Must Have Air Fryer Accessories

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Welcome to the must have list of the best air fryer accessories. My full list of air fryer accessories that I personally use at home with my different types of air fryers and also feature in our air fryer cookbooks.

Perfect for building your own air fryer accessories kit and understanding what to buy and what is a total and utter waste of money.

Must Have Air Fryer Accessories Blog Title
Must Have Air Fryer Accessories Blog Title

Air Fryer Accessories In A Hurry

If you don’t have time to read and just want to quickly order air fryer accessories then here are your quick links:

Best Air Fryer Accessories From 10 Years Air Frying

I have been using an air fryer for so long, that air fryer accessories were not available when I started air frying. Instead, I had to be inventive and come up with ideas of my own and just look for great bakeware that would fit the size of our air fryer.

I also remember the hubby Dom cutting a silicone baking mat to the size of our then Philips Air Fryer just so that we had our own baking accessory for the many times that we made air fryer chocolate chip cookies.

Our list of the best and ultimate must have air fryer accessories have changed a lot over the years.

Mainly because something new has come about, both air fryer recipes and accessories, that has made us change direction in what we use and only use air fryer accessories that make our lives easier and better.

Today, I am sharing with you the EXACT air fryer accessories we use the most, what recipes they have been used in, and why you should buy them too.

Why Buy Air Fryer Accessories?

I get you. I totally do. You just spent £100 on a new air fryer and now everyone is telling you that you must go out and buy loads of air fryer accessories.

Yet, the world is telling you to go and buy an air fryer because they are cheap and to save money.

Well, the reason we recommend air fryer accessories is because they make it much easier to air fry. Just like when you own an oven you have loads of trays and dishes for cooking things in.

BUT you might find that you already have some great accessories without buying any. For example, you might have some plastic, or ceramic dishes that fit in the air fryer, or you might have ramekins, or a thermometer.

Plus, you don’t have to buy everything at once, just look at what we use them for and then decide when is the best time for that air fryer accessory for you.

Start With The Air Fryer Manual You Never Had!

If you’re new to the air fryer, before you think about the most famous and most used air fryer accessories, you will need a quality cookbook.

After disliking the air fryer cookbook choices available and as an avid air fryer user, we made our own.

Creating The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook which has now sold over 100,000 copies and then creating Air Fryer Easy Everyday.

The focus being on teaching you how to use the air fryer, rather than a book full of fancy recipes that you would never made. It answers a lot of air fryer questions, and we think of it as the air fryer manual you always needed but never had.

air fryer easy everday pre-order

You can read about them both here and its where I would start before choosing air fryer accessories or think of it as your first accessory for the air fryer.

Do I Need Accessories For My Air Fryer?

Yes, you do need accessories for the air fryer. Of course, you can get away with a limited amount when you get started with the air fryer. But as you progress with different air fryer recipes and what you like cooking in the air fryer you will want more and more.

Are Air Fryer Accessories Worth It?

Yes, if you choose the right ones. Air fryer accessories have sadly become the Get Rich Quick Scheme and many are getting them made abroad and then selling them on Amazon, without caring for if they work, or the quality of them.

This has led to a lot of low quality air fryer supplies, so we want to share with you the ones we use all the time and that work and are good quality.

What Extras Do I Need For An Air Fryer?

Apart from the air fryer essentials mentioned below, we also recommend a good air fryer cookbook (such as these ones), our air fryer time and temp charts for quickly remembering the cooking times, and our collection of 600+ air fryer beginner recipes.

What Containers Can You Use In An Air Fryer?

You can use any container in the air fryer that is oven friendly and that you would use in the oven, that fits the air fryer.

Though whilst glassware is oven friendly, such as Pyrex, it does slow down the cooking time. I much prefer to use in the air fryer: these paper liners, this silicone 4 in 1 set, this blue silicone dish with handles or tin foil trays.

What If I Don’t Have An Air Fryer Basket?

A lot of the standard cookware for air fryer is aimed at those with an air fryer basket but what if you don’t have an air fryer basket.

Maybe you have a dual air fryer instead or an air fryer oven or maybe you have a Ninja Foodi.

Well, firstly any air fryer basket accessories generally will fit the Ninja Foodi so you are sorted.

Secondly, air fryer ovens are bigger than baskets. You can cook directly on the shelves of the air fryer oven, just turn food over with tongs rather than shaking an air fryer basket.

Then for accessories you can use the same ones, though note if you are using multiple shelves some will be too tall. Though our favourite find for the air fryer oven is these air fryer baking trays which are the perfect size and you can fit one on each of your shelves.

