1. I need instructions. In my maker you add ingredients and maker mixes then it bakes. Question is, how and when do you remove the mixer blade before dough bakes other wise looks like the mixer blade bakes into bread.

      1. Hi Chale,

        Yes the mixer blade cooks inside the bread and when you tip the bread out our mixer blade just stays in the baking dish, yes they can be a mixer blade hole but it is not too big, but with ours if i took the blade out before baking there would be a hole in the pan, so this is why we leave it in 🙂

    1. Hi Phillip,

      Not yet but I hope to soon. I tend to just make gluten free, white flour, wholemeal flour etc and not many other varieties.

      For me right now the bread maker is great for just getting some bread on fast when we are in a rush for something to go with dinner.

      Kind regards


  1. Loved it.

    My first time making bread in the bread maker and so, so good.

    Never going to buy bread again!

  2. 4 stars
    Made this for my dad for fathers day and i have to say i can not believe how easy it is and how good it tastes. Thank you.

  3. May be missing reading something but what type of yeast do you use Active Dry Original Yeast or RapidRise Instant Yeast please?

    1. Hi Annie,

      i believe any dry yeast works fine, we use standard dry active yeast as they only have one type 🙂

  4. Sorry having a “senior moment” here the recipe states 200 ml water, 50 ml milk -but in the instructions there is no mention of when to add the milk. Also if I wanted to put cheese and bacon in the mixture add that before the yeast?
    Sorry for all the questions/

    1. Hi Annie,

      it is at the same time of the rest of the ingredients. After the water, but before the yeast is added on top.

      kind regards


  5. I’ll try this recipe. I’ve been making whole wheat bread in my maker for many years. Can I substitute whole wheat flour?

  6. Your calculation regarding the relative cost vs buying a loaf of bread does not include the energy usage costs of the breadmaker.

    1. Hi Sandy,

      I have never tried but with the yeast using the sugar as a food to help create a reaction that makes the bread rise i am not sure it would work 🙂

  7. Hi,

    I used gluten free flour and added the yeast as per the recipe but the bread rise very much.

    I am not sure why.



    1. Hi Eryka,

      We did not try this recipe using Gluten free flour, so we cannot say why your bread id not rise much, i am thinking it has something to do with the type of gluten free flour you used but i could be wrong 🙂

  8. From UK my breadmaker takes 2hr 53 mins to bake 1.1/2lb loaf how come yours is so short a time, also it asks for semi skimmed powdered milk, if I leave it out what happens. I don’t want to wastemoney n ingredients for a loaf that doesn’t turn out right

    1. Hi Arlene,

      Ours was on a quick option on the breadmaker where it would cook the loaf and it would have a crusty top because of the high heat. The normal setting was for 3 hours but we preferred the bread on the quick option. We subbed the milk powder for the milk but the milk powder works fine 🙂

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