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June Foods In Season. In episode 040 of the Magic With Gadgets Podcast we are talking about what we are cooking in June, what’s in season and which kitchen gadget recipes to get excited about this month.

These foods in season for June are also featured in the Magic With Gadgets Podcast. Simply search for Magic With Gadgets on your preferred podcast player, then scroll to episode 40 of season 1 to access this awesome episode.

What To Eat in June With Your Kitchen Gadgets
What To Eat in June With Your Kitchen Gadgets
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Hello June!

Yeah June is here!!!!

Growing up as a kid June was special because the food was so gorgeous on my Grandad’s allotment, it was warm enough to sit and eat your raw carrots on the allotment without getting cold, plus it was warm enough to sneak in the odd beach day.

You were also getting closer and closer to the summer holidays and school was nearly out.

In my teens it was usually the start of the great motorhome shows I would go on with my dad and summer was finally reachable.

What Should I Stockpile In June?

In June I am looking at stockpiling the berries. The berries are in a league of their own in June. Grab those strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and cherries. Use them to make desserts for the freezer, or why not dehydrate them and let them last much longer? We love to dehydrate strawberries in the air fryer the most, but there is plenty of choice.

Top 10 June Foods In Season

Top 10 June Foods in Season

June is summer food heaven and its hard to limit it to just 10 foods to enjoy in June.

Let’s start with carrots. My love for carrots started as a kid. You pulled it out of the ground, rinsed it under a cold tap and enjoyed it raw with the skin on. Now as a grown up I still love it raw!

For cooking your carrots air fryer carrots and potatoes are fabulous for serving with your summer air fryer cheeseburgers. Or how about some air fryer carrot fries.

air fryer carrot chips

Then my next favourite June food is beetroot. We love cooking air fried beets as we call them, and they are shaped like potato wedges and taste amazing. I have never been a big fan of pickled ones but you can instant pot beets.

Pressure Cooker Beets (Instant Pot Beetroot)

Asparagus is still in season in June and they are much better in June because they are bigger and you get more asparagus for your money.

My favourite option is to air fry asparagus and then add some cheese just before the end of the cook time. You then have the most delicious air fryer asparagus that you will want on repeat this month.

how to cook asparagus in air fryer

Courgette is also coming into season now and ready to stay for the summer. Or if you are an Aussie or an American you may call it zucchini.

Its delicious as air fryer zoodles, or how about making some zucchini Bolognese boats?

Or as its summer why not use a mixture of summer squash?

Zoodles In Air Fryer

Tomatoes are in season. I love tomatoes and it’s my favourite food, at any time of the year. I can sit there and get through a full portion of cherry tomatoes on my own.

I also love the tomatoes for salads, and you can also cook air fryer grilled tomatoes for your breakfast, or why not try our air fryer cherry tomato salad?

air fryer tomatoes

Broccoli is still in season to enjoy. We love it most in the summer with some air fryer frozen salmon because its something light to enjoy when we are starting to get hot. You can cook air fryer frozen broccoli with the salmon at the same time.

Or if you prefer an instant pot, make instant pot frozen broccoli.

Instant Pot Frozen Broccoli

Hello blueberries it’s nice to see that you are back! I love blueberries the most in air fryer blueberry muffins, they are just so, so delicious and perfect for summer parties or why not take them on your next picnic in the park?

Air Fryer Blueberry Muffins

Also, in the fruit department cherries, raspberries and strawberries are in season. You can swap them in the muffins if you prefer, such as our ninja strawberry muffins, or how about dehydrated cherries or dehydrated raspberries?

How To Dehydrate Strawberries In Air Fryer

For the best meat in June, lamb is still in season and perfect for enjoying as part of your summer meal plan.

If it is hot where you live then make some slow cooker lamb chops, or air fryer lamb chops is another delicious option.

You can also make our air fryer lamb salad with any lamb leftovers.

How To Cook Lamb Chops In Air Fryer?

It’s also the month of white fish and the perfect time of the year to make some homemade air fryer fishcakes. Note that you can make ahead these fishcakes and have a big supply in the freezer for later.

Homemade Air Fryer Fishcakes

What To Dehydrate In June?

The options for dehydrating this month, just don’t stop. You have dried herbs, berries, beetroot,  and lets not forget about dehydrated cucumber chips. Though my favourite is the dehydrated raspberries.

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