Takeaway Style Airfryer Double Cheese Burger

Welcome to my takeaway style Airfryer double cheese burger recipe. Next time you want to grab for the phone to ring a takeaway check out this delicious double cheese burger recipe.

Welcome to my takeaway style Airfryer double cheese burger recipe.

We all have our guilty pleasures that we refuse to admit to, or only admit to if we are forced. Us an addiction to the British takeaway has to be one of those things. It was just something that we always had and always wasted way too much money on.

Between 2000-2008 we must have had about 800 of them if not more. It started off when we first moved in together and we would go to the takeaway on the way home from a night dancing. Because we were dancing we never really had a big weight gain as we were burning the calories. But as the years passed we did pile on the pounds and it was made worse when we moved for university and the lure of the cheap student deals took over our universe.

Dominic would always have a double cheese burger, a single chicken burger, fries and some of my garlic bread. Whilst I would have garlic bread with cheese and some fries and probably onion rings too.

This would probably cost us close to £20 and was a total waste of money when we hardly had any. So we decided this week as part of the takeaway theme to dedicate it to our biggest takeaway habits.

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The double cheese burger was always Dominic’s thing as I was always a kebab or a pizza girl myself. It always looked horrible with lots of saturated fat, way too much unhealthy cheese and like a typical diet hater he always ordered it without salad.

This time though I have set Dominic to work with a challenge of having me a double cheese burger made for us all with the Airfryer and in less time than it took for the old takeaways to arrive. It had to be better than what you got at the takeaway and full of home cooked goodness.

Well clearly from the recipe picture he didn’t disappoint!

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Takeaway Style Airfryer Double Cheese Burger
Serves: 4
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  1. Place the mince, the diced onion, the seasoning and the soft cheese into a mixing bowl. Mix well so that all your ingredients are well mixed and so that you have a big ball of meat.
  2. Using the meat divide them into 8 even sized burgers. Place 4 of your burgers into a preheated 180c Airfryer. Cook for 10 minutes. Take them out and place them on a baking tray and sprinkle cheese on top. Place them in the oven on low for 10 minutes while your other batch of burgers is cooking in the Airfryer.
  3. When the last lot of burgers are about 5 minutes away from being done place the sliced onion in saucepan with a little olive oil and allow to saute.
  4. When the burgers are done, place salad garnish at the bottom of the bun with a burger on top and then press the other burger on top. Sprinkle with some more cheese along with some fried onion.
  5. Serve with fries and homemade sauce.
I always use cheddar cheese and melt it on top, so much healthier than traditional cheese slices.

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