1. Hi Laura,

        Thank you for your question.

        We just did a basic New York Cheesecake to show that it is possible in an Air Fryer. Then some of our readers have mentioned which toppings they would like but we decided to go with a plain one so our readers could make there own toppings 🙂

  1. Going to try this thanks very much. Never thought about making cheesecake in the air fryer before. Well until now.

  2. 5 stars
    Loved the cheesecake. It was my first time making a cheesecake from scratch . The recipe was very well explained and the tips helped too.

  3. Exact cook time for baking cheesecake in
    Air fryer please, and can you use something
    besides yogurt in the recipe, as I don’t like yogurt?

    1. Hi Judy

      The exact cook time for the cheesecake is 30 minutes then leave 30 minutes to cool. As the yoghurt is not an essential part of the cheesecake you could use a yoghurt substitute something like buttermilk i found online to be a good substitute in baking 🙂

    1. Hi Rajeshwary,

      You could try changing the eggs for 3 quarters of a cup of dairy free yogurt, that is the only thing i would try to change it too, but changing it at all will change the end product 🙂

  4. Hi!

    Looks awesome! I have a cheesecake pan where the sides can come away leaving just the bottom but I don’t see where you grease it so that it comes out. Should we grease it? Thank you!

    1. Hello Bedette,

      Thank you. No we did not grease the pan and ours has removal sides as well. What we did was after it had cooked and cooled down we carefully with a thin knife went round the edges and eased it from the pan then released the sides and it lifted off like you see in the picture. You could grease it if you wanted to i do not see any harm in doing so 🙂

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