you how to do it step by step. They are the basis for if you want to make chocolate chip cookies in your Airfryer.

A few other favourites include:

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The Best Ever Airfryer Muffins

Airfryer Recipes | best ever Airfryer Muffin Dessert Recipes from RecipeThis.com

How about a muffin? I am not talking about a healthy muffin like the sort you have when you are on the Whole 30, but really bad for you full of sugar type of ones. Ones that make you want to have another and another!

Airfryer Recipes | Sofia’s Easy Air Fryer Chocolate Orange Muffins Recipe from RecipeThis.com

Lets start with my little girls chocolate orange ones. They are absolutely delicious and you could of course take the mixture and use it for a basis for a cake too.

Or how about some soft, light and fluffy chocolate muffins?

The Best Ever Airfryer Cupcakes

Airfryer Recipes | best ever Airfryer Cupcake Dessert Recipes from RecipeThis.com

After muffins come cupcakes. After all how could you have one and then not have the other? Present this after dinner and there will be silence in the room while everyone is lost in their own cupcake moment.

Airfryer Recipes | Airfryer Red Velvet Cheesecake Cupcakes recipe from RecipeThis.com

Lets start the cupcake party with these beautiful red velvet cheesecake cupcakes. They are perfect for valentines day or for that romantic night in for two. Or how about some easy to make red velvet cupcakes with a lesser romantic feel?

Then after keeping your partner happy how about one for the kids? These tie dye cupcakes are perfect for Easter or any other celebration, or just if you fancy baking with your kids.

Here are some more Airfryer Cupcake Recipes:

The Best Ever Airfryer Cake

Airfryer Recipes | best ever Airfryer Cake Dessert Recipes from RecipeThis.com

How about baking a big fat cake in the Airfryer for you and your family to have for dessert on Sunday? These are perfect for any occasion or just because you’re having a nice family dinner and you want to finish on some cake.

I am super addicted when it comes to cake and I can never have just one slice. Hence why I don’t have it as much as I would want to!

Airfryer Recipes | 5 ingredient flourless chocolate cake in the Air fryer recipe from RecipeThis.com

My all time favourite is this ultimate thick and fudgy chocolate cake in the Airfryer. I am sure you are not surprised when I tell you that it is super high in the calories department so eat at your own risk!

Another family friendly cake is our pineapple cake. Its another simple cake and you can throw it all in and then let the Airfryer do the work. We made this on our old and small Philips Airfryer and it cooked it perfectly.

Or how about using up your leftover bananas in some delicious banana bread?

Or for a slightly healthier chocolate cake how about this version here that is made without flour and has just 5 ingredients?

The Ultimate Victoria Sponge – In the old days this is was the cake of choice. You can see why though as it is so good and perfect for sharing after dinner.

Another great after dinner option is this heavenly Orange Carrot Cake.

The Best Ever Airfryer Mini Dessert Recipes

Airfryer Recipes | best ever Airfryer Mini Dessert Recipes from RecipeThis.com

I love a mini dessert that makes brilliant finger food and is perfect for picnics, parties or just having a delicious sweet snack.

Air Fryer Recipes | Air Fryer fruit crumble mug cakes recipe from RecipeThis.com

My favourites include:

More Airfryer Dessert Recipes

And you probably thought that I was finished…Well I still have a few more of my favourite dessert ideas to go at. They each tick the box for Airfryer recipes that are loaded with sweetness and perfect for a snack or finishing off a meal with.

Here are a few other Airfryer dessert recipes that are well worth a mention:

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