The Ultimate Guide To The Morphy Richards Soup Maker

Soup Maker Recipes | The Ultimate Guide To The Morphy Richards Soup Maker from

Welcome to my ultimate guide to the Morphy Richards Soup Maker. I am yet another member of the “love soup machines” crowd and couldn’t imagine life without my soup maker.

Soup of course is not for everyone, but it is a great way to get more vegetables in your diet and as a great alternative to sandwiches for supper.

As I write this ultimate guide to my soup maker life I should point out that my soup maker is cooking up supper for our family right now. It has a cabbage soup in it that will be served in our favourite soup bowls for when I am done.

It will be shared between four of us and from a price point of view it will be a really cheap meal. It has lots of seasonal vegetables in it, plus some stock. When it is done I will blend it, add some Greek yoghurt and a little cheese and it will be heaven.

It is also 5 months since I gave birth to my youngest child. He is a boy and in typical boy style he eats everything and anything. This means that breastfeeding him can be a challenge and I will often be running on empty and soup makes a great way to recharge my body.

Soup Maker Recipes | Get several delicious Soup Maker Recipes + a full guide to using the Morphy Richards Soup Maker at

But even though I have a real passion for soup my eldest son and my husband are not quite as passionate about it as I am. This means that I am often making the soups that little bit more exciting so that it fits in with their needs.

I have learnt that through a soup maker you can make your soup a lot more exciting and it can also be really quick and easy to make it.

Though it is still a long road to getting my teen into the soup vibe this is the conversation from tonight:

  • Kyle: What’s for dinner tonight?
  • Sam: Cabbage Soup
  • Kyle: I don’t want no dinner then

Okay so he is a work in progress!

Why The Morphy Richards Soup Maker?

So I am sure you are thinking that there are a lot of soup makers out there so why would you get this one. Why Morphy Richards? And why all the hype over something that just makes soup?

Well for starters the soup maker at Morphy Richards is like a kettle. If you buy one you will get it out of the box and all of the packaging and think that you have just purchased a kettle with extras.

Well I don’t mind that and quite like the fact that it is built on simplicity.

You NEVER read from people that they can’t work out how to turn it on or that it is far too complicated. They simply buy it and get on with using it. It has a few easy to use buttons and then you are off and away.

You throw all your ingredients into the bottom of the soup kettle, make sure you don’t fill it past the maximum line and always add enough liquid.

It really is that simple.

It also fits perfectly in your cupboard, you could take it camping with you and best of all, it blends your soup to perfection!

We have also tried some other ones out but we have come back to Morphy Richards and each time we look them up they have added a new and interesting one to the mix.

For example with the one we have we can actually make smoothies with it!

But before we dive deeper into using the Soup Maker here is some interesting information about soup makers:

The Ultimate Guide To The Soup Maker Infographic

Which Morphy Richards Soup Maker Should You Buy?

Soup Maker Recipes | Which Morphy Richards Soup Maker should you buy? Discover which one owns.

I always say ask yourself what you plan on doing with your soup maker. Are you there just to make a small bowl of chunky soup? Well if so you just need something basic. Or do you want to saute your bacon before making potato and bacon soup? Or do you want to make smoothies in the summer and blended soup in the winter?

Well think about it for a moment and read the following to help you decide:

Our Soup & Smoothie Maker – We own the soup and smoothie maker from Morphy Richards. We love the attention to detail in the product but best of all the fact that we can make smoothies, chunky soup and blended soup. It ticks all the boxes for us and we always feel like we get incredible value for money out of it.

Morphy Richards Soup Maker – This is the one that ticks all the boxes if you just want cheap and cheerful. Something simple that you can use on a regular basis and use to produce great soup with. You don’t care about smoothies, sautéed meat and you just love soup.

Morphy Richards Saute & Soup – If you love to saute your soup ingredients then start with this. It is perfect for the bacon lover or those of you that love a great hearty bowl of chicken soup. A real foodie heaven soup machine.

Potato & Leek Soup

Soup Maker | Fail Safe Morphy Richards Potato & Leek Soup Maker Soup recipe from

If there is a soup that I see mentioned first it is always the trusted potato and leek soup. It is the soup that everyone loves and it is cheap to make and so easy. If I was going to suggest a soup to get stated with for my fellow soup maker owners then it is this one.

