Best Ever Leftover Turkey Burgers In The Air Fryer

Welcome to my best ever leftover turkey burgers in the air fryer recipe.

Welcome to my best ever leftover turkey burgers in the air fryer recipe. If you want to enjoy something completely different with your leftover turkey meat then try these amazing turkey burgers in the air fryer.

The idea came to me after last year and my leftover turkey soup. The idea is that you can throw together all your Christmas dinner leftovers into a bowl and make absolutely delicious meals from it.

After Christmas is over with and you’ve gone through all that effort for one day, you’re often left with a lot of leftovers and this is perfect for you if all you want to do is make something delicious quickly and then return to your sofa to carry on watching those Christmas movies and eating that Christmas chocolate.

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There is no fuss made as its all done and dusted in a jiffy and there is no need to make much of an effort yet here you are with delicious homemade turkey burgers. Turkey meat can be a bit boring and you can really bring it to life.

They are mixed with whatever you have leftover in a bowl while your meat is whizzed in the food processor so that it becomes cooked ground turkey. When everything comes together it is like a delicious gourmet burger that you have at an expensive restaurant.

So next time you reach for the turkey sandwiches this Christmas instead try out one of these delicious homemade leftover turkey burgers instead.

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Best Ever Leftover Turkey Burgers In The Air Fryer
Serves: 12
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  1. Preheat the air fryer to 180c.
  2. Place your leftovers in a mixing bowl. Add the oats and cheese and mix well until combined.
  3. Place them in the air fryer for 20 minutes at 180c cooking 4 at a time.
  4. Serve with burger toppings of your choice such as a fried egg, garnish and a delicious burger bun.
The great thing about this dish is that you are simply using up what you have left from either a roast dinner, Thanksgiving or Christmas. Throw in all your cooked vegetables, stuffing, turkey meat and potatoes. You can also make them and then freeze them for a later date.

You also don’t need to season it as it will already be seasoned from the original meal that you had.

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