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Aluminium Foil In Air Fryer. Today we wanted to answer your essential questions about cooking with foil in the air fryer. If you should use foil in the air fryer, what foil to use, air fryer safety and of course recommended air fryer foil recipes.

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can you put aluminium foil in the air fryer
Can You Put Aluminium Foil In The Air Fryer
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Foil In Air Fryer

I grew up using foil. It was always fantastic for lining the oven with to stop a big clean up of your oven, baked potatoes were wrapped in foil and it was always a wonderful idea to wrap your turkey in foil to stop it drying out.

Then you got your first air fryer, and you are experimenting with foil in the air fryer.

You are trying out lots of new air fryer recipes with foil to see what works and what sticks.

Because we have owned air fryers for almost 10 years, we have done the experimenting for you, so that you don’t have to.

Today, I wanted to put everything amazing I have learnt about cooking with foil in the air fryer and share it with you. This will give you plenty of ideas and you can then experiment with your own favourite recipes.

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Can I Put Aluminium Foil In An Air Fryer?

Let’s get the big question out of the way as I know many of you want to know, can foil go in air fryer. It is a big fat YES. Foil is absolutely fantastic in the air fryer and one of my favourite ways to cook many of my air fryer recipes.

You should cook with foil in the air fryer because:

  • It helps you to avoid cleaning the air fryer as much
  • You can use it to wrap food in
  • You can use it as an alternative to a baking mat
  • It is an accessory that will go with any size of air fryer.

Can You Put Tin Foil In An Air Fryer?

Yes, you can. Tin foil, aluminium foil and silver foil can all be used in an air fryer. Whilst some of our readers would call it aluminium foil, I would refer to it as tin foil or silver foil thanks to my British heritage.

I was once asked by an American why I was so rich I put silver in the air fryer. I cannot decide if he was being sarcastic or didn’t know that silver foil and aluminium foil was the same thing!

Can You Line An Air Fryer With Foil?

Now this is the question that often divides people, and some air fryer users will tell you no and others will tell you yes.

I am on team YES and also note I practice what I preach and regularly line my air fryer with foil.

You see, the reason people say no you can’t is because they believe that you are stopping the vents from circulating in the air fryer and its not giving your food an even cook.

But what is often forgotten about is that you often only line the air fryer with foil for a couple of minutes and that the rest of the cooking time there is no line of foil in the bottom of the air fryer.

For example, when I make air fryer frozen corn on the cob, I cook the corn until almost cooked, then I create a layer of foil into the air fryer basket and add the corn back over the foil. Then I add butter.

can you cook with foil in the air fryer

Then if you have not guessed, the point of the foil is to capture the butter and stop the butter from making a mess of your air fryer.

can you cook with tin foil in air fryer

You can use this same trick for any food in the air fryer that you are adding extras to and don’t want the food to escape. Such as adding cheese over food, butter over food, or a marinade.

What About Foil In The Air Fryer Oven?

When it comes to using foil in an air fryer oven or toaster oven, note that the same rules apply as a classic oven.

This means you can cover one of your trays in foil to catch any dripping and you can loosely cover a chicken in foil.

Can You Use Aluminium Pans In Air Fryer?

Yes, you can. I love the little aluminium containers that are similar to a small cake. My favourite use of them is for baking with in the air fryer.

air fryer cheese quiche

You can make an air fryer quiche using this method and the reason I do this, is because of space. Because when you get an air fryer it can be hard to find accessories that fit your size of air fryer. And then using aluminium pans, or ramekins is a real problem solver.

Is Aluminium Foil Safe In Air Fryer?

Yes, it is. It is perfectly safe to cook with aluminium foil in the air fryer. The only consideration to truly think about, is that you are not placing loose foil over food in the air fryer.

Because this will result in the foil coming free from the food and the foil ending up in the air fry vents and potentially breaking your air fryer.

BUT if you tightly cover food with foil in the air fryer and you wont have this problem.

The BEST Ways To Use Foil In The Air Fryer

I have done many, many recipes over the years in the air fryer using aluminium foil. Some have been better than others and some have become recipe favourites.

Here are a few of my favourites that will help you with cooking with foil in your air fryer:

Air Fryer Meatloaf – One of my all time favourite air fryer recipes. You wrap your meatloaf in foil (loosely) and then you air fry. Just before it is done you open up your air fryer and press down the foil so that your meatloaf has a layer of foil and then add your cheese or ketchup glaze or both. You can do the same with a lot of similar foods with foil and its ideal for keeping the shape of your meatloaf.

Air Fryer Filipino Barbecue Pork – This is when you do similar to the meatloaf but is what to do if you are cooking food in a marinade in the air fryer. You add to foil your marinated meat and tightly wrap in foil. The marinade when then stay local to the foil and you will have perfectly cooked BBQ food without worrying about the marinade escaping. Then just before cooking you can open the foil and finish the cooking process.

Air Fryer Roasted Garlic – This is another great use out of foil in the air fryer. You simply wrap whole garlic bulbs in foil and then air fry. When you are done you have roasted garlic and the garlic cloves pop out of the garlic bulb, giving you just cooked, no peel garlic.

Reheating Quiche – You can also use the line of foil in the air fryer for reheating leftovers that are likely to make a mess of your air fryer. For example, when I am reheating quiche in the air fryer I find that plenty of crumbs fall off and dirty the air fryer. You can add a small layer of foil for reheating quiche, meatloaf, and other similar foods.

There is one recipe I do regret NOT adding the foil to. I just don’t know why I didn’t because a line of foil would have been ideal. It was our TGI Friday’s frozen potato skins. Some of the potato skins fell over and it resulted in cheese spilling out and it took ages to clean the air fryer afterwards.

How To Put Aluminium Foil In The Air Fryer?

The best way to explain putting aluminium foil in the air fryer is to show you a video. We created a video for our air fryer frozen corn on the cob and from it you will see how we line the air fryer with foil and finish the cooking process.

YouTube video

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can you put aluminium foil in an air fryer

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