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It was a month ago now, when we shared with you that we were making an air fryer cookbook. Many asked us about the process of recipe development, and we wanted to share with you some behind the scenes of this air fryer cookbook.

Making An Air Fryer Cookbook
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You Can Preorder Now!

But first let’s talk about preordering because you can preorder our cookbook already.

Because we are making a quality international cookbook for people around the world i.e. it will be available in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa and many other English speaking countries, it is easiest for me to share one Amazon link with you, then no matter where you live, it will be easy to order.

Click here to reserve your copy

You can also read more about how the preorders work of this cookbook here and what it means to YOU.

There Has Been A LOT Of Shopping!

OMG our kitchen has turned into a professional kitchen and looked like it would feed the 5000.

It started off in our old house. With shopping that was so big it would only fit on our dining table.

first food shop

Then we moved house and different house and more food!

moved house shopping

Then we were testing recipes at Christmas and bought a fruit and veggie box which was just perfect for new supplies.

christmas fruit and veg

If you wonder where all the food goes, well our neighbours and our lovely cleaner, were very well fed. Just like we were. We also found an elderly farmer that didn’t like cooking and supplied him with some food too.

Plus, the kids loved eating all the leftovers for breakfast too.

Full Day Recipe Sessions

We found that the easiest way to work on recipes and then have an air fryer keep pile and a not good enough for the cookbook pile, was to do full days of recipes.

We would work on a certain chapter or food type over one day and then it was easy to go from one recipe to the other and prep would be easy. Just like it will be when you follow the recipes from the cookbook yourself.

The air fryer chips were a fun thing to play about with. We have done chips in the air fryer many, many times and we just wanted to double check they were spot on.

Though the funniest thing, was when I shouted the kids that the chips were done. Jorge literally pushed his sister out of the way to get the cheese from the cheesy chips in his mouth as fast as possible.

I blame his teacher for this though, as at baking class she has taught them how to master the best knife skills.

Another fun section of the air fryer cookbook has been working on that fried chicken. We did a production line and Dom breaded the chicken in bulk for us before we tested it in several air fryers.

dom fried chicken

We also did had fun in the baking section. We decided to leave the kids in charge following our baking recipes. I.e. if they tested them and could follow them easily, then you know they were winners. After all, we want to make beginner friendly air fryer recipes.

Jorge weighed out the raisins and added too many and then didn’t stop until he reduced them down to the correct weight. I’m sure he ate the extra ones!

And of course, Sofia did a lot of mixing and cracking eggs and rubbing fats into flour.

sofia mixing

The Air Fryer Disasters

And of course, with any recipe testing, it doesn’t always go to plan, and we have had a few issues!

One of the frittatas was too dry when it was cooked.

dry frittata

Then we made blondies and OMG they didn’t set (needed a longer cook time) and made a right mess.


And finally, I should have listened to Dom when he said I had too much liquid in the cherry pie and I didn’t and we ended up with jam seeping out of the side of the pie.

overfilled cherry pie

But it tasted delicious and with a reduction in ingredients was spot on.

We Hired Recipe Developers

One thing we were very focused on, was hiring air fryer recipe developers to make sure the recipes were spot on.

We chose two amazing mums that had never used an air fryer before. One was looking for an air fryer to make mealtimes easier and the other is a chef and was curious about the air fryer.

We provided one with a Gourmia air fryer and the other with a Tower air fryer. And let them test our recipes as we did them.

recipe testers

Plus, we also tested with the Philips Air Fryer XL and the Cosori air fryer XL.

Plus, supplied them with many air fryer accessories that we recommend to able to make these air fryer recipes.

We then have a system with notes coming back and forth and suggestions.

We Hired Stateside

We want to make the first international air fryer cookbook that someone in the UK, US, AU or even South Africa can read and understand.

Its important to us that it has both Metric & Imperial that the recipe ingredients make sense wherever you live, therefore we also have a lovely American lady in our team who is checking the recipes to make sure they are suitable for people around the world.

What’s Next In Our Cookbook?

We now play the rinse and repeat system. We recipe develop a chapter, it goes through our recipe testers, tested for being International friendly and then heads to the publishers. It then passes/fails the publishers, then goes through editing. Then this is done again and again.

If a recipe doesn’t pass the publishers, we make edits and then send it back for checking again.

Then when we the team are happy with all, then we will go to a studio and shoot the recipe photos.

Such an interesting process and one that is totally new to us.

Are You New To The Air Fryer?

If you are new to the air fryer and want a resource you can use right now and then be in the loop with any cookbook updates, scroll below to join our FREE air fryer mini course.

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Listen To Magic With Gadgets

We have also dedicated an episode of Magic With Gadgets to info about our new air fryer cookbook and can’t wait to share it with you. Simply press play or access it via your favourite podcast player.

You can use the player above to listen to this episode of Magic With Gadgets. Alternatively search for Magic With Gadgets on your favourite podcast platform or click the links below:

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Behind The Scenes of A Cookbook

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