Air Fryer Frozen Burgers

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Air Fryer Frozen Burgers. How to cook your favourite frozen burger patties in the air fryer. We set ourselves the task of testing lots of different frozen hamburgers in the air fryer to put them to the test and to give you an ultimate guide for cooking your air fryer frozen burgers, so that you no longer need to second guess.

Air Fryer Frozen Burgers air fryer recipe
Air Fryer Frozen Burgers

Air Fryer Frozen Burgers

Today we’re going to be sharing with you how to cook your favourite frozen burgers in the air fryer.

When I was testing these air fryer frozen burgers, I was thinking of my old next-door neighbour Helen. Her kids loved burgers when they came home from school and she would cook them in the grill section of her oven.

They had them nearly everyday as she was not very good at cooking and that is what the kids asked for and they were cheap.

One day, her electric was not working so she cooked her burgers in my oven instead. I remember looking at them and thinking how awful they must taste. Though, they did smell nice.

After all they were not homemade and came from the freezer section of her local Walmart.

She would serve them up with frozen fries from the deep fat fryer and I always thought about it and how unhealthy and tasteless it was.

I have not seen her since she moved to a new house back in 2007 so I wonder if that is still dinner?

Though at the time I was no better. I was ringing up for a pizza takeaway maybe 3 times a week if not more.

She was of course feeding herself and her kids’ similar food, it was just that her burgers came from the grill and were cooked from frozen. I dread to think what was in mine.

But our readers have been asking us for months now to show them how to cook air fryer frozen burgers, so we went out and bought a load of frozen burgers to test.

We generally follow the Paleo diet and eat a lot of Mediterranean food so frozen food is not part of our diet, but it is nice to mix it up a bit and show you how they compare and that air fryer burgers can be cooked from frozen.

And then tomorrow we can return to our homemade healthy air fryer paleo burgers!

Can I Air Fry A Frozen Burger?

YES you can. Air frying frozen burgers is a wonderful thing to cook in your air fryer. You can use shop bought frozen burgers in your air fryer or make your own that you have frozen previously.

Though bear in mind, that frozen burgers cooked in the air fryer carry a lot more fat compared to homemade and you can end up with a smoke problem in your kitchen.

We tested 3 main types of air fryer frozen burgers for you:

  • Air Fryer Frozen Cheese Burgers
  • Air Fryer Frozen Hamburgers
  • Air Fryer Frozen Quarter Pounder Burgers

Plus, we tested our air fryer frozen burgers in both the air fryer and the air fryer oven.

Air Fryer Frozen Burgers at

Air Fryer Oven Frozen Burgers

When you cook frozen burgers in the air fryer oven, you need to consider the shelves that you’re using. The top shelf will cook them nice and fast and create delicious crispy frozen burgers.

BUT the bottom shelf will leave them underdone.

I love to cook my air fryer oven frozen burgers either on the top shelf or the middle shelf.

You can also cook air fryer frozen burgers on several shelves and then swap them around during the cooking process.

Just like we showed you to do in our Air Fryer Homemade Pizza recipe.

Though while experimenting we found that cooking the burgers in the air fryer oven vs the air fryer basket, the cook times stayed the same.

Philips Air Fryer Frozen Burgers

My favourite place for cooking air fryer frozen burgers is my Philips Air Fryer. If you have a basket style air fryer, then I recommend you follow my Philips Air Fryer instructions.

The most important thing to note when cooking your frozen hamburgers in the air fryer basket is to make sure the burgers have space and don’t feel like they are loaded on top of each other.

I find that four is a good amount of frozen hamburgers to cook at once in the air fryer basket. Simply fit four into the bottom of the main basket, turn it on and cook it for 13 minutes at 180c.

Air Fryer Frozen Cheese Burgers

Air Fryer Frozen Cheese Burgers

One of my favourite types of frozen burgers as a kid was the frozen cheese burgers. They always had a secret cheesy filling and it would squirt out as you chopped into your burger.

Though I learned a few years ago that in the US they call these Juicy Lucy’s.

To cook delicious air fryer frozen cheese burgers it takes just 15 minutes at 180c.

