Top 10 Kitchen Gadgets That Everyone Should Own

top ten kitchen gadgets that everyone should own

Welcome to the top 10 kitchen gadgets that everyone should own.

If you have read any of the posts on Recipe This you’ll know that it has been built around kitchen gadgets and that kitchen gadgets is our cooking life. We couldn’t live without our slow cooker, our casserole dish, our mixing bowls, our airfryer or our soup maker. They make cooking life easy and mean that cooking from fresh everyday shouldn’t be a hard task.

But you’re probably wondering exactly what kitchen gadgets we should all have to make our life easier, as there are so many to choose from and which ones do you truly need. I suppose from a frugal point of view it is like a need vs a want.

So here is my top 10 of kitchen gadgets that I believe to be a need and that I would never part with:

#1 – Lakeland 6.5L Family Slow Cooker

Here is our lakeland family slow cooker

As I type this post my beef stew is sat in my Lakeland Slow Cooker. It is a Sunday morning as I am writing this post, it is freezing outside, we have a family movie on in the background and nothing feels more normal than our slow cooker doing the work for us on a day that we like to take it easy.

I also know that I can make a huge variety of different meals with it and know that I can go back and tuck in later after a busy day. I also know that because of the variety of meals I can make that we will never get bored of it.

#2 – Andrew James Cast Iron Casserole Dish

andrew james 5 litre enamel coated cast iron casserole dish

This was something I had always wanted to own. But I had just never got around to it. I hated the fact that whenever I was cooking that I ended up using several dishes in order to produce one amazing meal.

I wanted to be involved in one pot cooking. I wanted to cook the start of the dish on the hob and then be able to finish it off in the oven.

When I bought this I couldn’t stop experimenting. From chicken casseroles to pasta bakes I was in food cooking heaven.

Though if you’re American I believe you use the term dutch oven which is rather dutch to me!

#3 – Philips Air Fryer

Here is our Philips Black HD9220 Air Fryer Review

After the slow cooker my most used kitchen gadget has to be the Air Fryer. These are like a dream come true. Heaven in the food department!!!!

You can make chips for the same calories as jacket potatoes, you have a great microwave alternative and you can even make cupcakes in it if you wanted to.

We love it for cooking potatoes, meatloaf, meatballs, burgers and a whole range of other things.

#4 – Morphy Richards 48822 Black Soupmaker

"This is our Morphy Richards 48822 Black Soupmaker"

I love my soup maker. At the time I felt it was another gadget that was here today and then gone tomorrow. But when I looked into it further I realised it was perfect for the future of home cooking.

You could make soups in it in super fast time or you could use it to make sauces with and with it having its own blender it saved you having a separate machine.

With having an under two it is important to be able to make her soups through the weaning process and it has been particularly good for this

#5 – Musso Lussino MINI 4080 Ice Cream Machine Review

"This is our italian ice cream machine"

Some may consider an ice cream maker to be a want rather than a need. Well if you have kids and you don’t want them eating processed ice cream then you need one of these.

You can use them for sorbets, homemade ice creams or even for whipping something up.

If you worry about the additives that are going into your kids bodies or you are a fan of the sugar free living, then you can make them ice cream using natural sugars like we do and you’ll be amazed at how nice it is.

My favourite at the moment is 100% cocoa with honey and coconut milk. It is absolutely delicious and well worth a try!

#6 – The Wok

product image frying pan

It would be wrong not to mention a wok. Well I call it a wok it is more like a giant frying pan come shallow pan. It comes with a lid and is perfect for stir frys, frying onions, quick pasta or rice dishes or even a risotto.

I love it and would be lost without it and if I had to have just one kitchen gadget in my kitchen it would be this one.

#7 – Large Pan

product image cookitpot

Every kitchen needs a large pan. Those pans that are really deep that you could use for a pasta bake or for when you want to cook a one pot dish. We all hate washing up and if everything can be done via the same one pot, then life is a lot easier.

I use mine a lot for cooking cauliflower rice, but it is also really good for making mince in.

It is just one of those pans that you would end up with where you couldn’t decide what to cook in it next, because the ideas are endless.

#8 – Joseph Joseph Measuring Set

joseph joseph nest 9 plus

Now this is perfect for those of you that are mixing and measuring on a regular basis. You have a stack of nine which is also perfect if you have limited space available to yourself.

They stack in a lovely order and you have the main mixing bowls that you need for your kitchen, a great sieve and then it finishes with measuring cups.

If you visit food recipe blogs that are run by Americans you’ll find that a lot of recipes are created by the American measuring cups system. By having these it will save you a lot of time trying to work it out.

Also to avoid eating too much these measuring cups are fantastic for portion control!

#9 – Joseph Joseph Knife Set

joseph joseph elevate knives carousel set

Every kitchen needs a knife set. They are fantastic for all the different dishes that you’re cooking and the different knives that you need.

When you’re dicing a chicken you need a sturdy knife that can get through the joints. When you’re slicing bread you need a big bread knife and for vegetables a vegetable knife.

By having a knife block you have all your knives in one place and it is great for easy access.

#10 – Food Steamer

morphy richards 48755 3 tier food steamer

I would be lost without a food steamer. You can place salmon on one shelf, rice on another and then tasty vegetables on a third. Then leave it to do its thing and you have the perfect healthy meal.

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In the old days you would stick some vegetables into a pan of boiling water and have your vegetables that way. What happens when they are boiled is that they lose a lot of their flavour and become boring vegetables. Not only that, but they also lose all their nutritional benefits.

If you have a steamer you can set it up and go off and do things and then come back when it beeps.

Even though you have one within the soup maker it is not practical if you like a lot of steamed food and you have a lack of room.

There you have it. The ten kitchen gadgets that I cant live without. These are all important in my kitchen and I use them a lot for a variety of meals. Because these are all essential to my kitchen I will use each one of them everyday without fail and even some are used daily.

These products also last a long time and can deal with daily wear and tear.

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  • avatar Amanda Cerny Feb 26, 2016, 10:45 am

    Thanks for such an informative post…. It’s very helpful to choose right gadgets for my kitchen…

  • avatar Jason Dec 2, 2016, 9:23 pm

    Love the Musso Lussino. I have a handful of gelato recipes that I make on a regular basis. This machine is fantastic. Keeps the texture smooth and creamy.

    One item I would include on my list is a knife sharpener. I recently bought an early Christmas present for myself after reading about how effective manual sharpeners are at extending the life of your knives.

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