Best Air Fryer Breakfast Recipes

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Introducing you to the best air fryer breakfast recipes from almost 12 years air frying. You will love the variety of our air fryer breakfast ideas and there is something for everyone.

Whether you want to go basic and just air fry some toast, or you want to make a full English breakfast or a breakfast casserole we have you covered.

Air Fryer Breakfast Recipes
Air Fryer Breakfast Recipes

Air Fryer Breakfast Recipes

I use my air fryer everyday to make myself a delicious air fryer breakfast. My favourite right now is air fryer egg cups, I can prep them in a couple of minutes between morning exercise and getting Sofia off to school and its perfect for my limited time in a morning.

I am also a HUGE fan of air fryer breakfast potatoes too. They are perfect for serving with your breakfast and you can cook them alongside other favourite breakfast items.

The idea of today was to scroll through our 300+ air fryer recipes and pick out all the delicious air fryer breakfast recipes for you. That way you can be armed with lots of air fryer breakfast ideas to try out next.

Breakfast Using An Air Fryer

Many of you ask me what air fryer I recommend that they purchase, as well as which air fryer is perfect for our air fryer breakfast recipes. Plus, they also want to know what air fryer accessories they need to pull off air fryer breakfasts.

Well this is what I recommend:

A good-sized air fryer – We have the Philips Air Fryer XL, Philips Air Fryer XXL and the Power Air Fryer Oven. We recommend any of those 3 or the Cosori Air Fryer. That is because with breakfast you might be cooking several things at once or want food that is not overcrowded.

Simple accessories – The air fryer accessories that I use for air fryer breakfasts are simple and easy to use and purchase. My favourite is air fryer muffin cups and an air fryer grill pan.

These 2 accessories get used everyday and not just on breakfast. Or a good plan B is to buy an all in one air fryer accessories set, as they are perfect for air fryer beginners.

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Top 10 Easy Air Fryer Breakfast Ideas

  • Air Fryer Breakfast Potatoes – So easy to prep and then load up into your air fryer basket. I have made these for years now and they are perfect every time. You can also make them vegan or vegetarian by not adding the bacon and adding in red peppers instead.
  • Air Fryer Egg Cups – OMG why didn’t I make these years ago? It is like making mini omelettes and they are fast and tasty. Just add in your favourite omelette fillings along with eggs and you have an air fryer breakfast.
  • Air Fryer Full English Breakfast – If you love an English breakfast then you will love a full English in the air fryer. Loaded up with all your breakfast staples plus it is easy to mix and match with your favourites.
  • Air Fryer Sausages & Bacon – Or for a smaller breakfast why not just cook the favourites and air fry sausages and bacon together?
  • Air Fryer Toastie – Or would you rather start the day with a ham and cheese toastie. This is delicious and so easy thanks to the air fryer.
  • Air Fryer Frozen Croissants – This is one of my favourites and so easy. Simply grab some of your favourite all butter croissants and cook them from frozen in the air fryer. Then add your favourite fillings.
  • Air Fryer Crustless Quiche – This is a favourite of mine and it tastes so much better when I have made it ahead and then I can reheat a slice or two for breakfast.
  • Air Fryer Frozen Pancakes – Or for a fun idea for breakfast in the air fryer, why not cook some frozen pancakes? They are so good in the air fryer and save a lot of the effort at breakfast time.
  • Air Fryer Banana Souffle – This is one of those breakfasts that I love, but I always forget to make. Its so filling and great for the diet.

Eggs, Sausages & Bacon

As eggs, sausages and bacon are often top of the list for breakfast air fryer recipes here are a few ideas:

Plus, don’t forget about your air fryer part baked bread rolls for making a bacon and sausage butty with!

More Air Fryer Breakfast Recipes

Here are some more delicious air fryer breakfast recipes. They may not have made the top 10 but they are still worth checking out:

Air Fryer Breakfast Ideas

Hopefully now, we have given you lots and lots of air fryer breakfast ideas to get you started. You just have to choose from the 52 easy air fryer breakfast recipes for what to cook first.

I recommend starting with air fryer sausages. The reason – they are a one ingredient recipe and are a fantastic starting point for learning how to use the air fryer.

Ninja Air Fryer Breakfast Recipes

If you have a Ninja Air Fryer such as the Ninja Dual Zone that we have, you can follow these air fryer breakfasts. Simply cook in one drawer for a smaller portion, or split between the two drawers. If splitting between the two drawers, we recommend using the match feature.

We originally shared with you breakfast ideas in air fryer back in 2020 and have updated it for you today with lots more simple breakfast air fryer ideas.

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