Throw your ingredients in, blend and you have the most amazing potato and leek soup. Fat free and healthy and perfect for if you want to lose weight too. You could also take it your flask to work for a carb hit.

You can get started and get your hands on our potato and leek soup by clicking here.

Understanding The Morphy Richards Soup Maker Buttons

Soup Maker Recipes | Discover what the buttons mean on your Morphy Richards Soup Maker from

On the Morphy Richards Soup & Smoothie Maker there are 4 main buttons:

Smooth Soup – If you want just a traditional creamy soup like parsnip soup, cream of tomato, cream of mushroom or even butternut squash soup then this is what you press.

Chunky Soup – This is for when you want delicious chunky soup. You simply click on mode on your soup maker and press it down until chunky is highlighted. It will then set it to 28 minutes and you can then leave the soup machine to do the work for you.

Drinks – Then you have the drinks tab. Perfect for if you want to make summer smoothies, hot chocolates or milkshakes.

Blender – The last on the list is the blender. Perfect for if you have some food you want to blend or if you are making chunky soup, but want it partly smooth.

10 Soup Maker Recipes You Should Cook First

Soup Maker Recipes | Top 10 Soup Maker Recipes You Should Cook First from

The question among Soup Maker users always starts the same:

“What soups should I start with?”

They all want to make all these new and delicious soups but they end up with information overload (or they are fresh out of ideas) and this is when this soup maker list comes into play.

These are 10 recipes that we cooked in the first year of owning our Morphy Richards Soup Maker all of which are recipes that we regularly cook over and over again.

#1 – Broccoli Gratin Soup

"broccoli gratin soup maker recipe"

You take your favourite vegetarian meal i.e. cauliflower cheese or broccoli gratin and make it into a soup. The end result is that you have this incredibly tasty vegetable soup full of cheese and you will want to eat more and more of it.

It is also a great use of your leftover Sunday dinner by converting it into a soup.

#2 – Sunday Dinner Leftover Soup

"leftover soup via the soup machine"

Talking about leftover Sunday dinner then this is my dream soup. Originally put together with leftovers from Christmas dinner this is serious soup heaven. So many lovely flavours going on and then just freeze your leftovers for when you feel in the mood to re-live that lovely dinner you created.

#3 – Prawn Cocktail Soup

Slow Cooker Recipes | Whole30 slow cooker sizzling sausage fajitas recipe from

As you can see this list is often about reconstructed classic recipes made into a delicious soup. This one is a great example of how you can take the delicious ingredients that come with a prawn cocktail and make them into a healthy soup.

#4 – Healthy Tomato Ketchup

"Here are the ingredients to make our super healthy copycat heinz tomato ketchup sauce."

If you love tomato ketchup but hate the badness of it then this is your Plan B. Thanks to the soup maker you can make a delicious homemade tomato ketchup yourself and it is full of flavour.

Soup Maker Recipes | Get several delicious Soup Maker Recipes + a full guide to using the Morphy Richards Soup Maker at

#5 – Soup Maker Chicken Dip

"here is our dipping chicken and sauce"

This is another one of those soup maker moments when you suddenly realise that not everything in the soup maker has to be soup. You can in fact make some delicious dips and sauces in the soup machine that never fall under the soup family. We love this delicious chicken dip recipe for something completely different and perfect for when you’re eating finger food.

#6 – Soup Maker Avocado Sauce

"soup maker avocado sauce recipe"

Avocados is one of my biggest food obsessions that I have ever had. I just love them and would be lost without them. They’re a great source of natural fat and thanks to the creamy texture of a avocado they make a great sauce. We have them a lot for dipping our vegetables into or as a base for a creamy vegetable sauce.

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#7 – Soup Maker Macaroni Cheese

"mac and cheese ingredients"

Yes……you really got it right…..homemade macaroni cheese in the soup maker. Totally delicious, incredibly easy and you will never want to return to all those pots and pans again.

#8 – Vegetable Pasta Bowls

"vegetable soup in the soup machine"

I love this vegetable pasta soup. Loaded with lots of vegetable pasta and cooked to perfection in the soup maker. This is perfect for family members that say that they hate soup. They might actually eat it if you do it like this!!!

#9 – Moroccan Carrot Soup

"creamy moroccan carrot soup"

I love Moroccan food. To me it shouts out mildly spiced Mediterranean food and once you start to get a taste for Moroccan food then you won’t go back. In this recipe you have a good mix of Moroccan flavours over a carrot soup. It is really healthy and great for warming you up when it is cold outside.

