1. My soup maker looks same ad yours in photo and I cooked on smooth setting and use blend a few times but not cooked or blended well enough

    1. Hi Kat,

      I would be looking into if there is an issue with your soup maker. I have cooked carrots in the soup maker more times than I can remember and they have never not been cooked properly. Because what you are doing is boiling carrots for 28 minutes. So there is something not quite right there.

    2. Hiya Kat, I had the same problem with my new Soup Maker, the Morphy Richards Total Control Soup Maker, I got in touch with the supplier and he advised me to use the “Smooth+” program, which I will be doing using this recipe, if it doesn’t correct it I will return it as the other soup makers have always given me a perfectly smooth soup, so why doesn’t this top of the range expensive one do? Has anyone else had this problem with this particular model?

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