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Welcome to our soup maker recipes. We have put together this soup maker recipes resource page for you so that you have a quick access to the best soup maker info.

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Here at Recipe This we have been using soup makers since 2014 and we remember what it was like to be new to the soup maker and wanting to learn and understand how the soup machine works.

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Or for quick reference in the Milner house our soup maker favourites are:

Soup Maker Speed Soup, Soup Maker Tomato Soup, Soup Maker Mushroom Soup, Soup Maker Butternut Squash Soup, Soup Maker Spinach Soup, Soup Maker Leek & Potato Soup & Soup Maker Chicken Soup.

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Soup Maker Guides

We have put together some soup maker recipe guides to help you further. I imagined that if I was new to the soup maker and wanted to learn the basics, that these are the guides I would want to have access to:

What Is A Soup Maker?

Maybe you haven’t got a soup maker yet and don’t even know what they are? Well let’s go back to basics.

A soup maker is like a sophisticated electric kettle. A large kettle that will cook soup and then you can choose if your soup is going to be chunky or smooth. You can also use the soup maker just to blend and use it for summer smoothies, creamy sauces or even for making easy one pot meals.

A soup maker travels well and is aimed at enough soup to feed two people. Therefore, due to its size it is not a good idea for families as it is way too small.

But what the soup maker is ideal for, is single people or those on a diet. The soup maker has specifically become popular with Weight Watchers and Slimming World because you can make the super low-calorie veggie soups.

How Does A Soup Maker Work?

You load into the soup maker aka the soup kettle your planned soup ingredients such as vegetables and soup stock. You then press a button and choose between chunky or smooth soup.

Come back 25-30 minutes later and you have perfect soup.


Its simple and its hands free and I can understand why so many people love their soup makers.

There are of course different soup maker brands, and some are smaller than others and some do a better job. Though most people we have got to know that own soup makers have the Morphy Richards one. Or if you want a bigger soup maker, I recommend the Cuisinart Soup Maker.

Thanks for reading and I hope these resources help you further with getting to know your soup maker.

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