#10 – Butternut Squash & Leek Soup

"soup maker butternut squash and leek soup"

This was the first soup I ever made and it goes without saying that it was converted into a soup for the soup maker. So good and lower in carbs than traditional potato and leek soup!

Morphy Richards Soup Maker Tips & Tricks

Soup Maker Recipes | Here are my top tips and tricks for using your Morphy Richards Soup Maker from

Before you go we decided to put together our top tips for using the Morphy Richards Soup Maker so that you can get the most out of it.

#1 – Lots Of Soup Makers Are Similar

There are lots of similar soup makers out there and all the recipes featured on here are based on the basic Morphy Richards model and then more recently the Morphy Richards Soup & Smoothie.

We find that machines are incredibly similar – so if you don’t have the same one we have you will find it easy to adapt to your machine.

#2 – Leftovers Are Great!

We throw in a lot of our leftovers from our meals into the soup machine. With its blend function it can blend all your leftover meals into soups.

We also use it for baby food blending. We have a toddler and a baby and by use throwing in the rest of our food we can make a great meal for them without needing any other equipment.

#3 – Add ½ Litre Of Water & Blend

Just throw into it half a litre of water and blend and you have a quick clean for your soup machine. Forget having to scrub at it for hours, this can do the trick of cleaning it out and then a quick wipe and it is done for next time.

#4 – Don’t Reheat

Now this is a HUGE MISTAKE that we made. That is reheating the soup by putting it back on for a couple of minutes. It is not like a saucepan on the hob where you just reheat it, what it does instead is cooks it, leaving you with burnt over cooked soup.

#5 – Just Add Lemon

If you burn the bottom of your soup maker I suggest that you slice some lemon and cook it for 5 minutes. It will then add a lemon layer to the bottom and sides and then a quick wipe and you can have it all clean as new.

#6 – Get The Liquid Balance Right

Too much liquid and you have a soup like dishwasher water; add too little and you could break your soup machine. Test out what works best with your recipe so that you can get it right. You learn how to get the liquid balance correct and then the rest will follow.

#7 – Start In Your Comfort Zone

Just like with anything new that you buy always start with beginner steps first. Start with a really easy soup such as potato and leek soup and then expand your knowledge from there. You could try out a new soup everyday for a month and then watch as you get more and more confident and as you learn brand new soups.

#8 – Decide What YOU Want To Get Out Of It

Are you looking for weight loss? In which case focus on loads of vegetables and a good stock. Compared to if you just want hearty soups in which case you can add all kinds of things to the mix.

Also if you want to remain frugal grab vegetables on offer at the supermarket or use up your own vegetables that are looking a little old.

#9 – Start With Chunky Soup

I always say start with chunky soup because with a chunky soup if you have not added enough liquid or if you have added too much, you can then adjust it before blending. Set it to the chunky setting, then inspect it, adjust liquids and then blend.

Another thing I do, is if the soup is really hot and I am starving, is I will blend it with some Greek Yoghurt to cool it down quicker!

#10 – Chop Your Vegetables Small

If you want blended soup you have to appreciate that the blender blade is not a professional blender. It’s just a small blender on a soup maker. Therefore if you wish to blend your soup make sure hard vegetables are well chopped. By hard vegetables I am talking about the likes of carrots, parsnips, swede and butternut squash.

Buy The Morphy Richards Soup Maker

If you’ve not bought the Morphy Richards Soup Maker yet then you can buy it or find out more information on the banner below:

Marketplace | Discover why loves the Morphy Richards Soup & Smoothie Maker

Soup Maker Recipes | 10 Soup Maker Good Ideas That is not Soup from

Get The Ebook:

If you are looking for even more great advice in using your soup maker and are looking for lots of new ideas beyond traditional soup then you have come to the right place.

We have put together a list of our top 10 recipes for the soup maker that are not soup. They feature homemade dips, sauces and marinades that are made so much quicker in the soup machine.

Our favourite one in it is our homemade tomato sauce which shows you how to make a healthy tomato sauce in the soup maker and you would be amazed how many vitamins there are in one sauce.

You can download it to your tablet, phone or desktop and then access the recipes whenever you like.

Either click on the cookbook cover on the left or click here for immediate access.

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