1. Hallo Samantha and Dominic I love your lessons on Air fryers. My husband surprised me with a 23l Milex and I even tried to grill crackling. It came out wonderful. This machine has the grilling rods top and bottom and the airfan at the top. Are there any special instructions on cleaning, as specifically after the crackling experiance the smell last a little bit longer than preferred?Many thanks for all the tips and tricks.Regards Cornelia Pienaar South Africa

    1. Hi Cornelia,

      So glad it turned out well for you.

      I also love cracking in the air fryer and will often cook an instant pot pressure cooker roast pork, slice off the crackling and then crisp up just the crackling in the air fryer.

      For the smell and cleaning it, what works well is some lemon and balsamic vinegar.

      Add a bowl of them to the air fryer and cook them for 3 minutes in a pryex dish. Then what happens is the steam comes from them and spreads around and creates an easy coating for removing grease and getting rid of bad smells.

      kind regards


  2. Looks like you turned the air fryer upside down to clean top.
    Really a LOT of grease. I’ve never looked at the top. Always make sure I clean basket etc. since I ruined one because it was so burnt on. Then new ‘old’. Basket no longer available. No words under that greasy looking mess!H E L P

    1. Hi pat,

      That is just the air fryer basket after we have cleaned it and the air fryer we used for this demo was a Philips Air Fryer XXL and the grease drips down and ends up in a pan where you can empty it out into a tub then get rid of it. The top of the air fryer does get dirty and after using wait until it has cooled unplug it and get a damp cloth and wipe the elements and this will get rid of any grease 🙂

  3. First, I a totally new to use an air fryer and I cannot find anyone like yourself who uses a Power XL Grill Air Fryer Combo Plus the plus is it can do 12 different functions from air fry to making rice like an Instant pot. So, my question is recipes I see on your sight or others can I make them in my air fryer I have found many good recipes I like to try but hesitant can you advise me. I am 66 YO and I heard air fries’ is a way to cook healthy food.

    1. Hi Dennis,

      Thank you for your comment.

      We have not got the air fryer grill combo yet but it is on our list to buy. The closest i think we have done is our Ninja Foodi recipes which is a machine that air fries and pressure cooks like the Instant pot.

      Here is a link to all of our Ninja Foodi recipes we have done:


      We have done some easy recipes for the beginners in the list so try out those first and see how you go Dennis 🙂

  4. Have purchased a duel Ninja air fryer.Your tips and free downloads are a godsend.Going to have lots of fun trying different recipes. Can’t believe the cooking times on some foods,it’s amazing. Looking forward to more reads

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