Thirdly, in regards to the dual air fryer, it’s a case of going with air fryer accessories that fit the size. In our Air Fryer Easy Everyday cookbook we outline the ones we use the most. But smaller containers such as 4 inch containers will fit with one going in each drawer, rather than all food going into a 7 inch container.

Though the one we use in our air fryer tea loaf recipe is a firm favourite. It is these ones. That is because we can fit one in each dual drawer, or two in an air fryer basket.

Top 10 Air Fryer Accessories

#1 Air Fryer Silicone Cake Pans – We have lost count of the recipes that we have used these in. You can buy them in a 6 inch and an 8 inch and there is the odd seller that does them in 7 inch, depending on how big your air fryer is.

We use these silicone cake pans for yes you guessed it our air fryer chocolate cake, air fryer Victoria sponge cake, air fryer Christmas cake, air fryer hot cross buns, and the list goes on and on.

Air Fryer Chocolate Cake

We also used them in the making of our air fryer cookbook to make the pull apart bread rolls in, plus its brilliant for quickly melting some butter or some chocolate.

You can order our silicone cake pans here and check out the current price.

#2 Air Fryer Silicone Pan With Handles – The second award to silicone goes to these pans with handles. My food stylist struggled as an air fryer beginner to remove some containers from the air fryer, but had no worries with these. They are also much deeper compared to other silicone so you can put more food in.

We use this silicone with handles for our air fryer lasagna because it’s the perfect size. We also love it for making our air fryer chilli con carne with.

Can You Cook Lasagna In An Air Fryer?

We also used them in the making of our air fryer cookbook to make a delicious vegetarian version of our air fryer lasagna and we love how they are photographed with the silicone pan in the cookbook.

You can order our silicone pan with handles here and check out the current price.

#3 Air Fryer Silicone Cups – If you are not bored of me talking about silicone then let me introduce you to silicone cups. These are brilliant and I have been using them for over 7 years now in the air fryer. They are stronger than paper muffin liners and your food very easily peels away from them after cooking.

We use the silicone cups for air fryer egg cups, ninja foodi strawberry muffins, and also use them in our air fryer cupcake recipe.

Ninja Foodi Strawberry Muffins

We also used them in the making of our air fryer cookbook to make egg cups and to make some egg and ham muffins.

You can order our silicone cups here and check out the current price.

#4 Air Fryer 7 Inch Quiche Dish – I didn’t discover this until I was in the process of making the air fryer cookbook and saw these out shopping. I bought them, used them straight away and now would be lost without it. Basically, like a spring form pan it has a loose bottom making it easy to remove the pie once cooked.

We use the quiche pan for air fryer egg bacon pie, air fryer cheese flan, and also use them in numerous air fryer pies.

cheese flan

We also used them in the making of our air fryer cookbook to make all the pies including the cherry pie, apple pie and pumpkin pie. It was also used in the chicken pie.

You can order our quiche pan here and check out the current price.

#5 Air Fryer Ramekins – Ramekins are another fantastic go to when it comes to the air fryer and are ridiculously cheap to buy too. They are also fantastic for the smaller air fryer when you don’t have much room.  

We use the ramekins for air fryer banana souffles, air fryer peach cobbler, air fryer apple crumble, air fryer baked smores, meat pie in air fryer and also use them to melt some butter or some chocolate or even for warming up some peas or some corn.

air fryer banana souffle

We also used them in the making of our air fryer cookbook to make blueberry crumble pots, frying fried eggs for the full English breakfast and so many others.

You can order our ramekins here and check out the current price.

#6 Olive Oil Spray Bottle – I get a lot of requests for olive oil bottle sprays as many don’t know which ones to use or have had a bad experience with one that they chose.

We tried many of them during the making of our air fryer cookbook and found a firm favourite and this is the one we recommend you try out.

You will find that you will use them the most for spraying over food that needs more of a spray to it and you use it a lot more than you thought you would.

You can order our spray bottle here and check out the current price.

#7 Get A Thermometer – Another that you would think you wouldn’t need but do is a thermometer. Yes sure, you can cut into the thickest part of a chicken breast and check with your finger that it is piping hot, but its much easier and safer to do the thermometer way.

We use the thermometer for any meat that we air fry. But we also love it when making an air fryer cake to check that the skewer of the thermometer comes out clean so that we know our cake is done in the middle. We also do the same with our air fryer frittata and other similar recipes.

You can order our thermometer here and check out the current price.

