1. Hi Dawn

      The reason this recipe works so well is because we are using gluten free oats. So if you want to substitute you need something that is also gluten free.


      Sam & Dom

      1. Hi Ann,

        Have you heard of porridge oats you use to make porridge? If you have then gluten free oats are just porridge oats but without the gluten 🙂

        Hope you find some!

    1. Hi Brook

      Thank you for your comment.

      We had this problem and how we rectified it was to really push the onion rings into the oats and make sure it was very firm then re dip them into the egg and then add them to the oats again. Make sure you push them really hard so the oats and egg grip around the onion ring.

      Hope this helps.


      Sam & Dom

  1. Looks wonderful!! I’m low carb so I plan to try almond flour, I hope it works because these sound amazing.

    1. Hi Leann

      The almond flour should be fine to use, but just a not of caution we use 180c which works out at 360f. We have had some confused people not realising that it is 180c and not Fahrenheit.

      Hope they turn out good for you.


      Sam & Dom

    1. Hi Jackie,

      I like eggs because they help to stick it really well. But as a Plan B use some extra virgin olive oil instead or I have also tried it with coconut butter.

      Kind regards


  2. This didn’t work at all. Followed the recipe exactly. They just came out like onions dipped in dry flour. Had to spray them with coconut oil non stick spray to get them to brown slightly. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi jason

      Sorry they did not work out for you. We put some olive oil on ours and it gave them a good crisp taste but not too dry. I would suggest doing what you did with the coconut spray and cook them with that on and see if it makes them a bit more moist.

      Kind Regards


    2. Me too!!! I did not like the results! Mine did not even come close to the picture. It may be the difference in sir flyers. I will keep trying to find what works with mine

    3. If you want the crispy batter to stick to the onion and not fall off, you have to remove the inner membrane from the onion.

  3. Wow. Never made onion rings before in the air fryer and they were spot on. Now going to try your calamari.

  4. The best air fryer onion rings that i have ever tried. Thanks so much for your recipe and your recipe suggestions. Next i am going to try your breaded chicken drumsticks.

  5. I have been waiting for the wow factor from the air fryer since i got it. I wanted something that was much better than the deep fat fryer. Well i have found it with your flourless onion rings.

    Just subscribed to your newsletter too and can’t wait for more delicious air fryer recipes.

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