Air Fryer Frozen Churros With Chocolate Sauce

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Air Fryer Frozen Churros. How to cook your favourite churros in the air fryer from frozen along with a delicious homemade chocolate sauce.

Air Fryer Frozen Churros recipe
Air Fryer Frozen Churros

Air Fryer Frozen Churros

Air Fryer Frozen Churros is the latest of the air fryer frozen food recipes to hit Recipe This.

Our love affair with churros started a long, long time ago and involved a car boot sale down the road in one of the local towns. You go to a car boot sale in England and there will be lots of food stalls to keep you well fed.

There will be burger bars (Dominic’s favourite spot) along with little snack bars too. But over in Portugal there will be just one food truck and it will be serving churros.

After walking around the different car boot stalls, you will be desperate to get your hands on a warm churro and to eat it in the shade away from the super hot Portuguese sunshine.

But you are in for a treat as the food truck not only sells churros but also the Portuguese favourite called farturas. Which is a mix of a cake and a churro.

When I compare the two its more about how they are served. The Portuguese farturas are tossed in cinnamon and the churro is served with chocolate sauce.

I love both and you can guarantee that I will spend a couple of minutes debating if I am craving a churro or a fartura the most.

Back then that was my first experience of the churro in Portugal. Since then I have eaten churros more times that I can remember.

The smell of them grabs my attention and I will be at a festival, at the supermarket or at a party and the smell will lure me in every time.

Air Fryer Frozen Churros In Spain

In the summer of 2018 we had a fantastic long summer holiday. We travelled in many countries throughout Europe including Spain.

I remember a day out with the little kids to the beach. We had churros by the beach from a food truck and did lots of swimming and sandcastle building.

Here is Sofia proudly carrying them for me:

Air Fryer Frozen Churros with Sofia

On the way back to Portugal on one of our Spanish visits we saw lots of frozen churros for sale in the supermarket and thought it was a great idea to grab some and take them home to show you how to cook churros from frozen in the air fryer.

Where Are Churros From?

Churros are most famous in Spain and Portugal. But there is often a debate over who invented the churro. Many Portuguese people suggest Portuguese people created the idea after learning to bake in China.

However, Spanish people will tell you that it was created by their shepherds outside on their big open fires.

Over the years many Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries have adopted them as their own. Thus, why you will come across churros in Spanish speaking countries like Mexico and many Caribbean Islands.

air fryer frozen food is featured

How To Cook Air Fryer Frozen Churros?

Air Fryer Frozen Churros step by step

It is so easy cook air fryer frozen churros.

  • Simply break open the bag or box of frozen churros and place them into your air fryer basket.
  • Set the time to 8 minutes and 180c and they are DONE.

Here is the homemade chocolate ganache that I made in the air fryer and it is so addictive and perfect for dipping churros into:

Air Fryer Frozen Churros chocolate ganache

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Air Fryer Frozen Churros
Air Fryer Frozen Churros
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Air Fryer Frozen Churros With Chocolate Sauce

Air Fryer Frozen Churros. How to cook your favourite churros in the air fryer from frozen along with a delicious homemade chocolate sauce.
Prep Time1 min
Cook Time8 mins
Total Time9 mins
Course: Snack
Cuisine: Air Fryer
Servings: 2
Calories: 620kcal


Kitchen Gadgets:

Recipe Ingredients:


  • Place your frozen churros into the air fryer basket.
  • Cook for 8 minutes at 180c/320f.
  • Serve warm with our homemade chocolate ganache.


We used our Air Fryer Chocolate Ganache in this recipe. It makes a delicious chocolate dipping sauce and only takes 4 minutes to make in the air fryer.
We have tried cooking frozen churros in the air fryer at a lower temperature and they don’t get crispy and cook them on high and they end up burnt. Best to stick with a medium temperature, or do the final 2 minutes on high


Serving: 250g | Calories: 620kcal
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Air Fryer Frozen Churros air fryer frozen recipe

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    Delicious!!!! The timings were spot on not too hard or too soft, these went down the best with a homemade chocolate sauce, thank you.


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