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Best Soup Maker Accessories. Introducing you to the best soup maker accessories for the Morphy Richards Soup Maker as well as other soup makers. Perfect for making soup in the soup maker even easier.

Soup Maker Accessories
Soup Maker Accessories
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Best Soup Maker Accessories

If you are like me and love soup, then you will be head over heels in love with your soup maker machine and be wondering what you can cook in your soup maker next!

The first thing I ever made in my soup maker (back in 2014) was a homemade tomato sauce.

It was delicious and it made me realise just how much easier it was to make, compared to cooking a homemade tomato sauce on the stove.

But once you get a soup maker, you will soon want some add on soup maker accessories to go with it.

That is why I decided to put a quick soup maker accessories guide together for you, to help you with your soup maker recipes.

We hope you enjoy it and do let me know if I have missed any and I will add them onto our accessories list!

Top 10 Best Soup Maker Accessories

10 best soup maker accessories for beginners

Below is our list of the top 10 best soup maker accessories, they are perfect for any brand of soup maker. Though I use them the most with my Morphy Richards Soup Maker.

They are also available for purchase in the UK with most our soup maker readers being UK based.

#1 Morphy Richards Soup Maker

Why this is the perfect soup maker accessory?

Let’s start with a good soup maker to get you started with cooking soup. The brand we recommend the most is the Morphy Richards Soup Maker. That is because they are the most economical and offer the best value for money in regard to the different brands of soup makers.

#2 Soup Maker Archives

Why this is the perfect soup maker accessory?

When you get a new kitchen gadget you want to know exactly what recipes you can cook in it. This ebook is called our soup maker archives because it is the archives of all our soup maker recipes.

There is also the opportunity to get lifetime updates for new soup maker recipes as we add them.

  • Author: Recipe This
  • My Favourite Recipe: Soup Maker Cauliflower Cheese Soup
  • Recipes: 40+ Soup Maker Recipes
  • Format: PDF Ebook Format
  • Buy Soup Maker Archives Here

#3 Soup Maker Cookbook

Why this is the perfect soup maker accessory?

If you want a real cookbook that you can have sat in your kitchen with you and don’t want a digital ebook, then let me recommend to you The Skinny Soup Maker Recipe Book. Because it is nice and light, just like the soup maker it doesn’t take up much room and perfect for the small kitchen.

#4 Soup Maker Microwave Mug Cups

Why this is the perfect soup maker accessory?

These are fantastic for soup. You can take them to work and heat up your soup in the microwave at work, or you can use them for reheating your leftovers at home.

They also wash well and are perfect for if you do meal prep.

#5 Soup Thermal Flask

Why this is the perfect soup maker accessory?

This is perfect for travelling with the soup that you have made in the soup maker. You could make some soup in the morning before work and take it with you to work and then it will stay warm for when you want it for lunch.

#6 Back Up Hand Blender

Why this is the perfect soup maker accessory?

Soup makers are more about the soup then the blender. They are manufactured with tasty soup in mind and because of this the blender function is often below par.

That is why I like to have a hand blender too. That way if it is a soup with hard bits i.e. broccoli stems from broccoli soup I can just use my hand blender to quickly finish the job.

#7 Vegetable OXO Stock

Why this is the perfect soup maker accessory?

If you want to quickly add stock to your soup, then OXO cubes are often considered as the go to British soup accessory.

On Amazon you can buy OXO vegetable cubes in bulk and then have a good supply of them if you want soup on a regular basis.

Or depending on what types of soup you are making you could also buy Beef OXO Cubes or Chicken OXO Cubes.

  • Choose from different flavours
  • Place one OXO cube into each batch of soup you make
  • Great way to quickly add flavour to your soup
  • Buy Vegetable OXO Cubes Here

#8 Knives Set

Why this is the perfect soup maker accessory?

When chopping up a lot of vegetables it is a good idea to have a good knife set in your kitchen. When I think of prepping soup for the soup maker, it always involves chopping a mixture of potatoes, vegetables and meat and having good knives is so important.

#9 Herbs & Spices

Why this is the perfect soup maker accessory?

Soup is incredibly boring if you don’t have delicious herbs and spices to go in it.

I recommend getting a good selection of herbs and spices or getting a rack like this that is loaded with them so that you can kick start your soup making.

  • Loaded with 16 popular herbs and spices
  • Perfect for building up a herb and spices cupboard
  • Saves buying individual seasoning jars when following soup maker recipes
  • Buy Your Spice Rack & Seasonings Here

#10 Soup Bread Bowls

Why this is the perfect soup maker accessory?

I love these soup bowls. Not only are they made of stoneware, making them sturdy and long lasting, but they also include bread plates.

Then you have a special place for your favourite homemade bread before you dunk it into your just made homemade soup.

These are the main 10 soup maker accessories for your soup maker that I would recommend. You can order them from Amazon UK using the links below (or above).

We hope you enjoy using the soup maker as much as us and do let us know in the comments below, if there are any other soup maker accessories you would like us to add.

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