Soup Maker Recipes Cookbook

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Soup Maker Recipes for beginners. The soup maker recipes Cookbook for those of you that want to own, or already own, a soup maker machine and want lots of new soup maker recipes.

  • Want to cook your favourite soups in the soup maker?
  • Don’t know where to start with making soup in your soup maker?
  • On a diet and looking for fat free soup maker recipes?
  • Looking for soup maker guidance from an expert?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then the soup maker cookbook is PERFECT for you!

We’re the Milner’s.

I am Samantha and along with my husband Dominic and son Kyle, we run Our 2 youngest children Sofia & Jorge are our chief recipe testers.

We blog about the soup maker (as well as other kitchen gadgets) from our home in Portugal and wanted to share with you today our fantastic ebook that shows you how to cook all your favourite soups in the soup maker.

Why A Soup Maker Cookbook?

Just before the birth of our daughter Sofia in the winter of 2014, I mentioned to Dominic that I planned to buy a soup maker machine. He wondered what on earth I wanted one for. After all, we already had a steamer, a slow cooker, and an air fryer and why on earth would be need another kitchen gadget.

Well I had fallen head over heels involve with soup makers. The idea that you could steam your vegetables in the soup maker, then it would blend the soup for you.

You could trash your steamer and instead just use a soup maker. You could also use your soup maker for the BEST EVER sauces. Forget how long it normally takes to make a homemade tomato sauce, you now have a new machine that allows you to do it in a couple of minutes prep time.

But even better for us, as soon to be parents for the second time, it would be perfect for making baby food.

By the time she had her first birthday I would say it had been used the most out of any kitchen gadget in our house.

The soup was so good in it, that even those people that don’t like soup, would fall in love with the soup maker.

Best Soup Maker Recipes

20 best soup maker recipes

It was not until I started looking that I realised what an incredible choice of recipes we have for cooking in the soup maker. You can make your favourite chunky soup, your favourite diet soup, or even your favourite hummus with the help of this clever kitchen gadget.

But the soup maker is not just for people on diets. It is also a great kitchen gadget for people that love yummy soup. Make a broccoli cheese soup, cauliflower soup or even the classic leek and potato.

the soup maker archives binder

Here are examples of 20 of the soup maker recipes that are included:

  • How To Make Tomato Sauce In A Soup Maker
  • Soup Maker Speed Soup
  • Soup Maker Tomato Soup
  • Soup Maker Cauliflower Cheese Soup
  • Soup Maker Broccoli + Stilton Soup
  • Soup Maker Mushroom Soup
  • Soup Maker Sweet Potato Soup
  • Soup Maker Lentil Soup
  • Soup Maker Pasta Bowls
  • Soup Maker Leek & Potato Soup
  • Soup Maker Vegetable Soup
  • Soup Maker Chicken Soup
  • Soup Maker Asparagus Soup
  • Soup Maker Curry Sauce
  • Soup Maker Chunky Soup
  • Soup Maker Butternut Squash Soup
  • Soup Maker Beetroot Soup
  • Soup Maker Spinach Soup
  • Soup Maker Turkey Soup
  • Soup Maker Pumpkin Soup

Soup Maker Recipe CookBook Highlights

  • Introduction
  • Imperial & Metric – We have worldwide customers at Recipe This and we like to help you all and that is why all recipes feature both imperial and metric. We also have temperatures included in both F and C.
  • Speed Soup – A popular soup that is loaded with low calorie vegetables and spices. Perfect for speeding up your metabolism and perfect for weight loss.
  • Soup Maker Recipes – This latest addition of our soup maker ebook goes beyond just 20 recipes and there is a total of 52 soup maker recipes included.
  • Recipe Photos – Every recipe featured in this ebook includes the recipe photo, so you know exactly what you are going to get!
  • Diet Friendly – Almost all our soup maker recipes are low in fat or fat free. Most recipes are vegetarian and its easy to adapt our soup maker recipes to make them vegan or paleo.

This Soup Maker Ebook focuses on a lot of popular soup recipes. Do not expect to find recipes you cannot source or weird ingredients. Only regular ingredients for the lady or gent next door.

All our soup maker recipes are based around using the Morphy Richards Soup Maker or the Cuisinart Soup Maker. We are experienced with other brands too and this ebook is perfect for all.

Our soup maker archives cookbook is only available in ebook format.

This is great for you because you can download the ebook to your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. Then print off a recipe as and when you need them. I also love to have my phone in the kitchen when I am cooking, and I can quickly glance at cooking times as I make soup.

But even better it saves you waiting for a book to arrive and you can literally start reading our Soup Maker Archives in a couple of minutes from now.

It is also priced at JUST $15.00, or $30,00 with lifetime updates. Simply click on the banner below for instant access to our soup maker ecookbook:

This soup maker ebook is downloaded in PDF format. It downloads instantly after payment. You will also receive an email with your download details.

50 Best Ever Soup Maker Recipes