Air Fryer Frozen Hamburgers

Air Fryer Frozen Hamburgers

Whether you call them simply frozen burgers or frozen hamburgers, they cook fantastically in the air fryer.

Place four of your favourite frozen hamburgers into your air fryer and cook for 7 minutes at 180c.

You could even load some burger buns into your air fryer for the last couple of minutes and use it to warm up your burger buns.

Then slice up your tomatoes and lettuce and have fully loaded hamburgers.

Frozen Burger Air Fryer Temperature?

No matter which frozen burgers and frozen hamburgers I have cooked in the air fryer, there has been a universal temperature involved. That is 180c or 360f.

This just works well, and it allows your frozen burgers to be well cooked in the middle, still juicy and with a crispy edge. Just like you would expect from when you order in fast food.

Air Fryer Frozen Burger Cook Time

For cook time, my air fryer frozen burgers vary depending on the burgers that we have cooked.

It’s a case of size matters.

  • The frozen hamburgers we cooked in the air fryer were tiny. I opened them up and thought this is why I make my own, when this is all you get for your money! That is why it takes JUST 7 minutes to cook them from frozen.
  • The frozen cheese burgers aka the juicy lucy took 15 minutes. But they were bigger and needed a better cook time to make sure they were thoroughly cooked in the middle.
  • The frozen burgers aka the quarter pounders were quite large and like the juicy lucy needed a good cook time. We cooked these for 14 minutes or 13 minutes + a 1 minute preheat.
Air Fryer Frozen Burgers step by step air fryer recipe

Air Fryer Frozen Burgers – My Verdict

Like I mentioned at the start of our air fryer frozen burgers guide, I am not a HUGE fan of buying prepared frozen foods.

I prefer to make it myself as I love to cook, and I like to know what goes into my food.

I have hardly had any air fryer frozen burgers since I got my air fryer, but these burgers did taste rather nice.

My main vote goes to the air fryer frozen cheese burgers as I am a big cheese addict.

I did find the thin ones that didn’t have much burger carried a higher meat content.

If you are on Paleo or follow a wholefoods diet like we do (we follow the 80/20 rule) then I would recommend Butcher Box.

We have a Butcher Box Review that we wrote and they do amazing frozen burger meat that you can use to cook air fryer frozen burgers with.

A much better option especially if you want the convenience of frozen burgers but want to eat healthy too.

air fryer frozen food is featured

More Air Fryer Frozen Fast Food Recipes

We’re HUGE fans here at Recipe This of how good the air fryer can make your favourite frozen fast foods. On popular demand from our readers we have featured many of them over the last year or so and here are a few of our favourites.

Air Fryer Frozen Burgers
Air Fryer Frozen Cheese Burgers at
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Air Fryer Frozen Burgers

Air Fryer Frozen Burgers. How to cook your favourite frozen burger patties in the air fryer. We set ourselves the task of testing lots of different frozen hamburgers in the air fryer to put them to the test and to give you an ultimate guide for cooking your air fryer frozen burgers, so that you no longer need to second guess.
Cook Time14 mins
Total Time14 mins
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Air Fryer
Servings: 4
Calories: 193kcal


Kitchen Gadgets:

Air Fryer Frozen Burger Ingredients:

  • 4 Frozen Burgers


  • Open your pack of frozen burgers.
  • Place 4 frozen burgers into your air fryer. If using the air fryer oven use the top shelf.
  • Cook for 14 minutes at 180c/360f.
  • Serve warm with your favourite bread buns.



The time above is based on your typical frozen quarter pounder burgers. If you’re cooking thin hamburgers take the time down to 7 minutes or for a Juicy Lucy add an extra minute.
The temperature and time are the same for the air fryer oven, as long as you use the top shelf. Otherwise increase the time by about 20%.


Calories: 193kcal | Protein: 20g | Fat: 12g | Saturated Fat: 4g | Cholesterol: 71mg | Sodium: 66mg | Potassium: 290mg | Calcium: 17mg | Iron: 2mg
Nutrition InfoPlease Note: Nutrition values are our best estimate based on the software we use at Recipe This and are meant as a guide. If you rely on them for your diet, use your preferred nutrition calculator.
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Air Fryer Frozen Burgers recipe

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