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How to make the BEST instant pot turkey stock from leftovers, that you can freeze and then use in any of your favourite instant pot or slow cooker poultry recipes.

Making stock from turkey carcass is a MUST over the holidays. Its so easy to prep, a great use of leftovers and then you can use this turkey stock in any turkey or chicken recipes long after the holidays are over.

We originally shared with you how to cook instant pot turkey stock back in 2019 and we are updating it today with more tips and tricks and better turkey stock photos.

instant-pot-turkey-stock recipe
Instant Pot Turkey Stock Recipe
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Turkey Stock With Carcass

I know it’s the little things in life that excite us, especially the older we get. Now I am 40 (well I think this applied to me at 30 too!) is looking in the freezer and being able to enjoy something delicious that is now out of season.

Normally in February I will look in the freezer and see our delicious boxing day soup. Its my favourite soup ever and is a soup made of Christmas dinner leftovers. It’s the most delicious soup and I will make it after Christmas, freeze it, and then long after Christmas I can still enjoy the soup.

I do the same with our turkey neck soup and our stock from turkey carcass.

I can then use either the turkey soup or the turkey stock in a whole range of different recipes. It makes other leftover turkey recipes taste so much better and can also be easily used with chicken recipes too.

I will then make it last as long as possible and then remember that our turkey stock with carcass was so easy to make, yet lasts for a long time.

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What To Do With Leftover Turkey Bones?

The best use of leftover turkey bones is to use them to either make a soup or a stock. I much prefer to make stock from turkey carcass.

Then that same carcass stock can be used for a base for a turkey soup, or just for one of many instant pot recipes that requires stock.

Can You Make Turkey Stock With Carcass?

Yes, you can make the best turkey stock recipe using carcass and make it in your instant pot pressure cooker, or another electric pressure cooker.

Plus, using the instant pot to make a carcass turkey stock or bone broth is so much easier and quicker than traditional methods.

Instant Pot Turkey Stock Vs Instant Pot Turkey Broth

There are two main types of turkey stock that you can make in the instant pot. One of them is with the bones and one is just using leftover meat off the bone.

The meat off the bone method is fantastic for when you have cooked some air fryer turkey wings or some air fryer turkey drumsticks and you have leftovers as not every bit of the meat has been eaten. You can then throw your leftovers into the instant pot.

You can also make it the traditional way by throwing a turkey carcass in the instant pot with your usual stock ingredients.

But its probably confusing as some call it turkey stock and some call it turkey bone broth. Note that they are very similar, and I refer to it as turkey stock because I am then going to use it for stock for various recipes.

Also note, this recipe is easy to swap out the meat and then keep a similar recipe technique. Such as our instant pot veggie stock, instant pot chicken stock, instant pot lamb bone broth, or our instant pot beef stock.

What Is Turkey Stock Made Of?

Turkey stock is traditionally made from leftover turkey carcass, which can be a full carcass or just some of the turkey bones.

This turkey stock instant pot recipe is also cooked with veggies and white wine for the ultimate stock flavour.

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Turkey Stock Instant Pot Ingredients


Turkey – We are using the full turkey carcass from one medium whole turkey. Because the instant pot is not as big as some pans are, we have pushed it down to fit in the instant pot.

Veggies – I highly recommend adding veggies to make the best turkey stock. We used onion, celery, garlic and potatoes. Potato gives an amazing flavour to your instant pot stock and you can just peel some or grab some potatoes and cut into quarters.

Wine – I also recommend adding in some white wine to deglaze the instant pot after you have done the sauté.

Seasoning. Then for seasonings, I recommend keeping your pressure cooker turkey stock recipe simple with salt, pepper, and mixed herbs.

Then for the kitchen gadgets that we have used in this turkey stock instant pot recipe it has just been our Instant Pot. We have this one and it’s my favourite and great for a lot of different instant pot quick recipes.

Plus, we recommend you head over to our instant pot recipes category as we have many electric pressure cooker recipes and have been using instant pots for 5 years.

How To Make Stock From Turkey Carcass?

