1. I made this banana bread and cooked it like it says and it never cooked what did I do wrong and was I suppose to only use 1 pan?

    1. Hi Betty,

      I should say the tin needs to be very thin as with the air fryer it can have a tendency to not cook properly underneath, if you have not got the right size tin then small bun cases positioned inside the airfryer are just as good.



        1. Hi Jeanette,

          The banana bread was cooked in the round pan as you see. We do not have any loaf pans that fit into the air fryer. The way it is cooked it sliced length ways and that is how it came out 🙂

    1. Hi Sheela

      This version is just like a sponge cake so if you could find something to substitute the eggs for the sponge bit then it could be fine but do not take my word for it.

      Kind Regards


  2. 1 star
    No, no, no! What have you done? You had a beautiful, simple easy recipe that is now over complex and too many flavours drowning the flavour of the bananas.

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