30 Delicious Soup Maker Recipes To Cook In The Soup Machine

Soup Maker Recipes | 30 of the best ever Soup Maker recipes from RecipeThis.com

Welcome to my 30 delicious soup maker recipes to cook in the soup machine. As you probably know it was a month ago now that I decided to cook a different soup in my soup machine for a month just to see how many recipes I could achieve and also to get some extra vegetables into my diet.

Now if you’re thinking of doing something similar yourself then let me tell you that it is hard work! You start off with your favourite soups they all know and love. Out comes the pumpkin soup, the vegetable soup, leftovers soup, turkey soup and tomato soup. Then after that you realise that you always eat the same soups and beyond this suddenly becomes tricky.

Not to mention other family members that want to know why they are having soup and bread for supper (yet again).

But I did it!

I actually made it to the full 30 days and now it feels so strange to be talking about all the soups that we have made and most importantly it was so nice to get an extra health boost from all these vegetables that we have had.

For those of you that struggle to eat your recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, just think of how many you can achieve through extra soup.

We also have a few unusual ones that are so tasty.

They are also available to buy on Kindle so that you can have an ebook to be able to directly access all the recipes at once.

You can find out more below: 

Soup Maker Recipes | Get 30 delicious soup maker soup recipes here at RecipeThis.com

But before you go and buy the ebook here is a countdown of the recipes that are included:

"30 soup maker recipes"

#1 – The Ultimate Leftover Soup In The Soup Maker

"leftover soup recipe"


I don’t know about you but soup is perfect for getting the best use out of all of your leftovers. You can just throw in whatever vegetables you have leftover and then 25 minutes later you have a perfect soup.

This soup is based upon our leftovers from the Christmas holidays but you could follow the same rule for something for lunch on the day of the week when you do your grocery shopping.

#2 – Soup Maker Cream Of Broccoli Soup

"Broccoli soup"

If there is one soup that everyone loves it is a creamy broccoli soup. I can see why though, all that creaminess, how easy it is to prepare and how well it goes with some croutons and keeps you warm during those winter months.

This is our favourite version that we throw into our soup maker every Friday night for when the bread woman comes with fresh Portuguese crusty bread.

#3 – Healthy Carrot & Ginger Soup Maker Soup

"soup maker recipe"

Until I tried this I have never had carrot soup. I don’t know why, but maybe because I just like vegetable soup that I have never really bothered going solo with carrots. Or it could be with how long it takes me to peel loads of carrots to go into a soup!!!!

In this recipe I am mixing ginger and carrot for a soup that is perfect for a body boost but at the same time a great family favourite that you can all enjoy. You can also add more spice if you prefer it hotter!

#4 – Heavenly Creamy Cauliflower Soup In The Soup Maker

"soup maker cauliflower soup"

In this recipe I will be sharing with you my love for creamy cauliflower soup.

If you have not tried cauliflower soup yet then you must. It is so creamy and light it is like perfectly baked muffins. You also don’t need many ingredients to pull this off and it is a great use of your cauliflower if it is losing its colour and needs using as soon as possible.

#5 – Lazy Soup Maker Red Pepper & Red Tomato Soup

"tomato soup recipe"

I love red pepper and red tomato soup. The taste of tomatoes mixed with sweet red peppers is amazing. Dominic hates red peppers so this means more for ME!!!!

I call this my lazy soup because out of all the different soup recipes that I have ever created this is by far the quickest. It is like soup on speed. So if you want a really quick soup because you can’t be bothered or your tired or busy then give this one a go!

#6 – Soup Maker Butternut Squash & Leek Soup

"soup maker butternut squash and leek soup"

This is my favourite low carb soup ever! Butternut squash can make a genius alternative to potato and can be replaced in a lot of meals and your new low carb potato.

In this version we are swapping potato for butternut squash to make a low carb version of leek and potato soup. We find this to be really creamy and considering it is soup we always argue over who gets the last of it.

#7 – Soup Maker Skinny Celery Soup

"skinny celery soup maker recipe"

If you’re on a diet and want to lose weight then this is the soup you should be eating! Celery is known for the fact that if you chew on it that there is more effort in eating it than the calories itself making it a negative calorie food.

In this celery soup recipe this rule doesn’t apply because it has been blended but even so celery is still incredibly low calorie and still tastes good – so give it a go!

#8 – Soup Maker Minted Pea Soup

"mint pea soup maker recipe"

This is something that I used to have a lot, but since going Paleo it has been something that I have practically given up on. But for the sake of trying out and going back through all my soup recipes I decided to give this one a run out.

The thing about minted pea soup is getting the balance right – you don’t want too much mint in it as it can be over powering and you also want the peas to taste nice without being bland. In this recipe we have cracked it!

