1. Hi there, I’m going to be making this dish tonight and would like to know if l should use low or high pressure to cook the gammon.
    Also, do you eat the vegetables and use the stock or discard it?
    Look forward to making and tasting this dish.
    Simon (London)

    1. Hello Simon,

      Sorry we are a bit late with your reply but hope the dish turned out ok. For further reference unless otherwise stated all recipes are cooked on high pressure. We always keep what is left over blend it and then we have got a stock for next time.

  2. What is a gammon? Is it the precooked hams we have here in the US or uncooked ham/pork? Would hate to use a precooked ham and have it turn into mush.
    Susan (Arizona)

    1. Hi Susan,

      A gammon is just like a ham joint in the US. Usually uncooked but you can get them cooked. In this recipe we used an uncooked gammon/Ham 🙂

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