  • Sauté. First prep your celery and onion and sauté in the instant pot with some extra virgin olive oil. Then press cancel and stir in frozen garlic.
  • Deglaze. Add your white wine and deglaze the instant pot. Stir in potatoes, and then push down the turkey carcass. Add warm water and then place the lid down on the instant pot.
  • Cook. Set the valve to sealing and pressure cook for 40 minutes followed by a natural pressure release.

And I am sure you can see now how simple and easy it is to cook turkey broth from carcass and why you should be doing the same.

Finishing Your Turkey Stock

When you have released all the pressure, I recommend you pour the stock into a sieve to get rid of most of the carcass. Then pour through a mesh strainer to get rid of any tiny bits of turkey bone.

You will then have a big bowl of turkey bone broth ready for the freezer.

Finishing Your Turkey Stock

Then allow to cool and you can freeze.

Can You Freeze Turkey Broth?

Yes, you can freeze turkey broth and that’s what I do with my turkey broth as soon as it is cold.

But it gets even better.

I buy foil containers and then I can easily peel them away from the frozen turkey broth without defrosting. Then they can go directly into the instant pot ready for a recipe.

instant pot turkey stock

How Long Is Turkey Stock Good For?

Turkey broth from carcass is good for up to 6 months if kept in the freezer. Or just 5 days if kept in the fridge.

We always wait until our turkey stock has cooled, then freeze it and use it as a base for turkey and chicken recipes. Though our favourite is to use it in our soup maker chicken soup, or for when we are making instant pot chicken tortilla soup.

What To Do With Turkey Bone Broth?

Once you have made leftover turkey stock, you’re probably looking for some yummy recipes to make with the stock.

Here are a few recommendations and do remember you can use it for chicken too. I often run out of chicken stock and then use turkey stock as my backup plan.

instant pot turkey stock

Your turkey bone broth instant pot recipe is below, note you can print it out with or without photos, adjust servings, or click between metric and imperial depending on where you are in the world.

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Instant Pot Turkey Stock

How to make the BEST instant pot turkey stock from leftovers, that you can freeze and then use in any of your favourite instant pot or slow cooker poultry recipes.
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 40 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes
Servings: 8
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  • Peel and dice an onion, dice, and clean your celery. Load into the instant pot with your extra virgin olive oil. Sauté until your onion has started to soften. Press cancel and stir in frozen chopped garlic.
    How To Make Stock From Turkey Carcass?
  • Add in seasonings and white wine and deglaze the instant pot.
    How To Make Stock From Turkey Carcass?
  • Stir in the potatoes.
    How To Make Stock From Turkey Carcass?
  • Add in your turkey carcass and push it down if it is struggling to fit.
    How To Make Stock From Turkey Carcass?
  • Add 1.5 litres/6 cups of warm tap water into the instant pot. Place the lid on the instant pot, set the valve to sealing and pressure cook for 40 minutes followed by a natural pressure release.
    How To Make Stock From Turkey Carcass?
  • After releasing pressure, pour everything into a sieve, to discard the big bits. Then put the liquid through a mesh strainer with bowl below to collect the juices.
    How To Make Stock From Turkey Carcass?
  • Then allow the stock to cool and then load into freezer containers. Place in the freezer once cool and save for later.
    How To Make Stock From Turkey Carcass?


Bowls. We use this set of bowls. We can then use the sieve to remove the main carcass bits then the mesh strainer for any tiny bits that we have missed.
Liquid. Its essential to deglaze as otherwise the instant pot will struggle to go to pressure.
Size. The size of our turkey carcass was just over 7kg which is almost 15.5 pounds. You can go smaller or bigger depending on what bones or carcass you have available.
Thanks for reading our turkey bone broth instant pot recipe on Recipe This. We have many more instant pot recipes for you to check out next. Though if you would like to see more instant pot hacks then do check out our instant pot kidney beans next.


Calories: 1151kcal | Carbohydrates: 3g | Protein: 145g | Fat: 55g | Saturated Fat: 15g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 13g | Monounsaturated Fat: 18g | Cholesterol: 1006mg | Sodium: 2049mg | Potassium: 1249mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 1g | Vitamin A: 422IU | Vitamin C: 2mg | Calcium: 227mg | Iron: 9mg
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    Thanks for sharing your recipe i found it really easy and came out alot better than when i used to do it on the stove for hours 🙂