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Air Fryer Steak Recipes. Introducing you to 11 best ever air fryer steak recipes. If you ever wanted to learn how to cook steak in the air fryer, then start here. All these steak recipes have been tried and tested by chef Dom and are easy, tender, juicy and delicious.

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Air Fryer Steak Recipes
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Steak Recipes For Air Fryer

Ever since getting our first air fryer back in 2011, we have been on a mission to cook delicious food, but with less calories, but keeping the amazing flavour.

We have shown people how to make air fryer fries, air fryer breaded pork chops, air fryer flourless onion rings and the list has gone on and on. But one food that we go back to time and time again is air fryer steak.

It is like we have been on a mission to find as many different steaks as we can to cook in the air fryer.

Today, after requests from our readers, we are putting all our air fryer steak recipes in one place.

From tuna, to pork, to beef and beyond we have it covered!

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Can You Air Fry Steak?

Yes, you sure can and you will love steak cooked in the air fryer.

Air fryer steak is delicious in the air fryer and so much better than pan frying. You can get an awesome sear on an air fryer steak, you can cook frozen steak in the air fryer, and the air fryer is the best rival you will find for sous vide steak.

I also find that air fryer steak is EASIER for those that are not very good at cooking steak. You see all you need to do is give your steak a quick season and flip it halfway through cooking. Making it the same effort as air fryer toast.

As well as this, you can also cook air fryer steak with your sides, I am talking to you steak and chips!

How Do You Air Fry A Steak?

The method for cooking steak in the air fryer, is almost the same regardless of meat choice, seasoning choice, or air fryer brand.

  1. You place steak into the air fryer basket and season it.
  2. The steak is then air fried for your preferred cook time and temperature.
  3. You flip the steak and do the same thing again on the other side.
  4. Serve and enjoy.

You can then mix it up with your favourite meat, your favourite seasoning and adjust the cook time for how you like your steak.

I’m a medium rare girl, whilst my hubby is a medium and 2 out of my three kids love rare. It just comes down to personal choice.

Though, over in our air fryer steak recipes there is many suggestions for adjusting the cook time and temperature to get your steak perfect for you.

Best Air Fryer Steak Recipes

top 10 steak recipes in the air fryer

Here are our air fryer steak recipes that I recommend you try in your air fryer. Not that you can make these regardless of whatever brand of air fryer that you own.

Though we created these steak recipes ourselves using either our Philips Air Fryer XL, Philips Air Fryer XXL or the Ninja Foodi.

  • Air Fryer Frozen Steak – My all time favourite steak recipe for the air fryer. Because the steak cooks at such a low temperature to defrost first, you end up with a longer cook time and a better sear. This is the closest comparison you will find to sous vide steak.
  • Air Fryer Sirloin Steak – Probably the most cooked steak that us Milner’s do the air fryer and perfectly tender and flavoursome too. Perfect for when you want a quick steak in the air fryer.
  • Air Fryer Rump Steak – Not as tender as sirloin, but still delicious in the air fryer. Also, because it is rump the flavour is amazing, and the sear is also the best.
  • Air Fryer Ribeye Steak – The hubby’s favourite steak in the air fryer and you will see why when you an air fryer ribeye steak. Because it is a bigger steak you will struggle to cook it with sides at the same time in the air fryer.
  • Air Fryer Steak & Chips – Yes you can cook steak and chips (aka French fries) together in the air fryer at the same time. Its amazing and the steak juices drip onto the chips.
  • Air Fryer Steak Bites & Potatoes – Chop up your steak and turn it into steak bites and potatoes. It is delicious and fantastic for stretching a small amount of steak to feed a family.
  • Air Fryer Steak Fajitas – Following the same method of the steak bites you can use the steak to cut into strips and transform into steak fajitas.
  • Air Fryer Tuna Steak – I love to cook tuna steak in the air fryer with cherry tomatoes. It is delicious and inspired by my favourite Gordon Ramsay recipe.
  • Air Fryer Ham Steak – Whether you live in the US and call it air fryer ham steak or live in Europe and call it air fryer gammon steak, it is delicious in the air fryer. You can also cook the fries at the same time too.
  • Air Fryer Pork Steak – Another user favourite is our air fryer pork steak. They are so easy to cook in the air fryer and serve them with a quick salad for a low carb lunch.

Well, they are our top 10 air fryer steak recipes for you to check out. But what also needs a mention is our Ninja foodi air fryer steak and our how to cook steak in the air fryer guide.

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11 best ever steak recipes in the air fryer

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