#9 – French Onion Soup In The Soup Maker

"french onion soup maker recipe"

If there is a French onion soup that you must try it has to be French Onion Soup. It is absolutely delicious and full of French flavours. If you were serving this up I am sure you would get some gratitude from all your Julia Childs fans.

This recipe is based on my childhood holidays in France and my love for French food.

#10 – The Ultimate Mediterranean Vegetable Soup In The Soup Maker

"mediterranean soup maker recipe"

I have to say right now that I am an addict when it comes to Mediterranean food. Growing up with holidays in France, Spain, Portugal and Greece means that it is always right on the brain and now living in Portugal it is the food of choice.

In this recipe I will be sharing with you my favourite Mediterranean veggie soup so that you can try it at home and feel like you are on holiday in Spain.

Soup Maker Recipes | Get 30 delicious soup maker soup recipes here at RecipeThis.com

#11 – My Delicious Cabbage Soup Recipe

"cabbage soup maker recipe"

Okay so the cabbage soup is often just associated with the cabbage soup diet. But you don’t have to be on a diet to enjoy it!

In this recipe I had loads of leftover cabbage that I didn’t want and it was perfect for making into a soup. This particular version is full of local Portuguese flavours and the Portuguese are addicts when it comes to soup.

#12 – Roast Dinner Leftover Soup Via The Soup Machine

"leftover soup via the soup machine"

Take the leftovers from your roast dinner, Christmas or even Thanksgiving and throw them all in the soup machine. Heat up and blend and then you then have a delicious creamy soup that will remind you of Christmas.

This is exactly what we did over Christmas and we even made some extra batches for the freezer. Instead of eating way more than you should on Christmas Day instead save some extras and have this soup the day after. Or if you have loads of leftovers freeze it.

#13 – The Deconstructed Broccoli Gratin Soup

"broccoli gratin soup maker recipe"

This is my first ever deconstructed soup. By deconstructed what we are talking about is to take the ingredients from a traditional dish and turn them into a soup.

In our broccoli gratin we would normally have broccoli, cauliflower (for making the sauce) cheese, coconut milk and a few other things. And this is now brought to life in this soup. Dominic (who is not a soup addict) loves this one and he said it was like a luxury broccoli soup!

#14 – Healthy Green Soup In The Soup Maker

"healthy green soup recipe"

If you’re looking for a health boost from your soup maker then try this.

You are adding all the green style vegetables and salad bits that you would normally associate with doing a juice diet. It will then make you feel amazing and give your body what it needs. We had it after Christmas & New Year was over as a way to bring our body back to how it should be. You could of course also have this as a way to get your five a day!

#15 – Soup Maker Deconstructed Salad Soup

"salad soup recipe"

Now this came to me after the recipe that I did for #13 and it was all about what else I could deconstruct.

This time I had a go with a salad. I thought to myself how nice tomatoes, peppers, celery, onions and other salad things are in a soup. And lets face it most of us hate a plain salad. But put it into a soup and then all these flavours come alive. Plus if you have teenagers that hate salad then this a new way to introduce salad to them.

#16 – The Ultimate Soup Maker Turkey Soup

"turkey soup machine recipe"

I know this is really bad, but this is the first Christmas ever that I have made soup from my turkey leftovers. But I thought this year is the year that I am going to try something new.

So with the help of some leftover vegetables, turkey and some tasty turkey stock I have an awesome turkey soup. I also have a secret method for making this to make it taste even better!

#17 – Creamy Parsnip Soup In The Soup Maker

"parsnip soup in the soup maker"

Did someone mention parsnip soup? Well if you did then I am in!!! I love parsnips and in a soup is even better.

Parsnips are hard to come by here in Portugal and are only usually available in the build up to Christmas so when I get them I always cherish them! This parsnip soup was thanks to some leftover parsnips in the supermarket and is super tasty and so creamy.

#18 – Creamy Moroccan Carrot Soup In The Soup Maker

"creamy moroccan carrot soup"

Morocco is just over the sea from us here in Portugal. Therefore there is a really big African influence. Many of the Portuguese go on holiday to Africa and many Africans move to Portugal for work.

This has led to a big following in people eating Moroccan food and no wonder with how tasty the food is. In this recipe I will be sharing with you a traditional Moroccan carrot soup so expect to be transformed into perfect Moroccan cuisine.

#19 – Soup Maker Greek Lemon Chicken

"lemon chicken soup recipe"

This is like heaven from Greece. I had a lot of holidays to the Greek isles when I was growing up. We would visit Skiathios, Crete & Cyprus and have a lovely time.

