Lazy Soup Maker Red Pepper & Red Tomato Soup

Lazy Soup Maker Red Pepper & Red Tomato Soup

Welcome to my soup maker and incredibly lazy version of red pepper and red tomato soup.

The title for this recipe post has come about for all the years that I have enjoyed watching Ready, Steady, Cook. I used to love that cookery show. It was before Masterchef became popular and it was always on television when I came home from school and I would have my dinner while watching it.

It had two celebrity chefs and they had twenty minutes to cook a recipe based on the ingredients that a guest had brought in with them. It used to amaze me how good the food looked when it just took 20 minutes to make and kind of encouraged cooking from scratch for dinner.

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One team was green peppers and the other was red tomatoes and it always made me want to eat lots of tomatoes and peppers.

And this is where the inspiration has come from for this recipe!

Tomatoes and pepper make a fantastic combination for a healthy soup and because peppers are so sweet it gives a lovely balance of flavours.

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Lazy Soup Maker Red Pepper & Red Tomato Soup
Serves: 8
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  1. Place your cherry tomatoes into the bottom of your soup maker (no need to chop them).
  2. Dice the onion and chop up the peppers and remove their seeds.
  3. Add the water and seasoning and cook for 25 minutes on your cook and blend feature.
  4. Add the soft cheese and blend again.
  5. Serve with warm crusty bread
The best thing about making tomato and pepper soup is that it makes huge portion sizes and is perfect if you want to be frugal.

red pepper and tomato soup recipe

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