The Ultimate Cookie Dough Ice Cream Recipe

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Welcome to The Ultimate Cookie Dough Ice Cream Recipe.

If you want to have a delicious homemade ice cream recipe that is bad for you, then it doesn’t get any better than homemade cookie dough ice cream.

It has to be a firm favourite of mine and I must confess to having lots of cookie dough ice cream long before I had ever made homemade cookies or enjoyed cookie dough at my favourite restaurants.

It was a staple and a part of life. But one thing I didn’t know was how easy it actually was to make. That you could get it ready in just a few minutes and then let the ice cream maker do the hard work!

Plus depending on how much of a sugar hit you can handle, you can then alter it to suit your own tastes.

Usually my idea of cookie dough ice cream involves a tub of Ben & Jerry’s and is normally gone in one quick setting. It kind of has fond memories as the mini tubs are what I used to have with Dominic as I walked down the seafront.

Though, when I made it for our ice cream maker I couldn’t just stick to the same small portions. So if you want to indulge in your own cookie dough ice cream then here is your chance. It is full of flavour and will certainly have you running to the ice cream maker for more. Or in the case of Dominic he eats it as he makes it so we never quite end up with that much heading into the freezer!

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The Ultimate Cookie Dough Ice Cream Recipe
Serves: 500ml
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • For The Ice Cream:
  • 250ml Whole Milk
  • 250ml Single Cream
  • 4 Medium Egg Yolks
  • 125g Caster Sugar
  • 1Tbsp Vanilla Essence
  • For The Cookie Dough:
  • 60g Butter
  • 50g Brown Sugar
  • 105g Self Raising Flour
  • 30ml Whole Milk
  • 100g Milk Chocolate
  • 1Tsp Vanilla Essence
  1. Start by making your vanilla ice cream – Whisk together the egg yolks and the sugar until they are nice and fluffy. Heat the milk and cream in a saucepan and add the vanilla essence. Add the egg mixture to the saucepan and cook on a high heat for 5 minutes stirring regularly. Place the saucepan in the fridge and allow to cool.
  2. While your saucepan ingredients cools make your cookie dough – Beat together your butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Stir in the vanilla essence and milk and mix well. Break up the milk chocolate into different sizes and add 80% of it to the dough. Knead the dough for a couple of minutes and fridge.
  3. When it is nice and cool add the ice cream to the ice cream maker. Place the cookie dough into the ice cream maker at the rate of tablespoons of dough at a time and let the ice cream maker do the work and mix it all around.
  4. Leave the ice cream maker mixing up the ice cream and allowing it to work its magic for about 45 minutes.
  5. Place the rest of the chocolate chips in the ice cream as this will give a lovely chocolate affect once served.
  6. Transfer to the freezer and serve when you are ready.
I also like to alter this for white chocolate chips or for dark chocolate, so I advise that you go with whatever your favourite chocolate is.

When you create your chocolate chips the easiest way is to place the chocolate in a sandwich bag in the freezer for 10 minutes and then bash the half frozen chocolate bag with a rolling pin for 4-5 minutes.

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"ultimate cookie dough ice cream"

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