But the best bit for me was the food. Lots of hearty soups and stews and the staple was always the lemon chicken. So I put this recipe together to take myself back to Greece and enjoy some European food that should never be forgotten.

#20 – Soup Maker Homemade Minestrone Soup

"minestrone soup maker recipe"

If you want a traditional soup then it doesn’t get much better than minestrone soup. I grew up with it and I loved the combo of seasonal vegetables and small amounts of pasta. In this recipe though I use a different type of pasta and it really makes it feel like a modern pasta soup.

It is also easy to change so that you can add your favourite flavours depending on your favourite foods.

Soup Maker Recipes | Get 30 delicious soup maker soup recipes here at RecipeThis.com

#21 – Super Simple Soup Maker Thai Vegetable Curry

"soup make thai vegetable soup"

I love a Thai vegetable curry. I will often make one in the slow cooker and leave it on from late morning and then it will be ready in the afternoon for us. But until now I have not tried making one in the soup maker.

Well now I have and I will never look back. Preparation and cooking in half an hour and it makes a quick simple lunch for you to have and even better with some warm crusty bread!

#22 – Portuguese Fish Soup In The Soup Maker

"soup maker fish stew"

It is amazing as a food blogger how often you go out for lunch and how much it influences the recipes that you put together.

This particular fish soup recipe is inspired by the local Portuguese café that we often visit for lunch. It is incredibly cheap and the food is amazing. This is my take on what I had there in December and it was absolutely delicious and was so glad that it was a good sized portion.

#23 – Vegetable Pasta Bowls In The Soup Maker

"vegetable soup in the soup machine"

I love my vegetable pasta bowls. Pasta is so easy to cook in the soup maker and this recipe takes it to the next level.

Lots of Italian flavours in the pasta along with some nice vegetables and sauce make this one that you will want to have over and over again.

#24 – Ultimate Vegan Lentil Soup In The Soup Maker

"lentil soup in the soup maker"

I remember in my vegetarian days it was all about the lentils. I think it was because they couldn’t think of anything else to give you to replace the meat. They would always be in curries, stews and casseroles and I would have them all the time.

But since giving up being a veggie a few years ago I have hardly eaten them. But I thought for all you veggies out there (or those of you that just like lentils) that I would put together an easy recipe – so here it is!

#25 – Quick & Tasty Soup Maker Chicken Noodle Soup

"chicken noodle soup maker recipe"

You mention soup to someone and you can guarantee that chicken noodle soup is never far from their minds.

In this recipe we have loads of chicken, a fantastic stock and of course the noodles. My son is since hooked on this soup and with all the noodles we always have in the cupboard it is the easy go to soup recipe.

#26 – Sweet & Creamy Apple & Butternut Squash Soup In The Soup Maker

"butternut squash and apple soup maker recipe"

So I mentioned at the beginning of the month how important it is to use butternut squash as a filler for potatoes but there are also some great recipes you can use where butternut squash is the base.

Well because butternut squash is so sweet it works perfectly along side some apples for a sweet kick this soup is a great alternative to a traditional butternut squash soup.

#27 – Easy Indian Prawn Soup In The Soup Maker

"prawn soup maker recipe"

I don’t know about you but I love Indian food. Growing up in Northern England it was very typical that you would go out for a curry on a Friday or a Saturday night. It was always really tasty and I would always go for the mild curries as I am real spice wimp.

In my Indian prawn soup in the soup maker I will be combining my favourite mild curry flavours for something different and healthy to it.

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#28 – The Ultimate Corn Chowder In The Soup Maker

"chowder soup maker recipe"

I have never had corn chowder until now and I must say I am in love with this American soup.

To show that I am British and not up on American food culture you’ll not be surprised to hear that the first time I heard of it was on a movie. But I decided that since sweetcorn is so cheap here that I would give it a go and this is the result!

#29 – Soup Maker Creamy Cauliflower & Crab Soup

"cauliflower and crab soup machine"

With it being one of the last two recipes it felt only right that we had a seafood one. But not everyone can afford seafood so I went for the cheap alternative of fresh crab. Perfect for going in a soup with some creamy cauliflower and it feels really adventurous even though it isn’t.

You could serve this up at a dinner party and people will be constantly asking you if you hired someone to make it!

#30 – My Soup Maker Creamy Pumpkin & Garlic Soup

"Here is a Soup machine recipe"

This is my first ever winter eating pumpkin so it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t include some pumpkin soup.

This has become my daughters favourite soup this winter and she loves the taste of fresh pumpkin mixed with garlic to give her a lovely winter boost and to warm her up at the same time from the cold weather.

Soup Maker Recipes | The Soup Machine Recipe Book: 30 Super Simple & Speedy Soup Machine Recipes from RecipeThis.com

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