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    The frozen baked potato was something i was looking that could be done in an air fryer because i love them but it always took ages to cook, but with the frozen ones been half cooked already they did not take that long, these instructions were great and easy to follow!

  2. I’m confused. Your narrative says 5 to 8 minutes in the airfryer at 320°F but the actual recipe says 27 minutes. I sure would appreciate clarification. Thanks!

    1. Hi Patricia,

      Thank you for the question. For the 5 to 8 minutes we are referring to reheating the baked potatoes. The other time is the actual cooking time of frozen baked potato 🙂

    2. I use these frozen baked potatos, and coon them in the microwave a minute or two shorter time indecated o. The pack then put them in the air fryer on 190c for a few minutes to crisp up the skins,

  3. Followed your instructions using the instant brands vortex air fryer and when it came out, the skin wasn’t crispy and I’m not entirely convinced it was cooked through so I threw it back in. Would it make a difference on the air fryer you used?

    1. Hi Kerry,

      Yes it could be, we have not tried the Instant Vortex yet but it is on our list. We used the Philips XL air fryer and use this one the most, we usually suggest to add between 2-5 minutes more depending on the size of the potatoes used, but the skin really should have been even a bit crispy by the end 😊

      1. Hi I have the vortex and so far very pleased with it. Just trying jacket pot now, it’s crisping up nicely. Though I have hired the temp, as found it was taking forever, and I’m impatient, 😁 and I turned it half way.

    2. I also felt this way, I had to turn it up and leave it in for another 10 minutes to get it cooked fully through. Pulled it out five minute before it was due to finish to add cheese and it was rock hard at the bottom. I also have the instant vortex mini

      1. Hi Ciara,

        Did you turn the potato half way through cooking? We have not used the Instant Pot vortex yet so not sure why this looks to be a problem but turning the potato over half way through might help 🙂

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