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    I’m not clear – does this recipe make one (medium) pudding that serves 6, or 6 (medium) individual ones, such as the 9 in the picture? (I’m American, I’m not sure what size medium is in this context.)

    1. Hi Anne,

      The mixture should make 6 of the standard size Yorkshire puddings. Just the normal Yorkshire pudding tins.

      Kind regards


    1. Hi Jennifer,

      These are the tins we used, they are the standard Yorkshire pudding tins:

      https://amzn.to/2ID54oL (Amazon affiliate link)

      A muffin tin can be used as an alternative or the medium sized Yorkshire Pudding tins that are divided into 4 instead of 12.

      I hope this helps.

      Many Thanks


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    I made them in small ramekins.
    My parents are from the North of England and I often had these as a child.
    Your recipe and technique is 10 out of 10.

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    Love Yorkshire Puddings and never thought of making them in the air fryer. Will try this next Sunday. Edit: we’re perfect 😛

    1. Hey Rohan,

      Yes it is quite a thin mix but we found this was the best way to get the puddings to cook evenly in the air fryer. With the heat coming from the top with the thicker mixture we tried, it burned on top and the puddings did not cook through where as the thin mixture worked much better 🙂

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    I c flour
    2 eggs
    12.c water
    1/2 cup milk
    1/2 tsp of oil in the bottom of the pudding pans ( I bought silicon from Amazon.)
    put in 400 F oven heat 3 minutes,
    pour batter on pans, cook 400 for 15 minutes

    You can precook some sausage, put them in your cake pan and pour batter over them cook same temp and time and you have toad in the hole.

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    Hi, I have just tried these and followed the recipe but mine did not rise, they had colour on top but middle not cooked at all ???? what have I done wrong? Re-adjusted and turned out great thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Kay,

      They could be a number of reasons. We make these and follow this recipe we use a Philips air fryer xl can i ask what kind of air fryer you are using and what kind of tins you used to cook the puddings in.

      Many thanks 🙂

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    Yorkshire puddings in ninja foodie. I cooked on air fry for 15 minutes but bottoms were undercooked so i turned them over and cooked for a further 2 minutes and they were perfect.

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    Hi patty-ann Lea, I’m in Australia and just noticed your comment here as a recipe. What do you mean by 12. c water please? Do you mean to add 1/2 cup water? Thank you for a reply.

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    Hi Samantha, I really enjoyed seeing you had experimented with a few Yorkshires options (fat types, egg content, flour type). I noticed you had Be-Ro flour.
    This made me smile, as the Yorkshire’s recipe I have always used is from a 1950s Be-Ro book that belonged to my mum.
    Suggestion for you to try… this last Christmas I made pigs-in-blankets toad in the hole using my Ninja Foodi, and it was probably the most popular dish on Christmas Day.

    1. Hi Sue,

      I just love the bero books and the flour and only use bero flour in the recipes. I think my book is a 1970’s version but it feels like the recipes in it never go out of fashion.

      love sam x

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