#8 Air Fryer Muffin Tins – Whilst using a traditional oven you would have muffin trays, these wont fit into the air fryer, so instead buying loose muffin tins is your backup plan.

We use them the most for placing paper liners in to make air fryer cupcakes so that the paper liners don’t blow away.

How To Make Cupcakes In Air Fryer?

We also used them in the making of our air fryer cookbook to make the best ever air fryer Yorkshire puddings. As a girl from Yorkshire these are essential.

You can order our muffin tins here and check out the current price.

#9 Air Fryer Paper Liners – This is for lazy people that don’t like cleaning out the air fryer. So basically – ME! They are also fantastic for people with different sizes of air fryers because they are easy to fit to suit your size.

You can then treat the paper liner like it is your air fryer baking dish. I use it a lot now for making an air fryer omelette and then I can serve the omelette in the paper liner. It is also fantastic (like we have done in our new air fryer cookbook) for cooking a chicken in marinade. Then you don’t have to clean up after the marinade.

You can order our paper liners here and check out the current price.

#10 Air Fryer 7 Inch Pie Pan – These have become less fashionable as silicone has become the lazy way to air fry. But this is what people used before silicone and I still have them and use them at home in my air fryer.

I love them most for making an air fryer deep pan pizza and the way they so easily come out of the air fryer basket is just perfect.

Air Fryer Homemade Pizza

You can also grease them and then use them in any of our baking recipes.

You can order our baking pan here and check out the current price.

Your Air Fryer Accessories FAQ

We get so many questions about using the air fryer and which air fryer accessories to buy that I have covered a few more of your frequently asked questions below:

Can Silicone Go In The Air Fryer?

Yes, silicone can go in the air fryer. And silicone in air fryer is your air fryer best friend. It stops the food sticking to it, it’s a quick wipe clean after use and its bendy making it perfect for adjusting to your size of air fryer.

We love this brand the most and it comes in 4 different sizes. The 3rd size which is 7.5 inches will fit most air fryer baskets. Whilst the 2nd size is perfect for the smaller air fryer. Plus, if you have a Ninja Dual air fryer you can use the 2nd size and do 1 in each drawer.

Listen To Air Fryer Accessories

magic with gadgets episodes 2024

Every week this year on the Magic With Gadgets Podcast we are creating a podcast each week to accompany the recipe. You can listen to this week’s below, and then follow along with me at home as you make it.

Want to learn more about our Podcast? Then click here and you can browse through past episodes and subscribe to the Magic With Gadgets Podcast.

Can You Put Pans In Air Fryer?

Yes, you can put pans in air fryer, and they are so practical. It was our long term reader Pat that made us obsessed with foil pans in the air fryer. In fact, we refer to them in Air Fryer Easy Everyday as Pat’s Pans.

You can get pans in different sizes for the air fryer but for a standard air fryer basket we use 7 by 7 inches. We also like the narrow ones like what you get your takeaway food in for the dual air fryer.

Can You Put Tin Foil In Air Fryer?

Yes, you can put tin foil in the air fryer and all other types of foil. We have a podcast episode all about can you put foil in the air fryer which is a great listen.

You can use foil trays/pans, or your standard roll of foil and then line the air fryer basket with it.

Should You Buy An Air Fryer Accessories Kit?

I have bought the all in one air fryer accessories kit before, and found that they are a waste of money. So much stuff in them that you don’t use and a lot of low quality accessories included in the package.

Just think if they are selling all those accessories for an air fryer at this price, they cant be that good.

Also, you don’t need all the accessories included. For example, they often include an air fryer cake barrel which is not very air fryer friendly. The cake barrel for air fryer is often very deep, so the food is never done on time and are a nightmare to get clean afterwards.

Instead stick to buying just what you need, like we have outlined on this air frying accessories page and avoid the unnecessary items.


List Of Air Fryer Accessories

Here is our full list of the best air fryer accessories including the ones mentioned above for easy access:

And of course, best of luck with your air fryer and do let us know how you get on.

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  2. I find the silicone accessories excellent but difficult to clean. Hot soapy water doesn’t get rid of all the oil. I don’t have a dish washer but my friend says even a dish washer doesn’t get them clean. Any advice please.

    • Hi Jacky,

      We usually use hot soapy water as we do not have a dishwasher either, but if it is a lot of oil we usually just wipe in washing up liquid first before washing in hot soapy water. But a little tip we used a baby wipe at book 2 photoshoot as we needed the accessories to shine and it cam up great 🙂


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